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An OCD Moment


I confess. It’s a hidden part of me… sometimes it kind of escapes. Every now and again I just have to release it… actually truth be told, when the moment strikes I simply cannot contain it.

I get very obsessive about neatness, orderliness and not having anything out of place

Well, that moment occurred a few days ago. I took a look at these files and my fingers itched. Do you see what I see? They look neatly arranged don’t they? Looks can be deceiving. Look closely.


Only those inflicted with the same conditioned eyes, the same wired brain can see ….

The comb binds…. they are not all the same size!!!! How offending to the eyes!

Now please excuse me while I go sort this out. By the way this photo was deliberately taken from a skewed angle. To further “enhance” the dreadful sight!

Reviews and Appraisals


Honestly. I am somewhat disappointed really. I was looking for a specific kind of pillow. There are so many types for sale and I really wasn’t in a mood to spend precious money to try each type out. What I was looking for had to be good but of course affordable. I have had enough of these supposedly orthopaedic pillows which didnt do the job at all. So there I was, looking around, and I am sure, looking very lost. I finally located a salesperson and made my request. To my dismay, not only was he ignorant of what I was looking for, he was downright uninterested to assist! It had been a long day, and I really didnt need this sort of attitude!

This incident made me compare with other places with high standards. Some places are so good that they are recognised and obtain special rating. The one I saw recently was the Cozy Winters Reviews – they have top rating! I wonder if it’s possible to get this sort of system enforced here. That would surely pull up some proprietors!

As for the salesman… I had to do something I dislike intensely; I made a complaint. Well, it wasn’t an official complaint. What I did was to go look for someone else who looked more able to help and remark how I had asked but got no assistance from that person. Turns out that the second member of staff I was speaking to was the manager on duty. Oops!



I have been incapacitated for weeks! No, make that months! Unable to access this site due to no fault of my own – the hard disk died.

Worse, when it died and I sent it in for fixing, the people there did not send my order request off so I had to wait even longer to have the parts delivered for my computer. I had to really bite my tongue when I found out! How can that possibly happen to a reputable and well-established company. Worse, it was the manager himself who made this mistake. What an omission! It was quite depressing to say the least…

I can hear you say that I should have an alternative access…! Too late…  Lesson learned!

Anyway, I am B-A-C-K! And raring to go!

The End is Nigh


OH NO! Of all the times to happen! Of all the places! I can’t believe it! The year end! The holidays! The moments! The events! Oh Oh Oh….!

What a disaster….!

It’s a catastrophe!

I am quite distraught as you can tell.

You see, my camera is dying!

It won’t focus! Even the simplest of shots comes out weird. I can’t understand it.

Of course it’s under warranty. But that would mean not having a camera to use for at least three weeks if not longer. The festive season is here! And I am supposed to be on holiday, with lots of snaps to take….Can anyone lend me a camera in the meantime?

One of Those Days


It gets to me sometimes. Driving around here and there. It’s tiring in this heat.

And when I get tired, i do get a little grumpy at times. Worse, i get stroppy in my behaviour.

Take for instance the other day when I was doing just that little bit more driving. I was in a lousy mood and feeling a little envious of my friend who had a seemingly easy life.

I reached aggressively for something in my bag as I drove and drats! I broke my nail! It just added to the misery of the day. That was when I wished I had a nail repair kit. That would have been most handy…. but ah well!

Excuse Me Please


Long queues.

The worst thing if you are in a rush.

Even more frustrating if you knew it was your fault for not planning early. Ah!

Doubly frustrating if you knew it was your fault for poor planning BUT you made some contingency plans after all and STILL you are having to stand and queue to pay while time is fast running out…..

Which is where I was yesterday.

Stewing while tapping my foot.

Managed to catch myself and not be rude to the staff at the checkout counter. Though tempted to. I felt like asking her. “Why doesn’t your shop have something like a cordless barcode scanner to help speed things up?” But then, it’s not her fault.

So I smiled at her instead and said, “Excuse me please. Could I quickly pay this so I can go?” and gave her the exact amount…..

Warrants a Warranty


Hubby is fuming. He is frustrated. He is almost foaming at the mouth.

He’s been given an iPad and HAS to use it for his work.

I can hear some of you going, “WHAAAAAT?!” thinking that he must be nuts to complain.

This is his take on this, this, this thing!

“What do you do when you have to use the pernicious iPad? It is neither here nor there. It cost as must as a reasonable notebook but it can do half as much! It is not light as it is tiring in holding onto it for more than a few minutes while reading, if you use it as a ebook reader! You cannot play flash videos. You cannot multi task! The last bit is most annoying as when you are down loading something you cannot do anything else. If the download last 30 minutes you have to wait, whistle or simply throw the iPad against the wall in anger!”

I have to chuckle, and at the same time I wonder whether his ipad warranty covers violent destruction?

A Boost of Self-Esteem Needed


I want to scream with frustration.

But I think I will laugh instead.

We met someone recently. He’s middle aged, and I suppose he is in mid-life crisis right now. His self esteem is so low that almost every other sentence spoken was one of self-derision. Initially, Hubby and I smiled and tried to balance what he said about himself, thinking that life couldn’t possibly be THAT bad.

Well, we were only partially right. Life wasn’t really that bad. But it WAS that bad, to him.

We parted ways, leaving Hubby and I feeling somewhat put off and disturbed by his mental and physical state. It was as if he needed a testosterone boosters that worked. Or SOMETHING that worked!

That night, I cuddled up to my Hubby feeling extra thankful to God for him. Hubby’s emotions are steady like a rock – he sails through life, and midlife crisis is not in his vocabulary. He simply does not know what it is!

I wonder what can we do to help this friend….

Getting Good Results


With the children coming back for hols, it is going to be fun …. and yet not so fun.

It’s great when the children get together, revisiting their previous hangouts, reminiscing in their own way. I don’t mind surrendering the car for them to go nipping here and there, getting more snapshots of memories in their own unique and exuberant ways.

It’s not so fun when people start comparing though. Comparing results that is. Parents especially. The children are usually cool about this sort of thing.

Have you ever been at the receiving end of boasting parents? These usually talk about how they helped their children to get good SAT scores with special SAT prep by this person or that company. They also lament that one mark or two that their children lost from carelessness of course. But then of course they quickly go on to say that these losses didn’t affect the overall marks – they still aced their exams.

Gosh. I am so glad my children didn’t need all that prep and I don’t need to do all that boasting because they aced anyway.

Ha! Ha! Did you see that one coming?

No Excuse?


I know, it is no excuse.

I know, it sounds so false.


I am too busy to post updates right now! In fact, even as I type this, my mind is going in three other places. So let me sign off and return when things are more sane….