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Happy Hamper


Love these individually designed notebooks by JessInks Specially commissioned, each one uniquely catered to the recipient as guided by the giver, they make great gifts!

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat



This long time beloved musical from London’s West End is now playing at my city.

What can I say… OutstandingFantastic… Or as Pharaoh sings, It will really “Blow your mind!” 

But dont let me have the final word. There are Rave Reviews! A production from local amateur talents, all doing it without being paid. What a delight to bring to this city. #josephmusicalkk

Better Late than Never


From the time my son was less than a year old, I have set up a tree for Christmas. That was almost 30 years ago! Since then I have set aside a small sum of money yearly to add to the decorations I have.

The first thing that always gets set up is the tree. The tree reminds me of the tree that my Saviour died on for me and everyone… The green leaves remind me of the life He rose from the dead to give. Splashes of red on the tree often remind me that His blood was shed for me. The decorations on the tree remind me of the abundant life He promises – so much! The lights tell me yet again how He is the Light in a dark world; I am thankful. The gifts under the tree are reminders of the most wonderful Gift, and also of the gifts the Holy Spirit.

Normally I would set up Christmas decorations by the end of October. Any later, I would be swamped! This year, though it is already November, I am very glad to have help! Better late than never indeed!

The decorations promise to be nicer than ever this year. Looking forward to the end result.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Yes, it’s middle of November and I suddenly “wake up” to the fact that Christmas will be fast approaching. What HAVE I been doing? Oh boy! So glad I managed to get my tree up!img_6904

There is still Christmas shopping to do but so little time to do it. Oh boy! I blink and the first ten months have flown by…. Slow down!




It was a roller-coaster day. I had to make a decision which had been disturbing me. Once the decision was made, I experienced a mini upheaval of emotions before settling down and being focused. So glad I finally managed to do so!

The best part was going home, feeling relieved and not drained! Despite leaving the office late, I was energised. In fact, I felt fresh and got to put up my Christmas tree with Arrow #3. Finally!
ChristmasTreeI like it!

My Christmas Highlight


One thing we used to do.

One thing I have missed doing.

Having one child on the piano. Another on the bass guitar. Yet another on the acoustic guitar and one more on the percussion whilst we make music and sing.

This Christmas holiday is special because we didn’t just exchange gifts. We actually played together. For almost an hour.IMG_3229The piano was backed up by the cajon. The bass was plugged in and going strong. The acoustic could have done with some support being plugged in too, but it was good nonetheless.

We carried on for almost an hour. Then the children changed instruments for a short while…. and then we exchanged gifts.

What a memorable Christmas indeed.

Christmas Day


It’s all quiet here after the mad rush from the morning service. We go home to sleep. Then the pickups from airport begin. The two guys come home on separate flights as they leave their separate cities to head home.

Home. That’s such a nice four-letter word.

And now, let the fun begin….

Angel with Attitude


Hee hee

Saw this in the shop and couldn’t resist it.
IMG_6873Don’t you think this one has “attitude”?

“HUMPHHH! It’s THAT time of the year again”

or “Well I don’t know why that little fella should get a gift this Christmas”

Any more ideas?


Superb Movie Night


The church has produced a full-length movie! Running for 5 nights and still on-going as I write this. We are privileged to have such a wonderful cast and crew. So many talents amongst us!

The script for the movie revolves around someone who gets a second chance. One would ask does anyone deserve second chances? If so, who? Should it be this person? Or that character? Challenging moments come up, heart wrenching decisions to be made, tragedies which potentially make or break a person are depicted…..

After viewing the very touching movie, viewers are invited to mingle with the guests. This particular group of children were delighted to be scared by the star!
ColinWhat a wonderful night it has been! And promises to continue to be so!  A must watch if you are in the area!


Custom Made


Whilst on the topic of jewellery last night we also mentioned about custom made ones. That reminded me of a really special one I had….

My grandma once put her jade ear-rings together with a simple diamond and got them re-set into a lovely ring. She gave it to me for my sixteenth birthday. Alas, I didn’t appreciate it until it was stolen during a burglary at our home in London.

Sometimes I still think about re-creating that ring. I am told that some places such as salt lake city jewelers would do special designs and settings for me for a reasonable cost. Maybe I should consult my aunt who lives there and is due for a visit early next year. It won’r reach in time for Christmas but it might just be in time for the Chinese Lunar Year!