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Room for One More


Our back garden is like a jungle. Unlike the house opposite us, we don’t cut down our trees. We might add some plants, but no, we don’t believe in cutting any down.

All said and done, I do long for one more – I would love to have a walnut tree growing in our backyard jungle. It is beautiful hardwood tree.

See how beautiful the wood is!

But alas we live in the tropics and it doesn’t grow here….

I can live in hope though…..!

Warranty Guarantee


So we are on holiday.

One of the group on holiday with us owns an iPhone.

Yes, just as the title of this post indicates, the iPhone gave problems. This gadget is only a few months old. So needless to say, the owner was rather upset. It wasn’t just that the new phone was faulty. I t was also because there was important information he needed access to. I can still see the horror on his face when it wouldn’t do what he wanted it to!

At the end of the day however, it does not matter how it broke down but the lesson is one must have an iphone warranty.

Don’t worry. This story has a good ending.

Yes, he got a new iPhone.

What to Wear?


Here I am, about to go away for a few days. I throw open the wardrobe and look at the things hanging there and wonder to myself what I ought to bring with me.

And as usual I turn to my Hubby and say “I have nothing to wear”!

That’s when Hubby shared a theory he heard the other day

When a woman says “I have nothing to wear” it means she has nothing suitable to wear.

When men say “I have nothing to wear” they mean they have nothing clean to wear!

After a chuckle, I realised that truth be told, women’s apparel is multi-million dollar industry and despite a wardrobe full of colourful garments of all sorts, women in general struggle to pack for a few days’ trip!

Well, I have decided that on this trip that I go away, I will pack simple and when I reach my destination, I will shop!I intend to replenish my wardrobe!

Getting Around


During our recent small group gathering, we discussed stereotyping.

Wait a minute. Let’s go back a little. Did I tell you I am part of a group who meet weekly? No? Well, our small group focuses on marriage and along the way, also discuss parenting. Anyway, the topic moved to how men and women are perceived e.g.¬† how man generally don’t like to be told what to do! There is a phrase – “A man never asks for direction”.

Then a smart Alec chipped in and said they would never need to with the invention of GPS!

Of course, that started the men off on a tangent! They decided to focus on gps because men love gadgets! (Another stereo typing?) They dug out their smartphones and showed how good they were.

We realised however that there are so many types of gps available it is good to go look at some gps reviews before buying one. Otherwise you’d end up with a toy that doesn’t work as well as it ought. Somewhat like ending up in a place that you ought not because you didn’t ask for directions….

More on Fitness


Looking at me today, you would not believe that I used to have a 20 inch waist. And I don’t mean when I was a child! That was the measurement when I was approaching my twenties. It was thanks to my swimming days.

I stopped swimming after I left for further studies. Then, after having three children and not bothering to take care of my body very much, things pretty much fell apart. I took for granted that I would be able to regain my shape easily.

Now I dream of a flat stomach. Sigh. I know I can try some ab workout but the thought of exercise after a 7K event is somewhat prohibitive now.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, recently a good friend received a birthday card on his 57th birthday with a picture of six packs of tin cans on its front cover. The message in the card was that he ought to pin it onto his abdomen for instant six pack. Haha!

That made Hubby and I have a good chuckle.

And then we had a wry one as we observed our pregnant-like status….. Sigh….



Sometimes the days here get sooo hot.

I was indoors most of the morning. Then I opened the door to go get my daughter. The heat that greeted me was like an enveloping, breath-taking monster. It made me pause in my step before I headed out of the shade, braving the sun. Before I reached the car, I could feel the humidity and perspiration began to build. By the time I put the key in the ignition, I felt the energy sapping temperatures permeate my clothes and drain my earlier feeling of freshness….

By the end of the day, I felt rather washed out, wondering if the hormones were playing up to make things more sticky. It didn’t help that a number of people I spoke with mentioned how tired I looked.

It was gooooood to stop at Kahve and have a drink there.

No, I dont take alcohol – I’m allergic to it. Hubby suggested an apple juice. Yum. It was tangy and sweet – just right, refreshing me again…..

A Gun to My Daughter’s Head


Two weeks ago, we went into a shop together – my daughter and I. There, a little nervously, she had a gun held to her head.

To her ears to be more precise.

And to be even MORE precise, to the earlobes.

She had her ears pierced with a gun that works like a staple gun.

In my time, it was done by hand, a needle and some ginger for local anaesthetic. Rub the raw ginger and then push with the special needle.

Want some gory details? Read on. Otherwise stop here!

Well, my left ear lobe was pretty straight forward. The needle went in well and then the special earring was put in place.

Then it was my right ear lobe.

As the needle went it, the assistant’s hands slipped.

She apologised, my heart skipped a beat and went on a double fast beat, and my sweat started to bead on my forehead.

The assistant was flustered. There were eyes all watching her.

But not my Mom – I got her permission to go with a friend as she was at work. “Moooom!” my heart screamed silently.

She came at me a second time.

Phew. This time she got it right and put on the earring.

And now I have two holes in my right lobe. Two from the front and one from the back. Once, when I had stopped wearing earrings, I found that the only way I could find that patent hole was to push from the back first.

The things we women do for fashion and vanity!

Sugar and Spice


They came monthly. Babies I mean. They kept being born almost monthly. It was as if there was a conspiracy – people taking turns to “pop”. In some ways, it was fun. In other ways, one got rather stretched on how to be creative in making announcements. I mean, how many ways can you say, “Baby so-and-so was born to Mr and Mrs So-and-So”? What’s more, when you have to do it once or twice a month for twelve months, you would run out of ways to put it pretty quickly!

So it is with some relief to find that birth announcements need not be stressful. There are people who are so creative, and more importantly, willing to share their creativity! I am sooooo glad that I found this site where I can draw ideas from!

Which is what I did when a friend’s baby girl was born recently. She was delighted with the results and I had to confess when she tried to give me the credit!

Getting Fit Safely!


A week ago, I posted about my friend who was going to climb Mt Kinabalu. She found out recently on a trip abroad that her stamina wasn’t as good as she thought. So she is intensifying her training! She’ll need to work hard because she only has a few weeks more. But she is also concerned that she will over-do. I can understand that having climbed that peak before!

I found out something that might help her though. (In fact, I learned a new word in the process!) I discovered that ellipticals are the best thing that she could use for her preparations now! Yes, these wonderful machines are great because she will be able to use them rain, sun or shine at her leisure, in her own home! Further, these stationary exercise machines will help her to train without heavy impact and so is safer than training on roads!

Now I must send her an email and ask her to check these out!

Esther’s Ripples


In the midst of the sorrowing over Esther, I told her parents that the impact of her short life would be like ripples.
However, whilst ripples tend to fade as they leave the centre, these ones wouldn’t I told them.

And so it has been.

Her funeral / memorial service has touched many lives.

The gift of her kidneys have already touched two lives.

People have sms-ed and phoned her parents.

And now apparently, a newspaper wants to feature them.

Do you hear the phonecalls? Do you see the emails? Can you visualize the letters? Many will seek them. Many who have undergone similar heartache and loss.

And Esther’s little life will have touched many, many, many others.

Do continue to pray for her parents. Her mother has gone back to work. Her father remains at home to spend more time with her older sibling who is having to deal with his loss too.