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“You’re free to go!”
Shouted the jailer.
For a moment there
I needed an inhaler.
I couldn’t breathe.
Can this be true?
I hear my name
Over and over again.
I’m not going to lie
I’m afraid to die
When I hear shouts
“Crucify! Crucify!”

Don’t you know?
I am Israel’s hero!
I lead a revolution
There is no confusion
Never mind the mistakes
A few men their lives I take
This is the hour
I am Israel’s saviour!
The other two are not so lucky
Only I got set free
They all must love me?

Walking past the prison gates
I catch a glimpse of the bloodied face
The Man who took my place.
Under a crown of thorns
Body bruised and torn
I cannot unsee.
I shiver and stare.

He turns and catches my hardened eyes
“Barabbas,” softly He cries
“Follow me.”

Post Easter



It was time to clear up after the Easter celebrations. I went to collect my basket which I had loaned to the young people as part of their props. I missed my basket – I use it in the family area.

When I got to the hall and looked for my basket, I realised there were still things inside. On peeking in, this is what I found. Aren’t they delightfully coloured? I wonder how they did the gold ones so beautifully. These young people can be so creative!IMG_6543It seemed a shame to unpack the lovely display to take my basket, so I walked off and left it. Oh, I didn’t leave empty handed though. I took something – a photo!


Don’t be Deceived


Many think Christmas is one of the most significant events of the Christian calendar. Even the stores which do not boast of Christian managers or owners would spend much in advertising to lure the crowds at the end of every year. Retailers will tell you how this is the time they make the most business.

But do not be deceived. There is yet another event which in some ways eclipses the main one.

The celebration of Easter is diluted in comparison with that of Christmas. I believe this is a scheme of the enemy to detract us from the more important event – Jesus came to die that we might live. And more importantly, He rose from the dead so that we might truly live!

This Easter may you discover the Christ, because through Him and Him alone can we have…