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Preparing to Paint


“Do something new” we were encouraged. Well, even before the encouragement to do so, we had prepared to do so. Old folks getting down to some DIY. We have done this kind of thing before, but not at our present house. So when news came about impending restricted movement allowed, we got ready… Lots to do!

Here we are then. Two old(er) folks, going to attempt something we haven’t done in years…!

Some before and after photos in the next post… perhaps!



How cool is this! Done by the amazing upcycling champ Japson Wong who also did the amazing props for Joseph the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat KK #josephmusicalkk.

Check out  more of his work in Japson Wong’s FB Site

Best Way to Unwind


After being so used to a good and entirely-set-up-for-my-personal-convenience computer, it was a dreadful time to be without. I felt like a nomad at the best of times, a scavenger at my lowest, trying to get into a computer which would do what I wanted it to do, at the speed and functionality I was used to. That’s when I realised how much I took things for granted. So thankful for backups! I was able to access my files somehow.

So how did I de-stress? I ate, yes, but more important to me is music. Music soothes the wild beast, and indeed the wild beast in me is soothed! So my favourite way to unwind those coiled up muscles and tensed up ligaments is to stick on some beats headphones and lose myself in some good music. Uplifting lyrics and music will take me to another plane for a while. And as I work on second, and sometimes third, class computers, I am serene…. Hahaha!

A Night Away


Hubby and I went away again. Back to the same place where we had our  hideaway a year ago.HideawayThis time, we chose a slightly different spot where we had a lovely fireplace as well. It’s hard to imagine that a tropical place like ours has room for a fireplace in the living room! But then, this is no ordinary place; this place boasts of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. So there we lounged, enjoying the cool air, the view outside and the lovely cosy interior of the chalet. Our favourite spot? In front of the fireplace of course! It’s framed by lovely fireplace mantel shelves brings back memories of England.

Well, almost….

Tea Time



Decided to have tea by myself the other day. What a funny feeling that was! My norm is to sit quietly by myself, not go out and mingle or sit in a noisy place alone.

This time I decided to go by a place I hadn’t visited in a while. It was relatively quiet and I managed to sit and snack.

IMG_0587Might do it again one day soon…


Meal times






It has occurred to me that I don’t like having a meal on my own. I would prefer to have a book in hand, or in today’s high-tech world, even the smartphone is good company. But eating alone and without reading fodder? No, that is not me at all. I couldn’t just sit and stare at my food as I spooned each mouthful in. I mean, I like my food and I often appreciate its appearance, but to stare at each and every morsel as I ate without thinking of anything else or engaging my mind on other matters would just be too intense for me!IMG_6495So I dislike eating alone. I am glad to have my Hubby, who is my best friend, to be at most of my breakfasts and dinners. I love it when my Arrows can join me too. Indeed, I like company at mealtimes. Actually, to be precise, good company over a leisurely and lovely meal in appropriate ambience is how I like my meal times.

Yesssss! I am now going to plan my next one!


Musing on Motorbikes


All this musing. Even in the middle of a traffic jam! Perhaps especially in such a jam that my mind goes back to my motorbiking days.

OK, without exception, people react in surprise upon hearing that I used to ride big bikes in England. In the middle of metal madness on the road I sometimes think about taking up biking again. Of course, with past spills and with present road conditions, I will have to be protected with a full leather suit and proper helmet. Nothing less will do!

So now the musing continues. Should I or shouldn’t I….



I sew.

Just try to do the straight lines. Nothing fancy.

So my old sewing machine died. It wasn’t from overwork. Just old age.

Hubby bought me a new one. Maybe he had visions of me churning out curtains and cushion covers and drapes and shirts and pants and what nots…. saving him tons of money.

Alas for him, the new machine didn’t produce a new wife. I still sew. But only attempt to do the straight lines.

That is, until the needle broke. Rather suddenly. It gave me quite a shock. The sharp end flew at me. But thankfully, it was still attached to the string and that held it back. Otherwise I dread to think where the broken piece would have ended up. In my eye? That thought gives me the shudders!

As it was, shaken though I was, I continued and finishing sewing up the handle of the bag. Otherwise I might have lost my nerve!

Righting Wrong Impressions


We had visitors coming by again. This time to stay. During their stay, the electricity cut off quite a few times. I suppose it made them feel more “in the wild” since they are visiting Borneo, the place where headhunters used to reside… At least that was the impression they had before they got here!

It’s not exactly the kind of impression we’d like anyone to have. (Some have asked if we still live in treetops! Honestly!) Well, these power cuts have not been good to erase such thoughts. I am just so glad that the water supply held out! Otherwise, I would have installed something like the WeGotPumps water pump or similar!

Needless to say that we had to change the misconception and that we did, I am glad to say, before they left….!

<a href=””>WeGotPumps water pump</a>

Be Rid of Them!


One of my best friend’s son has black heads. Especially on his nose. He feels ever so conscious about them!

They have been trying all kinds of stuff to get rid of blackheads for him. They tried the plaster type which works by pulling the blackheads out after being stuck on for a while. It was not so effective though lately they have noticed his nose looking clearer and overall less blackheads. We wonder what had he done apart from being hygienic by good facial wash and good healthy diet….?