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Beautiful Colours


I wore my purple amethyst jewellery set to dinner last night. Cast in a lovely white gold to enhance the deep purple and flanked with nicely cut white diamonds, the set consisting of ear-rings, a pendant and a ring was eye-catching to say the least. No, I will not put a photo here in case I attract the wrong attention! At the dinner table, talk turned different coloured diamonds. I never knew there were so many types! I have heard of pink ones, and even blue ones. But I found out that there were chocolate or brown ones too! Someone was talking about how lovely chocolate diamonds are and even went online to show us photos. The wonders of modern technology! Brown ones are lovely too. Hmmm Christmas is coming soon… Must drop more hints!

Keeping a Record!


Are you counting the days to Christmas? I am!

The decorations are going up!

IMG_1836The main highlight for me is to be able to spend time with the whole family. I have taken leave to do so.

I have also got my trusty camera ready. It’s just a simple point-and-shoot, but it’s good. I will make sure I stock up on the batteries. Perhaps I should get some sony camera batteries. They are dependable and long lasting! I don’t want to miss any special moments. Oooo I can hardly wait! My second Arrow tells me that he is counting the days too!

Special Christmas Upcoming!


I am so excited!

All the family is coming back together again! My older Arrows have, over time, respectively not been able to come home for Christmas at the same time. Yet, each year I have faithfully put up the tree and hung up the decorations. IMG_1802

This time however, as I prepared them, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia. Tears overflowed as I continued. I resolved not to mention this to them – didn’t want to put pressure on anyone to come home because of Momma!

Imagine my delight when I found within a space of a few days, all the children will be coming back after all! What joy!!!

We are now planning a sing-along; something we used to a lot of. One on the piano, one the bass guitar. Another on the acoustic and one more on the ukele. Hubby is wondering if we should buy a Shure Microphone to record the occasion. There will be a cacophony of noise, I mean music, once again, but as we don’t know when the next gathering will be, this might be a good reason to record the moments…




I gave my colleague some money. Off she happily went.

When she came back, she was holding quite a few bags. Within some of them, she created this…
IMG_1610Nice start to the decor.

And she has only just begun.

Whats more she has some money left over.



Getting More Into Christmas Mode


Seeing the shops getting into the mood, and going online for shopping makes me feel guilty that I haven’t set up my decorations at home! So I get the boxes out.
IMG_1387And I am still looking at them unopened. Stacked there for days, I had better get them opened and decorations started before the super busy period hits.

I wonder if I can get Arrow #3 to help…. de-stress from her exams while doing something creative….

Getting in the Christmas Mood


The shops are preparing. The decorations are going up. My house isn’t ready though. What do I get for who?

Our second Arrow has managed to get some cheap flights to come back for his Christmas holidays so we need to look into a gift for him. Since he plays the guitar and is good at it I thought he would be glad for something along those lines. He is in demand to play in groups in bass or acoustic and sometimes electrical guitar leads.

I figured that being an engineer, he would know and appreciate some thing  I saw in my shopping – a line 6 spider valve hd 100 amp head. A little big perhaps… unless Hubby decides that since we have musical children we could invest in it anyway and leave it for when they come back to play! More like a present for us! Perhaps I could persuade him to get this anyway…. a Christmas treat for ourselves, and something to enjoy when the children do come back and play.



Kiasu. Pronounced “kee-ya-su”. That’s a new word for some of us. Literally it means “worried about losing”. A local dialect phrase to indicate that one does not like to lose to the Joneses next door!

What do I refer to? Well, you won’t believe it. We are barely half way through June, the sixth month of the year. My friend just told me that she has started Christmas shopping. I kid you not! She’s gone to lemax village and started placing her orders!

Having said that, I must confess that some of the items do look very attractive and it makes me tempted to do likewise! Why wait and then get caught up with the rush at the end right…?

So where’s my credit card….

What a Run Up


Tiring? More like exhausting!

What a run-up to Christmas. Musicals and performances. Practices and rehearsals beforehand (OK, I know I just used two words with the same meaning. But that was for emphasis!!)12_21I must say that this has been quite a packed few months, culminating in an almost breathless few weeks. Amazing how everything came together as everyone pulled together. So very thankful! Many lives were touched by the musical and the storyline. But equally impacted, if not more, were the cast and crew involved. So thankful to have been a part of them in a small way….

Under the Tree


Every year it is the same thing – It is always hard to get gifts for the men! Do you have the same problem? For me it is a perennial struggle Ha!

Worse when you get a gift and feel the obligation to return one!


Someone suggested that the metro male these days dont mind having natural products for health, medicines and supplements. Even beauty products. So I thought I would explore the weleda brand since I heard it is fast becoming the vogue since it got mentioned by Vogue. (Pun intended! I know, I know, it is rather weak! Haha!)


What Is It All About?


Mistletoe? Holly? Hmmmmmm

Gifts? Carols? Family get-togethers? More hmmmm.

This is what it is all about really. Turn up your speakers….