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Happy Hamper


Love these individually designed notebooks by JessInks Specially commissioned, each one uniquely catered to the recipient as guided by the giver, they make great gifts!



So it  has been a while indeed. I have been contemplating whether or not to continue with posting here. Hence the silence.

After much deliberation, I have decided, and will do a makeover as well… So my answer to my own question as to whether or not to continue is YES…..

On more way to say YES for us, is the way the East Malaysians say it …. BAH!

Edible Scales


Who would have thought such things existed for fresh-water fish? I certainly never knew!

We were told that this particular fish, the Empura, is highly prized and very expensive. Hubby was gifted one and so we decided to take it to a restaurant to check it out.

When we showed it to the chefs, they immediately recognised it! Then they wanted to charge us extra to cook it! Hubby decided to walk away, and I joined him, grumbling as we did. That got the manager on duty worried because there were other guests. Good tactic eh?

Next thing you know, we got a good price for it and settled down with some friends to wait for it.

The wait was certainly worth it!


The fish was sooooo nice! You have to taste it to know what I mean. The flesh melts in your mouth! The scales are nice to eat – they have an unusual texture – firm yet not rubbery. Yummy…. The simple steamed as is was the perfect way to cook it, bringing out the full flavours of the fish. Well done chefs!

I am now waiting for Hubby to be gifted with another … I hope it will be as soon as possible!




The rings were just too tight and I was going for a medical test which required them to be removed. So what could I do?

Thankfully I recalled a little trick I saw. A video clip was sent to me and I had watched it with rapt attention. Boy, was I glad I did!


Out came some line. I didnt have anything strong, but the dental floss seemed to be sufficient.

I would it round and round my finger. Then slipped one end under the ring. I began to pull the loose end and as it made its way round and round my finger, it slid the ring over my joint and voila!

Was it painful to do? Well, I think it was less painful that if I had tried it with oil, soap, etc and just pulled away. This way, I was able to get both rings off in no time, and not only the finger survived!

Now I have to decide whether or not to put them back on after the procedure!!! Should I?

More in the Letter Box


With the General Elections over, you would think that we would have our letter boxes back.

What do I mean? Well, during the run-up, we would come home and find our letter boxes stuffed with literature. This campaign period was two weeks of busy-busy-busy sifting through our regular mail from the publicity papers. One would have thought that since so many things are digital, from advertising contents, magazines and books to the social media on the internet, people would not refer to the printing press anymore.

But not so fast. Prints is very much alive as most people still like the feel of a hard copy, be it a book or magazine. And obviously brochures never went out of fashion. Why? Because it is more convenient to give out brochures than to email contents to someone we do not have contact with on the street. Or as in this case, whom we hope will vote for us even though we have no personal contact!  So don’t write off the brochure printing companies yet, breathe a sigh of relief that the GE is over, and yes, look out for some other regular mail…. !

Hardware Stuff


I discovered an interesting site…. and my Texan cousin, who is a DIY buff would love it! He likes to repair, maintain and replace parts in his house and car. He will be glad to get his bits and pieces such as fasteners at That place will be like a treasure chest for him! I can just see him rubbing his hands with glee Haha!

Dragon Delight Discovery




Are you like me? Do you enjoy the dragon fruit? Vietnam was one of the places from which it originated, but I have seen it being grown in my city here too.

One thing I have pondered even as I enjoy them. How can one tell from the outside what the inside will look like?

You see, the inside of the dragon fruit can be white, with many tiny flecks of seeds. Other times, you can cut it open and get a surprisingly deep, rich, purple coloured flesh, dotted with the same seeds. HOW can one tell?

Finally giving in to my ignorance, I posted my question on Facebook! Would any of my friends have the answer I wondered?

A few replied. Some a little “off”. But one, a former manager, now turned chef, gave me this answer…

Which I tested….

And find to be true.

Now I can enjoy the one that I like… Which do YOU like?


Saying Thanks


Forgot to post this the other day.

Made all the work so worthwhile.

Stress? What stress? Haha!



After going on about something superbly valuable (read fooooood) now let me post about something truly valuable (read moneeeeeeeeeeeeeey)

Gold price is at an all time historic high. So much so that many of my friends are considering investing using gold. Some are even selling gold jewelry to cash in.

Hubby nearly got into this – He said that he was wondering if I had any sentimental reasons for holding on to some of my pieces! He suggests that I should sell them now, and he is certain that one day, the price will crash down and he would buy me better and finely designed gold jewelry.

Would you buy into that story?

I AM tempted a little to look for those ugly chunky gold pieces I was given…..!

The G Stuff


Groaning – Got lots to catch up on

Grumble -something I mustn’t do!

Gaining – Glad I am gaining ground on the list of things to do

Glad – an attitude I ought to be in all the time!

Graduated – Yaaay! We got our certificates from the Marriage Course!

Gifts – We even received framed photos of ourselves from the course, and Arrow #3 received her birthday gift – more on the latter in another post!

Girls – Hubby was in a house full of ladies last night – we had three young ladies staying with us. Together with all the other women in the house, yeah, he was “outnumbered” Haha!

Good – this idea of playing with letters of the alphabet. So what’s next now?