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Civic Duty


For a few weeks now, I have noticed this wet patch each time I happen to pass by. I don’t always pass this way. But each time of late, when I do, I notice this area is wet – rain, sun or shine.

I decided that there had to be a leak. So I sent a text to a friend who worked there, telling her my suspicions. She said she would look into it.

Then I decided to take a closer look myself. Look at the puddle I found at the base of the tree!

I am surprised that no one has brought it up before….! I dont know if you can see it from this shot, but the red leaved plants on the left are much taller than the ones on the right… and you can see the wet patches there…. so obvious….

So glad I did my civic duty…. and not just to save water. But also because in general, we ought not waste water!

I saw the workmen there the very next time I passed by….


Healthy and Nice


I have discovered a new thing.

Well, it might not be new to you. It is to me.

I discovered the microwave can do much more than heat and cook meats and vegetables. This wonderful contraption can also do nuts!

I kid you not. My cashew nuts turn out perfect each time!

No added oil. No added salt. No added anything. Just pure, unadulterated cashews.

The best. Yum!

More Tall Tales


Just after I finished posting the last entry, I hear about Malaysia planning to build a 100 storey tall tower!

I have to ask – what is the fascination with tall buildings?!

As an icon it is not tall enough – the Burj in Dubai is much taller. Furthermore, we already have the 88-storied Twin Towers – still the tallest twin towers in the world. I don’t understand why we need to build another skyscraper.

Unless of course, it would create more local jobs … which is rather unlikely as most construction workers and consultants are¬†expatriates!

I shall wait to see how this develops!

The Better Choice


We’ve just come back from a nightcap with some friends. These friends wanted to have some listening ears.

You see, they had their floor tiles removed recently because of bad workmanship. The tiles, too, were not up to scratch. The entire process has been stressful and costly, and they wanted to pour it all out to people who would understand.

And understand we did.

You see, they had put their floor tiles in at the same time we had put our laminate flooring in. What’s more, we had actually gone to see floorings together but they opted for tiles, saying that it was more suited to their lifestyle. Now, two and half years later, they rue their decision.

As we listened to them moaning and groaning, I knew what Hubby was thinking – we definitely made the better choice!

Getting Around


During our recent small group gathering, we discussed stereotyping.

Wait a minute. Let’s go back a little. Did I tell you I am part of a group who meet weekly? No? Well, our small group focuses on marriage and along the way, also discuss parenting. Anyway, the topic moved to how men and women are perceived e.g.¬† how man generally don’t like to be told what to do! There is a phrase – “A man never asks for direction”.

Then a smart Alec chipped in and said they would never need to with the invention of GPS!

Of course, that started the men off on a tangent! They decided to focus on gps because men love gadgets! (Another stereo typing?) They dug out their smartphones and showed how good they were.

We realised however that there are so many types of gps available it is good to go look at some gps reviews before buying one. Otherwise you’d end up with a toy that doesn’t work as well as it ought. Somewhat like ending up in a place that you ought not because you didn’t ask for directions….

This is Love


I like this. Strong message, but I like it. Hope you like it too. Got it from my first Arrow.

For Sale…. So Sad…..


A real life grass mower. For sale.

No, I didn’t write that wrongly. It’s real! And it’s alive!

It’s…. it’s ….. this… this poor creature!

Goats are voracious eaters. They take on most things. They especially love good grass but they have been known to eat all kinds of things.

Which is probably why this man was doing what he did.

Yes, it was probably eating him out of house and home, and yes, it was for sale.

And no, I did not buy it.



That’s my new word! Bansheeeeeeee! Well, not so new. Just one that I never thought I would ever need to use…. Until now, that is.

What is a Banshee? “A female spirit in Gaelic folklore believed to presage, by wailing, a death in a family.”

And why am I suddenly into this particular word?

Because of the sound I heard! Echoing and reverberating through the halls. Up the stairwell at work. On and on it went. It’s the sort of sound that you never forget once you hear it. It makes your hair stand!

It’s the sound made by these!

I kid you not. They were rehearsing here for the event which was due to take place in the evening, BUT they were having a dress rehearsal when I first heard them…. Brrrrrrrr! It was a never-to-be-forgotten moment at the first wail, evoking this new-old word from the depths of my recessed memory…..

When Feeling Low


What do YOU do when you are feeling low?

Snack? Stuff chocolate? Dig into ice cream?

Go out and exercise? Play a strenuous game of tennis?

Sleep! Turn off the lights, draw the curtains and sleep!

Kick the cat! Snap at the spouse! Throw a dish!

What do you do?

It’s scary sometimes to see what some people do. Especially when they inflict pain – emotional and physical – on others.

But there’s another group of people that scare me – the ones that withdraw. The ones that give up.

At least the other group still has fight in them, though grossly misdirected….

What do you think?

To do or not to do


Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. Whatever you choose, someone is going to get hurt, another will get offended, and yet another will be somehow affected negatively. The phrase “damned if I do and damned if I dont” comes to mind.

So what IS one supposed to do when in such a predicament?

Bottom line?

People or project? I always defer to people.

Long term or short term? One should always aim for the former where possible.

Encompassing or restrictive? My philosophy is always to have more.

And so, the question once again – what’s the bottom line?

And the answer is, “If it is for the good of many and it will help to develop and progress in the long term, then let’s go ahead.”

Regardless if some are offended or you end up being disliked….. Offences will come, as Jesus said. And even He didnt please everyone!