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Debut… And More


So….  This then is my debut. I’ve been on stage before – during my school days, and if I recall right, twice during short performances at church services. This however was different. Together with a small cast, I was coached by a professional, and it took months. 
I can’t say I didnt enjoy it. I used to struggle a lot with being the focus of attention. Handicapped me. Hindered me. I have healed and grown much since. Hence this debut. Enjoyed working with the team. I learned a lot.

Guess what? There might be a reprise, and this time at a Black Box. Wow…. Stay tuned.

World Heritage Site


What a chance! To visit the world heritage site of Petra. Visions of Indiana Jones and the trademark music come to mind. What an amazing scene! What an incredible backdrop.

Just being there makes me feel small. Indeed, the expanse and extent of the area takes my breath away. So very glad to have had the opportunity to visit. The 1.3km walk in the Siq was both unique and memorable. I would be happy to do it all over again.

Pick Me Up


I love this sort of start to the day.

img_7590Especially when in good company.

What more when the place is owned by good friends. Yes!

#thecrownborneohotel is where it is available

#thecrownscoffeecorner and #coffeecornerkk is where you go to order these lovingly prepared pick-me-up’s.

A Love Affair



Yes I am happily married, and have been so for over 30 years.

I refer to my passion, my desire, my love for these! Fountain pens!

I just love being able to write smoothly and nicely in cursive writing. Hmmmm I wonder if anyone knows what cursive writing is these days. It started in school but also from my maternal grandfather. He and my Mom had the most amazingly beautiful handwriting and I wanted to emulate them. So when I could afford them and when I wasn’t so busy, I got myself these lovely works of art.

My passion also runs along the colours of ink. I used to function with only one bottle. But not any more. I now have blue-black, green, purple and turquoise blue. No, my list isn’t in order of my preference. Which colour I use depends entirely on my mood except the blue-black which is for more formal.

“Wait”, I hear you say. “That’s four colours and three pens.”

Well spotted. That was an old photo. Here’s a more recent one!FountainPens4Taaadaaa!




I love driving a manual car. So, most cars available are the automatic ones, but in my books, nothing beats a manual. Especially if it’s a powerful and sleek build car, with comfortable seats and (in my country) nice and good air-conditioning.
IMG_5011We bought a second-hand car for Arrow #3. Hence my post on this – I have been enjoying going out for a spin in it.

Far from being my dream car, I enjoy the challenge of changing gears smoothly, being in the right gear at the right time, slowing down by changing down gears and the like.

My only nag about this run-around-on-four-wheels? We decided to choose a model without power steering! My only consolation about that? I hope to get my arms in shape, especially the triceps!


Broken for a cause



It was such an intense match! As the devoted parent-supporter, I was banging away with my purse on the tiled step I was seated on. The atmosphere was charged. What a floorball match it was!

Suddenly I felt something sharp on the fingers of my right hand. Oh no! I broke my nail! The littlest finger!

Broken NailWell, our team won! So it’s ok. Worth the sacrifice! Haha!


Spring Cleaning Mode


Spring cleaning in a country which only has two seasons – the hot and wet, and the very hot and very wet. That is what I have been doing in bits and pieces, on my off days.

Along the way I note that we have a few coins from a few countries we have been to; coins left over after a visit. I keep them for sentimental and memories sake, assuming that there is no other value to them.

When I showed it to Hubby however, he said that apparently there is a market for modern coins! I used to think coins collectors collect old and out of circulation coins but he said that someone told him to have a look at

Since I have paused in my spring cleaning mode presently, I will certainly take note on my next session!

Meanwhile, thinking of spring and seeing those coins make me wonder about our next overseas trip….

Magical Moment



No other words to describe this. A butterfly landing on your hand, staying with you even as you walk about. Isn’t that absolutely magical?ButterflyFarmWe discovered this place when we went out as family for a long drive. Apparently it is a tree Nymph, commonly found in butterfly parks. Its scientific name  is Idea leuconoe and isendemic in Malaysia, southern Thailand, Philippines and Sumatra. Also known as Rice Paper or Paper Kite, it is apt. So delicate you can see through its translucent wings.


An Accident …. but Nice


I was just snapping away. For fun.

Nice eh? I like it. It was the centre piece of the cold platter at a dinner function recently. Yes, the food was eaten, hence the shadows and lines were so vivid.

It’s shots like these that spur me on with my little point-and-shoot.

Phone Camp


I have just spoken to yet another person about phones and it makes me wonder.

You see, you are either for it or against it. There is usually no half way measure when it come to iPhone. Those who love it will brag and show off. Unsubtly, they will indicate “Look! I am using an iPhone.”

On the other hand, folks on the other camp will snigger and say these people have more dollar than sense, saying they are spending over the odds for a technology that is usually one or two generation behind the latest in mobile phone technology like what Samsung and HTC has to offer. Just because Apple has marketed and designed the iPhone better does not make it better!

Which phone camp are you in?