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Dilemma Days


It was one of those days where Hubby was picking up Arrow #3 and they were going to spend some time together. This time, they went shopping. Yes, shopping. She shopped and he paid up. Yes, they have the usual father-daughter relationship!

Hubby will look at the cost and value. Arrow #3 will look at the colours and cut. They are both good at their respective areas and a great asset to have along for any shopping spree!

This time however, with the advancement of technology, they could involve me with their dilemma of choices.

They sent me whatsapp images….

This, for instance, we to ask me whether I would consider getting the blur, the maroon or the brown coloured cardigans.

Now tell me, how can ANYONE make a decision like that? All the colours are superb!

So I had a dilemma myself – when could I go over in person to check things out!


Perish the Thought!


Someone took a look at me and said I looked pale. The unspoken thought I had was, “Well thank you very much. I do feel rotten”.

Then another person piped up, “Are you feeling ok?” Smiling, I slowly shake my head and say, “Not feeling so good actually. Thanks for asking.”

Back to Observer No 1 who then asks, “Are you pregnant?”!!

HONESTLY! Perish the thought! At my age?! I was so shocked by that, I simply went silent while Observer No 2 did the apologizing.

I know I am big, but it’s not from pregnancy! And if (a BIG and most unlikely “IF”) I was pregnant, I know I would need to get plus size maternity dresses. But Observer No 1 knows full well that I am already over the hill in that area…. so that was somewhat a thoughtless question.

As Charlie Brown would say, GOOD GRIEF!

Perfumes and Fragrances


All that talk about money and getting things, I have an important function to attend soon. I havent had the time to get anything special to wear but a dear friend is offering me her lovely evening gown. Isn’t that nice?!

Now, I need to get some accessories to go with it, and perhaps complete the impact with not just appearance but also scent. Can you imagine it? A vision of loveliness (not!) and then as the image walks past, a whiff of delight. Haha!

Dreams and wild imagination aside, with the advances of chemical sciences and computer technology, the making of exotic fragrances is no longer a secret art the domain of expensive fragrance houses with big names. Cheap fragrances can no longer be sniffed at just because they are affordable (pardon the pun!) Very often the hoity would not spot the difference.┬áSo whilst I might not look the part, I might still cause a head or two to turn as I walk past them …..

My Old Clothes


Today I did a double take.

My third Arrow came out of the bedroom, ready to go for the youth meeting and I did a double take.

She looked gorgeous in her choice of colours as usual, but that wasn’t the reason for the double take.

She was wearing a blouse that looked familiar.

A blouse that I knew was even older than she was!

Yes, she was wearing one of my old tops!

And it looked good on her.

It made me feel a tad proud.

Also made me feel a little nostalgic.

You must understand – she is still half a head shorter. And still only in her early teens. I wore that in my mid-twenties.

Yes, I was THAT small before.


Bottoms Up!


Just came back from the gym today.

I was inspired to go because of a conversation I had over lunch a few weeks ago.

This person I know will jump on the trampoline at least 3 times a week. Then, of late, she was encouraged to go on the Stair Master.

I find both almost kill me.

But I am inspired to go to the gym nonetheless. Why?

Because she can wear good jeans! And she has a decent bottom! A butt! a derriere! Or whatever you want to call it, she HAS it!

There is something about good fitting jeans and a lady’s pert bottom! Combine both and you will have oohs! and aahs! not only from men but women too. The silent or otherwise appreciative expressions are further enhanced by apple bottoms – the jeans that my friend adores….

Come to think of it, she could even be a model or promoter for them!

As for me, I just want my gluteus maximus to arise!