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Working Out


So we don’t have a helper at home. It’s a good weekly workout for me! These are the equipment I use! haha!


My favourite is the mop. The head is flat, and the cords are long. The stick is flexible enough for me to push down on to the floor. Love it!

I am almost tempted to just continue and not have a helper… But. ah well…..!

New Year New Stuff?


Ah! With a house full of young people and many more visiting, things are boisterous and full of life.

But it also means that things are well used, and in the process of wear and tear, they  fall apart and need replacing. Apart from the door handles in our house coming apart (see photo collage below) we have had other maintenance issues….

IMG_2433The latest is the flooring in parts of our house. They are coming off and require special adhesives to ensure they stay down. Then there is the gate – despite having had a coat of paint seemingly not so long ago. I will want to put another on.

Perhaps I can persuade my now-at-home son to pick up D-I-Y…..

Friends and Fiends


Our friends came for their visit! It was fun! A time to catch up and to reminisce over old times. What’s more, since it’s almost Christmas the atmosphere in the home was mellow.

That is, until our friends stepped in and out of the front door. That’s when our little four-legged friend decided to go ballistic and mad. She yapped and barked at them the moment a foot stepped out. She didn’t stop even after our two-legged friends moved past the front gate to get into their borrowed car!

Our four-legged friend become a fiend!

Well, apparently there is such a thing bark collar. They can, as the name implies, control a dog from barking. Well, it’s a shame we didn’t know about for bark collars. Our friends had a good holiday, but their lasting memory of their time with us was our barking (mad) canine…..

Sudden Repairs Needed


Goodness! In the run up to Christmas and the anticipation of frenzied cooking, we find ourselves also needing repairs in the house. Not just simple repairs but also safety repairs. The cooker in the kitchen needs repairs too. Thankful for supply companies like harris welding who are able to assist even at short notice during this busy time of the year. In particular we want the kitchen done up well because of our foster son’s impending return. He is a chef so we expect him to want to conjure up some dishes to show off his culinary skills. The last time he did so, we were fattened up by a few kilos each. We will look into other forms of “repairs” later (read “diet”!)

Mold Memories


I love where I live. The variety of food and fruit cannot be compared.

The disadvantage is that not only plants I desire flourish. So do other things such as fungi and molds! They can really take off once they have a good hold!

Of course, it was nothing like what we experienced when living in England. I shall never forget one place which I rented with others whilst still a student. It had a huge mold which grew so fast that we took to pencil marking its monthly growth rate. In those days we didn’t have the benefit of being able to refer to places such as for mold remover. Whatever we applied seemed to promote the growth! After fulfilling our one year tenancy contract, we hastily found another place.

Ah, of such things then, memories as made….

Mattress Matters


Taking a break from the gastronomic documentary, for your information, we just bought a mattress.

“So what’s the big deal”, I can hear you ask.

Well, up until we bought this, we have been one mattress short! Haha! Some days when we have visitors, we have to plan the musical chairs of mattresses… except this is more like musical mattresses. Haha!

We have always bought mattresses that are firm and hygienic. Over the years we found that we trusted mattress latex ones as the  material that could give us a good night’s rest – it does not deteriorate quickly and it supports our backs very well.

MattressSo after the hefting and heaving of the mattress up the stairs by ourselves, Hubby and Arrow #3 enjoyed a quick rest on it before being on their way again Haha!


For Greater Pleasure


A while ago, I did some posts about health and fountains.  It occurred to me later that the wall fountain could also be created in the bathroom. For greater pleasure however, one can add a spa in there, to ease away aching muscles and limbs after a hard days work.

Ah, that would be my dream. Of course, I know that to keep the spa clean, one must buy spa cover to keep away unwanted creatures and dust. Can you imagine it….



Food. Constant topic for the Asian. More so when one has had a period of not being able to taste one’s favourite food e.g. when away from home!

Hubby and I were away from home for 10-12 years. Makes a difference – makes a cook out of a man who doesn’t normally go near the kitchen!

Now he loves to grill and he does a killer Chinese-style crispy skin pork. At the moment we have an oven and he does fine with it but he prefers a grill. It gives him better control he says. So I found this site for him: It might make him remodel our kitchen!

For Greater Enjoyment


It was on the lips of so many. It was being posted on facebook and twitter. I caught snatches of conversation as I walked past friends.

What am I referring to? Why the recent finals of course! Soccer finals that is.

SO many comments, responses and reactions. Perhaps it is the circle of people I mix with. Even in my household…

Take Hubby for instance. To say that he is an avid fan is putting it mildly. Now, he wants to get a proper tv stand to mount our LCD screen TV up. This way he can further enjoy his favourite sport! I can’t help but smile when they get so animated and excited!

A Clean Job


Baking. Brownies. Cupcakes. Marble cakes. Orange cakes. Arrow #3’s latest craze.

So she experiments.

And we get to eat. Enjoy ourselves.

One thing I dislike though – the sifting of the flour. I can whisk the eggs happily. I can whip the butter and sugar together. I love folding in the flour. But sifting the flour before folding it in? Somehow I dislike that part. Perhaps it is because I dislike the mess. I have looked at sieves to see if there is one that would do the job but cleanly. Anyone with any ideas?

Then both the process and the product becomes a total pleasure!