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2010 in Review


Apparently someone did a summary of my website’s overall health and rated it

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2010. That’s about 7 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 261 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 530 posts. There were 146 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 32mb. That’s about 3 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was January 7th with 199 views. The most popular post that day was Minus WHAT?.

And they made more comments of course. Wish they could have picked a more flattering photo! Haha!

Still, overall, I am pleased!

So yes, thanks for coming to view this site!



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Hi Aggie,

Just wanted to wish you all a blessed and joyous new year.

Trust you are all keeping well.




All of a sudden, there is a howling wind and the rain lashes at our windows!

The curtains are pulled here and there like they are waving vigorously “Stop! Stop!”

Quickly my Hubby, Arrow #3 and I dash to see if there are any open windows.

We then settle back in the Family Area and remark how glad we are that we do not need to go out tonight! We would need an All Terrain Vehicle if we did! And with that we would need to know where to get ATV Parts because for certain, the roads would be bad and something might happen!

Meantime, we are going to tuck ourselves in bed and stay snug for a good night’s sleep!

Disseminating Information


How do you organise an event like the Flash Mob of singing at Macy’s? It has to be quick. It has to be simple. It has to be wide reaching. And yet secretly.

This makes me think about Wal Mart, K Mart, Amazons and eBay. All household names for buying things that one needs.

But there’s a difference.

Wal Mart and K Mart are traditional bricks and mortar businesses where one go to see, touch and feel before one buys.

Amazons and eBay however, sell their products without traditional buildings and check out lines. One buys things through the internet! They want the information out to the masses!

Increasingly that seems to be the way more and more businesses are being conducted nowadays. Even traditional retailers are beginning to enter into ecommerce. (That’s what it’s called) You too can start a ecommerce business but first you must create a web page and get an ecommerce web hosting. I suppose you could say that having a web page and web hosting is what a building is for traditional business.

Yes, the Macy’s event would have required similar technology, but in contrast, they would not want the information leaked out prematurely.

One World One Heart


Just in case you think I havent got a gift ready for this event, here is a photo of it.

The bottom left hand corner says that it is 24K gold plated, hand coloured and made in Korea. It’s a bookmark.

And yes, an email to the winner has been sent….

No Excuse?


I know, it is no excuse.

I know, it sounds so false.


I am too busy to post updates right now! In fact, even as I type this, my mind is going in three other places. So let me sign off and return when things are more sane….

Maitaining The Pearly Whites


I just love my morning coffee. The local version. Thick, black. Hmmm mmmm!

I also love the local tea. The kind that has that frothy head, like this one. Made by “pulling the tea” this can only be truly frothy if there is condensed milk.

Alas, my two favourite drinks come with a price. Apart from the high doses of sugar that some shops serve them with, the incredible rush of caffeine followed by the low, there is also the staining of teeth!

These drinks can stain those pearly whites. What’s more, as I grow older, apparently this staining and discolouration is a natural occurrence!

I am so glad that help is readily available these days. Modern safe and cosmetic dentistry is now not only easily available,  it is often just a click away. For instance, companies such as Orange NJ invisalign are specialists in this. Affordable and quick.

So now I just have to decide when!

More Traffic is Good


I have a friend who makes money by writing on her websites. She has a few sites and does well enough to go on holidays a few times a year with her husband. Not bad eh?

Well, I found out that making money online is an alternative income generator for those who can write. With the bad employment situation worldwide, this is pretty good and easy income, and from the comfort of your own home.

However, advertisers and contents providers only want writers who have high traffic flow to their blog to write for them. After all, who wants to pay for a site that doesn’t get read by anyone.

This then, is the dilemma for writers who come into blogging late – breaking into the net and getting attention is very difficult. Google issues Page Rank ratings based on traffic to your site. Without traffic and a decent Page Rank, you will find it difficult to get offers to write.

According to some who have made it, a web directory submission makes it easier to get higher traffic volume.

Not that I have tried it myself of course…. but it does make you think, if you want a paying hobby….

A Helpful Tool


I am amazed. Apparently you can make a great deal of money online by writing in blogs or publishing websites. Apparently the secret, apart from being able to write well and have good content, is to be ranked high by search engines. Somehow, your site has to be in their front page. You do this by using SEO or Search Engine Optimization which enable your website to work better with these most poplular search engines.

It would appear that new writers who want to be noticed or thinking of making a living on the net, might find SEO very expensive and therefore prohibitive. Hmmm so it is very difficult to be noticed by the world out there. After all, there are literally billions of artcles and websites. Unless you use a free seo tool. Now that would be good!

Smart and Convenient Shopping!


So here I am, wondering what to get my friend for their kiddo’s birthday. Then I was introduced to this site! I must admit, I am very, very impressed. Here I can get tips on everything I can think of and more where it comes to buying things.

Take for instance if I wanted to get some clothes for this toddler. With my children well into their teens and beyond, I was glad to be able to refresh my memory on the pitfalls one can have in such a simple matter. I recall that there were a number of things that I would consider before getting a t-shirt, a romper or even socks! But that was a loooong time ago. Hence, I was glad that I could refresh my memory!

Well, clothes was one option on my shopping list. When I thought about it, I recall getting lots of still-new passed-on cltohes for my little ones! In turn, I would also have lots to pass on to others too. At this age, they outgrew their new clothes before they wore them out! So I felt perhaps some activity set or toy might be longer lasting. A few clicks and voila! I found some good links to check out.

Apart from that, there are also things that I could get to furnish my friend’s nursery. Hmm I am tempted to give her my budget and ask her to go online herself to find what she would like. She can pick what she wants and if it is more than what I can afford, she can top it up herself. With so much to choose from, it would be best if she made the choice herself! Good idea?

You see, this site is like a search engine. It takes you to places and shops that are offering sales…. for free! No need to pay for this facility! Not bad eh?

And no, they don’t get paid either. That means no strings attached, AND it means that you get the best choices. That’s right – this site links you to sites that are best for you, the customer, not for the shop that pays.

I am definitely going to bookmark this site!

Tale of a Tiara


No, not the tiara as in what you wear on your head. It’s one that you drive!

Blur? Clueless? Read on!

Did I tell you that we have a third car in the family? I know, some homes don’t even have two. And we have three….

Well, when both our sons passed their driving tests, things got rather difficult with four drivers and two cars! So we got another one – second hand and cheap! Hubby now drives his company issue car. I drive his other company’s car. Together, the only car we technically own is this slightly banged up blue Proton Tiara which the boys use.

It was quite a palavar to get the car. Complicating to find one and even more so to look for the best loans on offer. Honestly, I wish I had information at my fingertips when I needed it!

Actually I know of people who offer this service and make money. In fact, they do good business online and earn enough to go off on holidays! There are companies who provide leads to information and people sign up to give the information. All very civil and easy. Only one party pays.

But back to that car. Guess what. We are going to sell it now that our sons are going for further studies!

Any takers?