Manual Mode

I bought a new bread maker. So I decided to give the old one to my helper.

Before passing it to her, I decided to test it out. I knew the stirring wings were a little dodgy – stiff and wouldn’t come off easily. So I decided that I should have a go and show my helper how it could be used.

Lo and behold, in the early process of mixing the dough, the wings snapped!

So I ended up having to mix by hand!

Never having done it before, I had to go online to figure things out. Resting and waiting for the dough to rise…
IMG_0042 Later, I gingerly put the mixture in the other oven.

Then to my horror, when I came back, I found that my helper had turned it off by accident! When I checked online, everything said that half-cooked bread could not be re-cooked….

But it seemed such a waste. So I decided to experiment.



Later, when it came out, it seemed all right. A little hard crust never hurt anyone. The question was, “What about the inside?”


Got the bread knife out and voila! A little dense, but hey, not bad for trial and error!



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