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Temporary Help


We have a new helper. She lives in, and unlike the previous helper, this one is quite responsible. I feel I can trust her. When I give her one set of instructions, she carries them through with little supervision! YES!

The other way she differs from the previous helper is in the area of finance. The former was often asking for payday advances to solve her daily cash needs. I am certain that she can manage her finances better. Giving her an advance is merely temporary help which is no help at all.

Hence I do hope this helper will be a long-term help!



Well, we do not have an RV so we need not worry about the expense of rv insurance. (RVs for the initiated are recreational vehicles which are used for off-the-road traveling.) Hence the risk for these vehicles are higher therefore higher premium is attached. Our friend, however, owns one. And I just saw him in the shop nearby. His wife had stormed off in a huff. (Yes, I took cover in case she got mad at me for seeing this happen)  His head was in his hands. I think they were arguing about their RV coverage.

Or rather, HER RV!

Changes to be Made


Just heard from a friend who says that business is bad. Many debtors are defaulting on their payments. It is understandable that many are willing to pay but is unable as they need time.

However there are quite a few who despite having the money will not pay and will make use of the circumstances to drag on. That means he has no choice but to engage a lawyer to collect. Someone gave him a lead to call raleigh commercial litigation lawyers. He might just give them a try.

I feel so sorry for him….

A Frantic Morning


What a morning! Unexpectedly I was needed to handle some sales after the meeting. Looking at the merchandise, I knew I would be in for a big crowd. So I got ready some small change, got the necessary paperwork done, and readied myself for the rush.

It would have helped to have had a receipt printer which I could use, but i devised a system where I marked off the sales instead.

In the end, after handling loads of queries and many sales, I closed at lunch time and felt pleased – my sales tallied!

I don’t think I will want to do it again in a hurry though. Not the job itself – that was fine. Rather, it was because it was very hot in my corner!



I have friends who do blogging so well that they earn money…. Lots of it. One does so well she can afford to pay for holidays for herself and her family! Not bad!

Sometimes I wonder if I could do likewise. But to start with I would have to look at the hosting of my web. Something like hostgator would be a good place to start. It has unlimited web hosting, disk space…. It even has templates

I am tempted. I could upgrade not only the website, but also my lifestyle!



After going on about something superbly valuable (read fooooood) now let me post about something truly valuable (read moneeeeeeeeeeeeeey)

Gold price is at an all time historic high. So much so that many of my friends are considering investing using gold. Some are even selling gold jewelry to cash in.

Hubby nearly got into this – He said that he was wondering if I had any sentimental reasons for holding on to some of my pieces! He suggests that I should sell them now, and he is certain that one day, the price will crash down and he would buy me better and finely designed gold jewelry.

Would you buy into that story?

I AM tempted a little to look for those ugly chunky gold pieces I was given…..!

Talk about Changes!


Shortly after I post the earlier email about resolutions and changes, I find out that someone I know is making a big change in her life!

So big, in fact, that she is going to move far away from home!

She’s been working various jobs in this city but has finally decided that in order to make more progress, and at a faster rate, she would have to go to a bigger place. So, she has decided to get another job in another city. A finance job to be precise.

I wish her well though I must say I don’t think I could do what she is going to do! I am a dud for figures! All the best PB!

A Sad Day


I have played the guitar on and off since I was 17 years old. Along the way, I obtained this super Ovation guitar. Those in the know would appreciate that name/brand.

It’s been with me since 1996. That’s a good 14 years. Last year I had to send it to West Malaysia for fixing up. It was rather bashed about because I had young enthusiastic Arrows in the house who didn’t quite know how to care for it. When it came back, the sound was never really the same but I still loved it.

Then recently I was asked to play in a meeting. What joy it was (unlike the previous time where I was so stressed!) I felt freedom to play after the initial feeling my way around. I found myself relaxing and getting into it. Nice.

That was a week ago.

Then a few days ago, a friend picked it up again, out of its case and wanted to play it.

To my horror, I found that the body had cracked open! Furthermore, the body itself had cracked in parts…. see arrows.

This is somewhat sad news. I really like this guitar. And at my age, I don’t fancy spending much money on another piece like this or similar.

Earlier I asked a friend who owns a music shop and does repairs. He is not prepared to attempt repairing it.

So I have decided that I will stick it back together myself, regardless of the sound! I am not prepared to lose it just yet!

Help Wanted Help Offered


I hadn’t realised how much red tape was involved!

My girlfriend who lives in the States told me about the runaround she had just to get some Social Security benefits. What added to the complication was that she was after disability insurance for her daughter who has been diagnosed as having Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I am glad to say that there was help available to plough through the form filling and bureaucracy bashing for just a small fee. Needless to say that she did just that and is now a lot more assured.

Amazingly I found out that you can contact some of these companies here in my town too! That’s important to note as I wouldn’t know when I might need such help….

Beyond Me


Yesterday Hubby came home all excited!

I could see it on his face!

I could pick it out from his step!

Even his entire back was not stooped from weariness of work.

SOMETHING had caught his attention and stimulated his mind!

And that something was……

A Forex trading software which was introduced to him by a friend!

Say what?!

Yes, my dear accountancy-trained-but-no-longer-practising  Hubby gets interested in this sort of things – sometimes! Of late, he has been looking into ways to make more money and retire (I wish!) So this would appear to be an answer to prayer!

I didn’t stay up to see him get his eureka after he figured out how it works because all this sort of figures and numbers is beyond me. But I DO hope it WILL work and we can both retire and travel round the world together!