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Bathroom Blues


All this talk about how houses look, I have often commented to my Hubby that our bathroom is not very “female”. No I am not complaining about it being small. Far from it. It fact it is bigger than our maid’s room as it has a long bath, a shower and a huge mirror. I complain of it not being feminine enough because of the lack of a bathroom vanity! Perhaps, though, after seeing our friend’s house, he might get the idea…. I live in hope!

Making Herself at Home


We got some new shelves. The parts came in pieces which we put together. Hubby and I worked hard one evening and we are reasonably satisfied with our efforts. In some ways it brought back memories of our days in UK. Together with a friend, we had put together some nice L-shaped shelves as well as a lovely coffee table. We used cedar wood. Nice.

After we had done our bit, we started to clear and wash up.

When we finished and turned around, lo and behold, the shelf had already been occupied, but not with books!Classic Mittens, staking her place!

Righting Wrong Impressions


We had visitors coming by again. This time to stay. During their stay, the electricity cut off quite a few times. I suppose it made them feel more “in the wild” since they are visiting Borneo, the place where headhunters used to reside… At least that was the impression they had before they got here!

It’s not exactly the kind of impression we’d like anyone to have. (Some have asked if we still live in treetops! Honestly!) Well, these power cuts have not been good to erase such thoughts. I am just so glad that the water supply held out! Otherwise, I would have installed something like the WeGotPumps water pump or similar!

Needless to say that we had to change the misconception and that we did, I am glad to say, before they left….!

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With that Christmas gift in my last post, the “pressure” is on to start looking towards Christmas.

Well, we have a large compound and sometimes we have children coming over and we don’t have anything outdoors to occupy them with. Most parents are not game enough for their to explore the untamed jungles out in our backyard!

So I am thinking that a few  wooden swing sets would look ideal out the front yard. Can you imagine the fun they would have? In particular, when we gave a barbeque at the same time! Yes, such a good Christmas gift to myself!

He Makes Me Laugh


Hubby and I have just come back from the gym/pool. Of late, he goes to the gym and I go to the pool. The former because he doesn’t like the water and can’t swim well, for latter because I felt a need for a change and the weather has been wonderfully hot.

Whilst we are working out, our muscles are all warmed up and relaxed, we feel somewhat invincible… and young!

When we get home and indoors, we start feeling our age.

Just now, I sat on the floor without thinking twice but felt absolutely ancient as I slowly extended my legs to stand up. “Would my legs support me?” I wondered.

Hubby laughed but felt worse when he tried to shift the stool aside where our daughter had left it. He felt like rigor mortis had set in!

He then announced, “We need casters on these things!”

Can you imagine the sight? One touch and oops! There goes your cup of tea! Another (accidental) nudge and my laptop has slid over to your side, pushing your laptop away as your finger is poised in mid-air. Wait! I hit the Return key too hard and my hand slipped – don’t put your iced drink on my keyboard!

Yes, I could imagine all that and more. I could “see” the events vividly, causing me to dissolve in laughter.

Which made Hubby wonder why I was on the floor when I knew well I would struggle to get up from the floor after collapsing there with laughter….

More Friends Rueing Their Choice


Yesterday it was the floors. You know, friends saying that they wished they had followed suit and used the same type of flooring as we did.

Today, more friends come a-calling, telling us that they wish they had copied our idea! Mind you, we haven’t put patents or copyrights to our designs or eurekas. Most times, we get our inspiration from others and try to improve.

Well, these friends are going on about their wet kitchen now. You see, both they and we have wet and dry kitchens. In my dry kitchen I have the microwave and conventional ovens, my toaster, and other similar electrical equipment. In my wet kitchen however, I have the stoves for frying, griddling, and other “dirtier” forms of cooking. In both, however, I have double sinks. And that’s why my friends are now miserable.

Now, you might wonder what the fuss of a kitchen sink could be. Let me explain. Both our friends and we like to have people over for meals. Both they are we enjoy big groups and small. It’s when the big groups come that things get complicating if you only have a single sink and single drainer.

Things get very complicated and frustrating if you have no household help or cleaner, guests offering to wash up but you only have one sink and drainer.

Need I say more?

The Better Choice


We’ve just come back from a nightcap with some friends. These friends wanted to have some listening ears.

You see, they had their floor tiles removed recently because of bad workmanship. The tiles, too, were not up to scratch. The entire process has been stressful and costly, and they wanted to pour it all out to people who would understand.

And understand we did.

You see, they had put their floor tiles in at the same time we had put our laminate flooring in. What’s more, we had actually gone to see floorings together but they opted for tiles, saying that it was more suited to their lifestyle. Now, two and half years later, they rue their decision.

As we listened to them moaning and groaning, I knew what Hubby was thinking – we definitely made the better choice!

Christmas List


Despite my earlier post, I must confess to putting a lot of effort into making memories for the family over Christmas.

Over the years, I have collected five huge boxes of decorations – classy blue, white and silver themed ones, and classic red, gold and green themed baubles and tinsel. I even have the “earthy” themes of woven angels, pleated frames, and gunny cloths. I’ll get some photos out for you later

In our previous home, being a smaller place, I would choose which colour theme to feature each year. In our present place, however, almost everything has to come out!

This year will be a wonderful time of family get-together. My parents will be with us, and my two Arrows will be back to join us! Full house!

Because of this being an extra special year, as with each year, when I go and look for one or two items to supplement my every growing collection, I will be more adventurous. This time, I shall get some nice a futon cover to add to the celebratory colours!

Yes, I will take some photos!

Where’s the Hot and Humid?


This is Malaysia. I live in Malaysia. It’s located close to the equator. The geography books state very clearly that the weather here is hot and humid. So where’s the hot and humid gone?

It’s gone cold. Cold and wet. It’s almost reminiscent of the English autumn! Blustery winds, howling through the windows. Brrrrr!

I can hardly believe that I’m sitting in the family area of my house and wishing for a heater.

Goodness! The thought just came – the BEDROOM is going to be cold! We don’t have carpets in most of the house because of hygiene. Times like these, I think of global warming and heated mattress pads…. Yes!



I know! It’s supposed to be sunny, tropical climate Malaysia that I live in!

But the past few days have been rainy and more rainy. When the wind blows through my house, it’s been downright chilly! Last night, when we had our usual gathering, we didn’t even turn on the air-conditioner. It was just too cold. One of the members remarked that instead of the cooling-down system we should be looking at electric fireplaces instead… which is not a bad idea really!

Of course, my daughter thinks it’s great – she can snuggle up under the blankets and snooze away….

The plus, or minus, of staying in a house on a hill surrounded by trees…. Brrrr!