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Nourishing and Cooked in Minutes


Hubby found a new way to cook eggs – microwave them!

I have adapted his technique below because I dont like my eggs in the oats. So I put mine separate. Now I also put a clear glass cover over the eggs so they dont splatter all over inside the oven.

This makes a nice, nourishing, filling meal in the morning. What with the peanuts added… yum!

IMG_7085Tomorrow I might add fruit instead!



Review and Remove



So it’s twenty-four hours post-operation. It’s time for a review and to remove the drain in situ.IMG_5940The doctor does the removal very professionally and despite his huge hands, is super gentle and kind. We are indeed thankful. Arrow #3 is healing well. Mobilizing well and coping well with the pain too.

One phrase keeps reverberating in my mind – thankful to the Lord indeed.

Eventful Week



Arrow #3 had to have some minor surgery done. Since most of us are mostly in good health, we hardly knew what to do for admission procedures and the like. Felt like a novice even though I have some training before. That was well over 20 years ago of course, and many things have changed.
IMG_6080Still, what little I recall was enough to go by. And lots of help from wonderful kind friends! What grace!

She was in and out the same day, with a small drain in situ. Then, it was home to rest whilst Momma nursed her. It made good mother-daughter bonding time…


Swim Win



I need it! I really do! I need to make time for it! But time can be so scarce…..

Thankfully I have my Arrow to prod me on. She comes home from work (WORK no less!) and tells me that I ought to go with her to the swimming pool.

So I finally get some workout. No excuses. Just plain plod-along-and-go.

swimFeels grrrrreat!


Mud Magic



I tell my children that this is special. Does it look like clay to you? Well, it isn’t. It’s mud. And not just any mud. This, dear friends and readers, is Dead Sea Mud. The real stuff. Not the manufactured and doctored stuff. This is straight from the Dead Sea itself.MudSuper alkaline. Super strong. Super concentrate.

Developed from years of input and not output at 400m below sea level, this is not only pure but also seems to have health improving properties. There is very little pollen and similar allergens in this area. Located at such incredible depth below sea level, the UV rays from the sun don’t penetrate the higher atmospheric pressure. In fact, the Dead Sea is a popular spot for health and cosmetic seekers.

Which brings me back to this. I carried it all the way back… and when I put it on, my skin feels great! So I am now suggesting to my Arrow to share small portions of this with his bandmates. That way, they can look their best!

Men with Mud. Can you just see it? Haha!



Not Being Close to Home


Just heard some somewhat sad new about the only child of one my dear friends. The perils of being far from home…  and under pressure, her offspring has made some wrong choices and chosen some not-so-good friends. Result? Predictably not so positive. In fact, quite bad really – he’s had to go to las vegas for drug rehab Despite it being a good place for rehab, this sort of news is what any parent would dread to hear. I do wish the best outcome for this family. And yes, my friend will be flying there to be nearby and help in whatever way she can.

Did you know?


Well I have had to watch my weight of late. It has been going up, up, up, especially with eating, eating, eating during holiday time!

I came across this little picture which I thought was useful. As I am someone who likes photos and pictures, I plan to save this in my phone so I can periodically view it!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.13.09 PMOf course, it still requires me to exercise self-control to apply what I learn!

Good Health Required


Well, this trip is going to see a lot of walking and good health required. Many venues planned require a fair bit of trekking. I am glad that I have good shoes! Not to mention good health! We have been taking supplements for some time now and find them useful. On this trip, we learn about a new one – vitamin b17! Most of the vitamins I previously knew about were A,B,C,D,E and K. The scope of variants to vitamin B that I knew were b1 and b2, and the complex. I wonder what happened to b3, b4, etc, till b16? Also wondering whether there are more b numbers after 17. 

Meanwhile we trek on and stay in good health!

Favourite “Tipple”



RIght now am fighting off a cold. Congested and coughing, coupled with a nose that so drippy that it’s like a leaky faucet badly in need of a change of washer…. or something!

I found that the best relief I could get is from freshly squeezed lemon with hot water and a dash of honey.

The next best is hot tea.

LemonTeaThankful that I found this relieving and soothing drink….


What’s New in Whatsapp


There seems to be a sudden surge in groupings amongst my whatsapp contacts. There are the old friends groups with topics ranging from religion to food. Then there are the common interest groups with topics such as health and exercise, and even politics! In the last three days alone I have been added to two new groups – one on location and one on motherhood!

The last one is quite cute because I am not a “new” mother but have been added for wisdom! Funny! The people in this group know more than I do on many matters – the latest in baby slings, the best pacifier (or not), the most comfortable nappy, and even topics like the use of medication! Some are not good for breastfeeding, and others are for the Hubby. Names and doses of medications such as paracetamol either 500mg or 650mg, sildenafil 50 mg and the like are mentioned with the ease of well-informed practitioners! I find myself seemingly very old-fashioned here! Ah well, they say one can learn a new thing every day…