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An Outdoor Adventure


Recently we went for a jungle trek up in a hill 30 minutes from where we live. Two and a half hours of trekking in and out of a valley with little time to pause. I kid you not. It was SOME experience! We are thankful for our guide, without whom we would not have lasted long!

Kokol HillsThere is a lovely spring waters stream in this part of virgin jungle. The water is so clear, you can drink directly from it. Our guide did!

One of these days, we might want to stay there for a night let two. We are toying with the idea of buying a tent such as the Sierra Designs Flash 2 Tent. There is no electricity, so tents it will have to be!

The Best Place


I am convinced – I live in the best place in the world. God paints me a new sunset daily and I have the best view. Biased? Not at all! Haha! SunsetKKJust wait till Chinese New Year eve comes round. I can see fireworks from the vantage point of my home. The entire horizon lights up, albeit at different times! I wonder whether anyone bothers to synchronize their watch with the correct time! Or perhaps they are just being enthusiastic…. Anyway, even the neighbourhood joins in the festivities. We get to enjoy fireworks blasting from all sides  and even the housing estate below us, causing us to cram our necks to see where the next one will be let off. Our photography skills are put to the test yearly. Interspersing sounds of “Ohhhh”s and “Ahhh”s with “Waaaaa” and admiring silence, our friends and family join us to delight in this special time of the year in our special place, that is, our home.

Roll on this weekend!

Olympics Showcases More than Sports


Well, with the London 2012 Olympics going full steam now, I thought I would comment on something rather different from the sports and athletes!  At least for this post!

You see, what struck me when I saw the opening shots and subsequent images beamed from London was the many unique structures and stadiums, build just for the grand worldwide festival of sports. Most of these are metal building specials – normal bricks and mortar or timber will not be able to create such lovely shapes and structures. With the help of the latest building materials such as glass, moulded plastics they have become, and will continue to be, iconic wonders to behold. Lovely…. !

In the Clouds


The real clouds? Almost. We had taken time out to go away. It was nice. Our view was spectacular, the weather was superb and the company of course, was the absolute best. The best. My best friend. My Hubby.

Cloud nine? You bet (Not that I bet) Best anniversary gift in thirty years….!  Looking forward to more with him!

A Musical Welcome


This is something I hope I never take for granted.

Each time I walk into the lobby of this hotel, I will hear the sounds of the local instrument being played. A series of different sized gongs hit in a particular, with a special rhythm unique to this part of the world.

Situated in the main entrance, it is quite a sight. A solitary musician with a beaming smile. Playing his gongs. He makes it look so simple!

There are bigger ones too, but the little ones that he uses are big enough to make a melodious sound that reverberates through the entire area. Nice way to be welcomed if you are checking in.

Taking Time Out


I took time out from my busy schedule and went on a trip recently.

The first part of the trip was done on a small aircraft. The second part was on an even smaller aircraft!

This is called a twin otter. It only sits 18 people. There is no pressurized cabin and there is no door between us and the pilot. It is so small that one has to be weighed together with all luggage before boarding!

This is where we stand, together with our hand carry, to have everything totaled up before we are allowed to fly! I was glad I lost weight beforehand.

Then off we went! Needless to say, with such an interesting start, the rest of the trip was pretty good!

So more photos and stories in my later posts!







I haven’t been too well for the past 6 months but am nonetheless pressing on. Friday was the lowest in a long time. Exhausted and in pain both physically and emotionally.

Suddenly an offer comes. Three nights stay in the nearby 5-star hotel. Initially I wanted to refuse. But I felt a check in me. Don’t be so quick to turn it down. So I told the person I would check with Hubby first… who immediately said Yes. Wow…

So we went….

No meals but a nice comfy stay away from home. I rested as much as I could. Slept as much as i could. Was just quiet. So glad for such friends who care and are so generous in their care.

I would probably have had much more rest and quiet if I was alone, but it was good too, to have had my family with me.

So very thankful and feeling so very blessed.

The Ultimate Sunset





OK perhaps there are better ones. Perhaps there will be better ones still to come.

But for this day, for this time, this is the ultimate sunset. Glorious in colours, brightness and hues. Changing even as we snapped away, each moment special.

I am so thankful for the lovely, never-the-same sunsets that are painted daily in the place where I live!

Senses Stimulated


I was supposed to collect some documents.

Before I reached the entrance, I was already impressed by what I saw. Clean, crisp exterior. The glass facade was unstained and obviously of good quality.

I opened the door and immediately two things happened – I heard one of my favorite Christmas carols playing and I detected a lovely fragrance in the air. Lemon grass, I believe it was. This delightful scent wafted around my head, playing hide and seek, one moment there and disappearing at the next. What a lovely greeting.

An interesting display caught my eye as I walked towards the desk to ask for the documents. So this was the source of the aroma!

I made my request and the lady at the desk replied – with crystal like clarity Queen’s English. What joy! She not only spoke good English, she understood and preempted my errand, handing me the documents even before I finished my sentence.

As I took the package, signed for it, it dawned on me that in one short visit, all my five sense had been stimulated! Cleverly done to create the desired atmosphere. An interesting experience and observation worthwhile sharing as I walked the six steps or so back towards the door to leave, pausing only to snap that picture above…..



We are still on appearances. The third of this trilogy.

You see, for us folks living in tropical Asia, we are naturally tanned. Comes with the territory – we get so much sun.

However we have quite a few European Caucasians friends who come visit during winter seasons there. Like many others who visit this part of the world, they would arrive looking are pale and almost whitewashed.

But before they can get their obligatory tan under the sun, by the beach or the resort swimming pool, they will be looking to get their hands on the best tanning lotions possible to hide under!

Now why is it that those of us who live in this part of the world turn to whitening agents and hide from the sun…..?

It’s a funny world we live in.