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Manual Mode


I bought a new bread maker. So I decided to give the old one to my helper.

Before passing it to her, I decided to test it out. I knew the stirring wings were a little dodgy – stiff and wouldn’t come off easily. So I decided that I should have a go and show my helper how it could be used.

Lo and behold, in the early process of mixing the dough, the wings snapped!

So I ended up having to mix by hand!

Never having done it before, I had to go online to figure things out. Resting and waiting for the dough to rise…
IMG_0042 Later, I gingerly put the mixture in the other oven.

Then to my horror, when I came back, I found that my helper had turned it off by accident! When I checked online, everything said that half-cooked bread could not be re-cooked….

But it seemed such a waste. So I decided to experiment.



Later, when it came out, it seemed all right. A little hard crust never hurt anyone. The question was, “What about the inside?”


Got the bread knife out and voila! A little dense, but hey, not bad for trial and error!


Ma Friend


First to greet us when we get home.

Always keen to go for walks with us.

Alert whenever someone new comes.

IMG_4576 But

Runs away when strangers approach her.

Barks at even the little children.

Doesn’t like unfamiliar cars.

Considers motorbikes the enemy to be chased off the premises.

Yes, meet my nine-year old canine named Sprite.


Taking Turns


First the older one fall ill. It’s confirmed – he has dengue fever. Off I rush to go and nurse him for a few days. He is so weak that when the platelets begin to rise, I bring him back home to recover. He has lost so much weight. Initially he didn’t even have energy to drink, and he lost his appetite. Thankful that he is now recovered though he is still below his weight before he fell ill.IMG_4316

Not long after, the second one comes home for holidays, and on the second day, he cuts himself while playing frisbee on the beach. Three stitches later, he has to slow right down, even use crutches a for a few days, and has to have Momma nurse him in a different way – daily dressings!


Wow what an eventful time my two Arrows have had! Momma has been quite stretched too. But thankfully, all’s well that ends well.