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Cheerful Start to the Day



Decided to make my own breakfast. No one else wanted any, so decided to make it simple. And fun. IMG_6505SO many things to be thankful for….



Fruit Platter


So I started off with being undecided. I had to go for a gathering but didn’t want to go empty-handed. I opened the larder and there wasn’t anything there that I could conjure up in a jiffy. Time was running out.

I pulled open the fridge door. For a change, we had lots of fruits! Reaching in to grab some of the fruit that were contrasting in colour, I then started to cut.

Along the way, I was surprised at the way things turned out. Do you like it?
IMG_5771I do! Made it mouthwateringly nice!


Four in One



We walked into this shop. Arrow #3 and I were hunting for some nice tops.

We had walked to quite a few places already. No joy.

Then as we were leaving, something caught our eye. The shape of the big bag was cute. We checked the price. It was reasonable. Then I opened it up to see what was inside. Expecting stuffed paper I asked Arrow #3 to come closer so I could pass her the stuffing whilst I checked for inside compartments.

Imagine our surprise when we realised that there was a smaller bag inside.

Then our surprise grew when we opened that one to find yet another smaller bag.

You would think that we would be sufficiently surprised by the time we got to the fourth bag.
IMG_4647Well, the other major surprise was that the original already-reasonable price was not for one bag, but for all four. That was SUCH an amazing deal, Arrow #3 and I got a set each!


Kept Waiting



This gaudily bright package is three months old. We saw the contents in a shop and immediately decided that it would make a perfect gift for Arrow#3 so we bought it.Purple01 1The problem was trying to keep it hidden from her until it was time for her birthday.

So I did the most practical thing to do – hid it in plain sight… in a different way. I wrapped it up and left it out. She can’t touch it till her birthday and I can be assured that she won’t discover it too early.

Mean right? Haha

Well tomorrow then…


Exciting Event!



Just heard about this about to take place! This is sooooo exciting! A day where the talents of young people behind the camera lens and microphone boom come together with the talents of young people who can play and sing… This promises to be a day of much talent merging together into something beautiful!DayOfCoversReally looking forward to seeing the end product!




Goodness! I just found out that there IS such a word as yummilicious!

As much as fantabulous is a word too!

Haha! What fun!

Superb Movie Night


The church has produced a full-length movie! Running for 5 nights and still on-going as I write this. We are privileged to have such a wonderful cast and crew. So many talents amongst us!

The script for the movie revolves around someone who gets a second chance. One would ask does anyone deserve second chances? If so, who? Should it be this person? Or that character? Challenging moments come up, heart wrenching decisions to be made, tragedies which potentially make or break a person are depicted…..

After viewing the very touching movie, viewers are invited to mingle with the guests. This particular group of children were delighted to be scared by the star!
ColinWhat a wonderful night it has been! And promises to continue to be so!  A must watch if you are in the area!


Broken for a cause



It was such an intense match! As the devoted parent-supporter, I was banging away with my purse on the tiled step I was seated on. The atmosphere was charged. What a floorball match it was!

Suddenly I felt something sharp on the fingers of my right hand. Oh no! I broke my nail! The littlest finger!

Broken NailWell, our team won! So it’s ok. Worth the sacrifice! Haha!


Affirming Gifts



Have you heard of secret angels? It’s an affirming and fun game where you support and encourage certain people anonymously. Later the secret is revealed =)

We decided to draw lots to see who we would be secret angels to in the office. Just for a few weeks. It had been a very hectic time so we decided that we could encourage and cheer one another on.

First things first, we decided to discover each other’s love language first – what made us feel cared for and loved. Then could we best “care for” the person assigned.  To make it harder for guessing since we are a small office, we decided that we would have two angels each! Good fun!

My “angels” have been working hard. An apple one day, a card the next. Feeling greatly affirmed!


Some rather creative ways coming up – even the sending of group messages so you cant guess!

As for me, I am working hard at affirming my “mortal” as well! But I can’t tell here what ways I am using in case someone reads this…. All will be revealed in a few days time…..

Do Not Eat



I don’t know about you, but to be given an appetite-inducing box of chips and see this written on it just as you are about to open it is just……! One can either laugh or go HUH????! IMG_2270I laughed and opened it … to find that it was already partially consumed!

NO WONDER I was “forbidden” to eat it!