Giving and Receiving

What an amazing day. I decided to get some snacks for the rest of the office, and one more for myself. This snack was not one that I would normally get. We were all looking forward to tucking in when it arrived via a special delivery.

Then, an unexpected visitor to the office stops for a while longer and so I decide to give my share away. I have to confess that I had slight regrets as I listened to the positive comments of the others as they tasted and evaluated. But just ever so slightly. Then I carried on with my work.

Suddenly another visitor comes by. She doesn’t break a stride as she drops a small packet of biscuits on my desk, saying “My daughter made this, it’s for you to try.” Speechless, delighted, awed. Those are the words to describe what went through me.


Later, as I bit into this lovely offering, I had to make another confession – these were far better than the store bought goodies I missed. I can always buy those another time, rare though it might be. These lovingly-made biscuits however, were God-sent! And they were very very tasty indeed!

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