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This day and age, it is so easy to snap photos on our phones and then wonder what to do with them. Post on social media?

I wonder if we ever go back to them again? Many tend to live for the moment.

In the old days (showing my age!) we would think twice, no thrice, before pressing the shutter. A roll of film did not come by cheap. After the roll was completely snapped up, one had to get the photos developed. I remember the days when we could send the roll off and get the prints a few weeks later. At that time, that facility seemed like a major step forward!

Then came digital cameras, and smart phones… and even better cameras. So yes, I wonder how much memory goes with each series of photos taken, seeing that it is so very easy to snap a moment.

Unlike this. I came across this photo recently. I can tell you the exact moment I snapped it – the occasion and location – and the story that goes behind the photo.

And the story doesnt stop with just the moment the photo was taken… There is a story after this story as well… but both would be for the next post…

Stay tuned….

A Flashback to the Past



It was one of those rare days when I was just coming home at that time of the day. This van came along, tooting its horn. It did a swerve as it came into view and parked in front of my neighbour’s house. Almost before as the van came to a complete halt, the driver was out of the door. He strode to the back of his van and flung up the door. Then he stood waiting.

The neighbour came. My children went. It was treats time. Not a common sight these days. A van that bears bread, snacks and tidbits. This brought back memories. It would be a treat for us. My grandfather had a little tin pot of loose change just for such moments. It always felt special to be given permission to go to his table, pull open the top drawer and carefully select the allocated amount per child. It would be a proud moment to make sure that the correct amount was given to Grandpa and he would then allow us to choose. We learned simple mathematics. We learned to bargain with each other. We learned what was of value and what would be longer lasting. Those were the days. Long gone indeed….

IMG_6630I bought a little something just to encourage the old man that we would still welcome his services…. I hope he will continue for a long time more.


A Love Affair



Yes I am happily married, and have been so for over 30 years.

I refer to my passion, my desire, my love for these! Fountain pens!

I just love being able to write smoothly and nicely in cursive writing. Hmmmm I wonder if anyone knows what cursive writing is these days. It started in school but also from my maternal grandfather. He and my Mom had the most amazingly beautiful handwriting and I wanted to emulate them. So when I could afford them and when I wasn’t so busy, I got myself these lovely works of art.

My passion also runs along the colours of ink. I used to function with only one bottle. But not any more. I now have blue-black, green, purple and turquoise blue. No, my list isn’t in order of my preference. Which colour I use depends entirely on my mood except the blue-black which is for more formal.

“Wait”, I hear you say. “That’s four colours and three pens.”

Well spotted. That was an old photo. Here’s a more recent one!FountainPens4Taaadaaa!






It’s that time of the year. Thinking back. Remembering. Being soppy and sentimental, and being dangerously close to “emo” moments. Ahhhhh

This photo doesn’t help. But I was reminded of it when I washed my hair and reached for my curlers. Yes, I still use curlers. I sleep in them too so there!

Anyway, as I was saying, I was reminded of this photo when I was setting my hair in curlers. This is my Mom’s box of curlers. She has two sizes, and I had used the green ones before taking this photo. What is so special about this box is that opened red box you see. It is possibly one of the last, if not the last metal box that used to hold Elastoplast plasters! It is probably older than I am, and that says a lot!

12_04My Mom has used it to hold her hair pins for eons. Haha! Anyone want to make a bid for it? Is there an Antique Road Show anywhere near where we live?


Musing on Motorbikes


All this musing. Even in the middle of a traffic jam! Perhaps especially in such a jam that my mind goes back to my motorbiking days.

OK, without exception, people react in surprise upon hearing that I used to ride big bikes in England. In the middle of metal madness on the road I sometimes think about taking up biking again. Of course, with past spills and with present road conditions, I will have to be protected with a full leather suit and proper helmet. Nothing less will do!

So now the musing continues. Should I or shouldn’t I….

I Wonder


Over the Christmas and now the Chinese New Year, I have missed my two older Arrows. One is south of where we are, the other is farther away, northwards. One is doing engineering, the other doing physiotherapy.

I don’t know very much about engineering, but having been a nurse before makes me wonder what is it like for our son now in placement in a hospital for his physiotherapy training. Would he need a uniform? When I was nursing, I needed nurses uniforms  and I recall the physiotherapists needing uniforms too. Would they supply him? I can imagine him looking quite dashing in white! Haha!



I started to count my blessings the other day.

I am not sure why I did it. Maybe it’s something that fifty-somethings do on their birthday.

I started counting when I went into the hair dressers. I have been to this hairdresser’s for almost 20 years.

I continued counting whilst my hair was being washed. It went on smoothly even when I was having the shampoo rinsed off half an hour later.

Then I got a little side-tracked with conversation while my hair was being trimmed.

Back I went to the count when my hair was being blown dry and conversation was nigh impossible with the raised noise level.

In the end, I could take it anymore.

I took out my phone and texted the people who made an impact in my life. I was so thankful for them….!

It is good to remember what He has done.






I was preparing to go out for dinner the other night. Had my entire outfit planned. Yes, it was THAT sort of dinner.

Then I got stuck. I could not find my special clutch bags. My black one was with my white one which was together with my cream one.

The cream one. That was special. It’s from Mom. I still remember watching her get ready for dinner and I would wait for the moment when she brought this special bag out. I loved this bag. It came along with perfume for and makeup and special softness for the evening. I would wait for chance to finger the beads, caress the workmanship, and admire the entire workmanship. I would try to hang around and watch Mom get ready. I would wish I could go along and be a fly on the wall.

It was a truly special moment when on one visit home my Mom handed it to me and told me it was mine. Faded. Beads missing. Cloth showing in parts. But it was mine. As was all the memories. I am so, so thankful, even to today.

And yes, I found my bags, all three of them. No, the other two will never be as special as this one…. Thanks Mom

Flash Mob in Macy’s


A friend sent me this link. Moved me so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s one of my favourite songs.

Many years ago when we lived in London, we joined the All Souls Langham Place for Christmas.

There, my dream to be a part of a choir to sing this wonderful piece of music came to pass. Even though I sang one part wrongly, the memory of that evening will always stay with me. The voices all around reverberating through the Cathedral as everyone sang for the audience of One!

There was a Food Fest


Yes there was a Food Fest.

And what a Food Fest.

Many people thronged to see the competitions, especially the drinks making, garnishing and most of all, when they cooked the different parts of the menu. I especially liked the cold dish competition.

Here is where you can see my writeup about it.

WHY am I writing about it?

Because I was searching for some elusive post I made years ago. Before I had this site. I used to write at the other site. Now I see this post, it makes me hungry….

And makes me want to do something about it.

So I post instead of stuff my face!