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Superb Movie Night


The church has produced a full-length movie! Running for 5 nights and still on-going as I write this. We are privileged to have such a wonderful cast and crew. So many talents amongst us!

The script for the movie revolves around someone who gets a second chance. One would ask does anyone deserve second chances? If so, who? Should it be this person? Or that character? Challenging moments come up, heart wrenching decisions to be made, tragedies which potentially make or break a person are depicted…..

After viewing the very touching movie, viewers are invited to mingle with the guests. This particular group of children were delighted to be scared by the star!
ColinWhat a wonderful night it has been! And promises to continue to be so!  A must watch if you are in the area!


Building Castles?


Here we go again. A frenzy of talking and planning. There isn’t even anything firmed up yet. I suppose they are excited. The anticipation is sometimes overwhelming. The excitement builds as they talk…. even though there really isn’t anything there yet. Haha! Such is the dinner table talk tonight.

What do I refer to? The new church building! We were bursting at the seams. To accommodate the numbers, there are now extra services on Sunday, with the same music team and the same preacher. The breakout rooms are fully utilized, with none to spare. On some weekends, there are meetings from early morn till late. Some weekdays see people gathering for all sorts of meetings. It can be quite a task to juggle the booking of rooms, equipment and limited resources available.

Now the talk now has gone to the fittings and furnishings. Top on the list, apart from the sound and lights system, are the church pews chairs. They have to be comfy ones, but can’t be too comfy lest one falls asleep – now that will not do! I am glad we are all agreed on this. But wait, now they are deliberating on the colour! So many to choose from!

I think I shall take my leave at this point and let them carry on. As I said, nothing is confirmed, so it is almost like building castles in the air….

Surmounting Challenges


As I said to the young man this morning, it wasn’t until he made the switch from one sound system to the other that the shortfall of the former was obvious. But with the latter system came along a whine which would go louder before it disappeared….

Yes, the sound system in the church has been playing up. Worse, there was a burning smell coming from the mixer. The system has been serving us well for more than ten years. But it does look like we have to buy a new one soon. Electronics can only last so long; sooner or later it will become more troublesome to upkeep, especially when well passed its shelf life. This will cost a fair bit as other things such as stereo stands and new speakers would have to be added as well. I am glad that I don’t have to be the one to figure out what is needed, but needed is the word, and soon. We have a major event coming up!

Growth Brings Change


It is official! The church has grown so much of late! More and more people coming in, many because they are searching and have found the answers they need. Their previous beliefs, for various reasons, have not provided the answers for the spiritual vacuums in their lives. Their problems have led them to seek for solutions in other places.

Which leads us to a new problem for us – accommodating the growth in numbers!

For a start, I suppose we need to look at seating. We will need some changes. Perhaps some stacking church chairs would be something to consider – that would free floor space for other things such as the youth meetings where they can sit down on the floor….

Problems, but good ones. Changes afoot…. stay tuned!