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Overcoming Anxiety


Taking our mind captive … Intentionally focusing … Initially it might require discipline.
An activity I used to do, and which I periodically return to, is to make a daily list of at least 20 things to be thankful for. It really does help… Check out this message at the 37th minute on the recent Skyline Online Sunday Service.
Today’s thanks then… Freshly picked home-grown mint.

Just a sprig… a few leaves in hot water… makes a welcoming drink any time of the day.

Great way to start and end a day.
A simple post in overcoming anxiety.

Hibernating with Herbs


Part of the new normal is to have home-grown herbs! Now for some of you, this might not be a new thing. Some might even have super green fingers.

For me, however I am just glad that this batch of herbs havent died on me! Take this mint for instance. Together with a few others, it was gifted by a friend, and came with instructions on the care needed. Needless to say, I have worked to ensure they are followed!

I am reminded Colossians 2:6,7 “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built and built up in Him, established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding with thanksgiving”

One has to be intentional in growing.

Growing Intentions


Tending to some the herbs from in the garden… all were gifted by friends. I am so glad they havent died on me! That is because they came with instructions on the care needed, and I have worked to ensure they are followed…

Reminds me of Colossians 2:6,7 “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built and built up in Him, established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding with thanksgiving”

Yes we need to be intentional to continue growing well.

Plant Pineapples to Get Pineapples


With a big garden, we have ample space for good planting. The  fertile soil yields much – this is the latest fruit. Sweet, juicy. Can  be eaten as is or cooked. Yum!

Reminds me of a talk I heard recently. The speaker said the obvious – If I plant mango seeds, I will have mango fruits. If I plant pineapple, I will reap pineapple fruits. Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows….”

Blossoming Beauties


One of the greatest joys of a visit to temperate climates is the blooms that greet you after the cold, dark, and often damp winter months. Spring is wonderful… except for the hay fever sufferers.


Glorious array of coloursIMG_8977

What incredible styles and ways that these stemmed beauties carry themselves. IMG_8978

What an imaginative way to promote colours!
IMG_9186Truly am blessed by this!



Looking Forward


One of the things I shall really look forward to is to see when I go on holiday is the wonderful display of flowers.P1150590 The bursts of colours always put a smile in my heart. I am always amazed at how creative God is. Large and small, soft and hard, single coloured hues or an incredible combination; the ever-changing size and shapes transform the landscape and views.

I can hardly wait! (This photo was taken from my previous holiday to this part of the world six years ago!)

Look What the Helper Dug Up



Is it a yam? Is it a potato? IMG_4729Whatever it is, I don’t recognise the species. Apparently the leaves look like the maple with splayed fingers. That’s not the usual shape for the potato species. So I have no idea what it is.

And because I dont know no one dares to eat it… no one except our helper from Indonesia who says they love to eat this. So I give it all to her. And I mean ALL. A LOT of it… who knew such things grew in my big garden….


Just Waitin’





So its that time of the year again. The green fruit is popping out everywhere. Even more than before. My tastebuds are just waitin’. Can imagine the ease with which to open, rip out the centre and sink my teeth into the succulent flesh.

TarapThe perpetual problem is the difficulty in obtaining these fruits. The braches are brittle and can’t be easily scaled. Even the skinny and light climber would be hesitant to pluck this seasonal delight with bare hands. Most would use a special bamboo pole…..

Which I do not have….

So I am a -waitin’

Waitin’ for the neighbour who has the pole to take pity on me and pass me one when he snaps a decent one off the branch.

Waitin’ for the helper who will come by when free and grab as many as possible, pass me some but keep most of the labour of his hands for himself.

Yes, I am a-waitin’


Bumper Crop



I came home today to see a something really big taking up the space of the wet kitchen floor. Combs and combs of bananas from our garden!
BananasAren’t they big? The yellow ones were just bought from the market – we didn’t know that this tree was ripe for the plucking, which is exactly what my household helper did whilst we were getting fresh produce and groceries.

Having said that, these green ones are actually better fried or steamed. The yellow ones are nice when mixed into a juice with something like pineapple. YUM! Wonderful way to start the day!


Appearances Can Be Deceiving



Everyone today has stopped at my desk as they walk in or out of the office! It’s quite fun to see their various reactions. Some would pause in midstep because they were rushing by. Others would turn slowly and walk over – they just had to check it out for themselves.

Are those shiny leaves for real? Is the entire plant real?

LeavesWell, the answer is YES. Amazingly shiny leaves are as a result of some “polish” the landscape team have added to bring not only a shine but some healthy plant food stuff, thereby the gleaming and almost artificial appearance. Fun to watch people’s reactions. haha!