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Wow Place


Visited a friend briefly to pass something to them. Of course they invited me in. It was lovely on the inside. But just look at the view they have!IMG_4535I don’t often get the chance to use the panoramic function in my phone. This was one time I had great delight in doing so – not just because it was fun, but because it was beautiful.

And yes, this was taken before the haze enveloped the land!


Age and Size


Hubby and I went for a reunion recently. What fun to meet up with old friends. What fun to try to guess who old friends were! As we grow older we not only age but we also grew in size, and mainly sideways!

Over dinner and the few days we had, we looked at our teenage photos. As we poured over the pictures, it was amazing to see how small we were, and how wide we have since become! I suppose we were much more active in sports and games then. So  it looks like if we ever want to be active again we have to have a look at junonia for plus size activewear to get anything that might fit!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.41.47 PMNote the size of the observer in the background! Haha!


Magical Moment



No other words to describe this. A butterfly landing on your hand, staying with you even as you walk about. Isn’t that absolutely magical?ButterflyFarmWe discovered this place when we went out as family for a long drive. Apparently it is a tree Nymph, commonly found in butterfly parks. Its scientific name  is Idea leuconoe and isendemic in Malaysia, southern Thailand, Philippines and Sumatra. Also known as Rice Paper or Paper Kite, it is apt. So delicate you can see through its translucent wings.





We decided to treat ourselves so we chose to go for a movie. The four of us. We hadn’t been for one together in a while, especially since the older one left for further studies. Now that he was back for a short break, we felt we ought to make his time special.

So I was elected to make the bookings. Four tickets for the local cinema.

Well, I have to say, this was the most difficult booking yet. Was it the season? Was it the time of day? Was it my technique? I know not. I simply know that I had to make more than six attempts to complete the booking!


Les Miserables. Beyond description. Surely award winning….! Live singing, no lip synching, close ups of authentic passion…. I can’t continue… if you haven’t seen it yet, DONT MISS IT!!!


Unique Everyday


I am so glad to get my camera back. Then I won’t miss capturing moments like this.

This is the view from my upstairs window. Lovely isn’t it. And it’s new every day. This was taken on my day off. I had a quiet day at home, and when I finally emerged from my bedroom/study, this was the sight that caught my eyes.

Yes, I was glad my little point-and-shoot was handily nearby!

Special Specimen


I love my camera. I love being able to take photos. I love being able to take photos of specimens like this! Isn’t this lovely? I used to call it the Atlas Moth.

Most of them are bigger than the palm of my hand. This was no different.

And it stayed there, a few feet above my head, on the door frame, just waiting for me to snap away.

As my Arrow would say, “Naise!”

A Hobby


Did I ever mention that I own a sewing machine? Well I do.

Did I ever post about knowing how to sew a little? Straight line stuff. Hate the zips and buttons bits.

Did I upload any photo of this new toy I have? Hubby bought me a new sewing machine. See?

Nice eh? This is me sewing up some velcro straps for this stringy curtain to be hung at the door leading into Arrow #3’s room! “Naise” as some of the youth would say!

A Workout


I have a deadline to meet. I need to get some weight off! This week so far, I have only been able to get to do a workout twice. The other evenings have seen me working well past exercise time. I end up going home so late that the very thought of doing anything physical just makes me want to go curl up in bed!

And yet, I really need to lose weight.

Arrow Number 3 suggests that I can make it more fun – she’s challenging me to some games. Indoor games, and not the boring board game ones! No, she is offering her new gadget! She was given a wii as an early birthday present.

Hmmm that might just do the trick….!

A Break Ahead


I am going through a very busy patch right now. Much as I enjoy my work, sometimes I want to go away and have a holiday. Then, just the other day, Hubby added to my unspoken desire when he reminisced about our Korean holiday.

Skiing. It was the highlight of our holiday in Korea. Since then, Hubby will periodically look for good winter or snow jacket so that we do not need to rent should we go again. He reminded me that we have many standing invitations to visit Canada, New Zealand and even Europe – all for skiing! He’s got his eye on some spyder jackets at the sale in one of the major shops in the city.

I think I’d better put in my leave application soon.

Some Sports….


Arrow #2 went to England recently. What a treat! There, he came across this sight which he snapped and shared on the internet. Can you spot the young man? Can you see what he’s doing?

He’s got a skateboard and is practising some moves.

This got my grey cells working and I was reminded of our trip to Korea a few years ago. There, they not only ski-ed, but they snowboarded. That looked intricately more difficult. What’s more, they love to show off! For the absolute know-nothing-about-skiing folk, such sights are like watching ballet on ice. We marvel at their control and finesse!

The only drawback we had was the equipment. We were all wrong footed and thumbs when we were handling the things. But the young ‘uns were so easy going with them. Take the snowboard rack for instance. We could only admire these young experts moving so freely and gracefully and then authoritatively parking the snowboards in place as if they were merely putting their shoes in…. which, I suppose, to them, is exactly what it felt like!