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Little Nook


There’s this place in the sun. It’s spread out and spacious. It’s relaxing and refreshing.

It evokes the sense of time slowing down, of needing to sprawl onto a mat or a towel or even a deckchair and not get up again for ages.

One sits by the freshwater pool and watch the South China Sea waves roll in.

IMG_9042And in the midst of it all is a little nook where, once you splash over to, you can be even more serenely silent as you cool down.


Five-star? I would say six.



Up Up and Away


It was a special deal. Hubby and I got carried away in excitement. It was such a good bargain. We decided to put the money down and work out the remaining logistics later.

IMG_8083So it was, that we hopped on to a plane a few weeks later and we went on a five and a half hour flight south of the equator. It was our first trip south together. What fun and excitement…. especially since we didn’t know what would be in store!

More in the next posting then….

Like I Said


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… the sunsets here are goooooood!

Someone else agrees!

The Best Sunsets



It was another blisteringly hot day. Felt like we were ice cream as the sweat poured off us. To make matters worse, the air conditioning unit was faulty.

By evening however, all the conditions were set for a glorious sunset. So Hubby and I headed to the seaside. The South China Sea.


Isn’t it a wonderful sight? Daily a new painting. Never the same. That’s what it’s like.
IMG_6433I love where I live.

Walk and View



This was the view from my evening walk the other day. I downloaded the photo I took and used it as the wallpaper for my computer. Nice? I think so!Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.56.36 PMI’ve said it before, and I will say it again – my place has the best sunsets ever!!! No kidding!


Setting up horribly, setting down beautifully


So I rushed for a meeting. I was supposed to set it up without much fuss. No bother. Done it many times before. But I wasn’t going to take it for granted – I went an hour earlier.

To my horror, things went incredibly wrong. So many things went wrong. From electrical appliances to physical setups. Even the attendance was variable. Wow.

I was so glad that the speakers were gracious about the many hiccups.

Later, I look back and remember the sunset I saw on the way to the meeting. How was I to know that it would be so terrible as I looked at this beauty?
sunsetBut the difficulties of the meeting does not detract from the beauty of this sunset.  I live in a place with the most beautiful sunsets in the world! So I hereby post this for all to see!

Yes, I remain upbeat!


Wow Place


Visited a friend briefly to pass something to them. Of course they invited me in. It was lovely on the inside. But just look at the view they have!IMG_4535I don’t often get the chance to use the panoramic function in my phone. This was one time I had great delight in doing so – not just because it was fun, but because it was beautiful.

And yes, this was taken before the haze enveloped the land!


What a Sight




It had rained all day. Finally as the sun began to dip below the horizon, the rain decided to recede with it. That’s when this caught my eye. A familiar sight, but one that stood out after the rain.

IMG_3214 Nice? I think so too!


Famous – for the wrong reasons



Something isn’t right. Not when out of the blue a few hundred people come, dressed in army fatigues and holding weapons, demanding that they have rights to the land.

That’s what happened recently. I think it made worldwide headlines.

HongYiAnd I live here. Wow. The rumours that spread. The fears that disseminated. Even the common cold could not beat the rate the shivers went out.

We wait with bated breath…. and we pray.


An Outdoor Adventure


Recently we went for a jungle trek up in a hill 30 minutes from where we live. Two and a half hours of trekking in and out of a valley with little time to pause. I kid you not. It was SOME experience! We are thankful for our guide, without whom we would not have lasted long!

Kokol HillsThere is a lovely spring waters stream in this part of virgin jungle. The water is so clear, you can drink directly from it. Our guide did!

One of these days, we might want to stay there for a night let two. We are toying with the idea of buying a tent such as the Sierra Designs Flash 2 Tent. There is no electricity, so tents it will have to be!