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Debut… And More


So….  This then is my debut. I’ve been on stage before – during my school days, and if I recall right, twice during short performances at church services. This however was different. Together with a small cast, I was coached by a professional, and it took months. 
I can’t say I didnt enjoy it. I used to struggle a lot with being the focus of attention. Handicapped me. Hindered me. I have healed and grown much since. Hence this debut. Enjoyed working with the team. I learned a lot.

Guess what? There might be a reprise, and this time at a Black Box. Wow…. Stay tuned.


Taugeh Tips


Hubby decided to experiment. He wanted to know how to grow beansprouts. What an adventurous and curious mind he has! He’s been at it for two weeks now. And look at the wonderful result!

Even if I had not been a fan of this fast-growing vegetable he would have “converted” me! So very nice! Yumm! Especially with some fried-to-crisp salted fish!

Ginormous Gastronomic Glee


I kid you not. The prawns were huge.

But wait. I am jumping ahead of myself.

It was a free afternoon during our trip away because Hubby’s meeting time was changed. So we asked some friends at very short notice if anyone was free for lunch. Lo and behold, a group of half a dozen friends managed to meet up with us. Of these friends, there was one we had not seen for over 30 years! What a good time we had together!

We were treated to a splendid meal served at the Kampung Ku Restaurant at the Lake View Club. The signature fresh water prawn noodles was a memorable dish not just for it’s taste but also the size of the prawns!
IMG_5482Each prawn was divided lengthwise. Each half was a good 4 mouthful in size. 

Cooked with the special sauce and noodle, it was so flavourful, I had four helpings of it! Definitely a must if you are in that part of the city! Yum!

Swanky Stuff


Kid you not. This was a place which exuded “class’, “money”, “rich” and “excess”.  Initially unostentatious upon arrival, you are then warmly greeted and led down a long corridor. Leading off this passageway from both sides are rooms. Each room has at least one huge table with specific decor and table setting. Hubby and I were led to the second best room, because the top one was already booked.

With ample space for settees, side tables and more, the main dining table occupied pride of place below a chandelier.

The table setting… Quite unique.


The dishes that were served were excellent. The was a discreet wait in between each item on the menu, but nothing that was too long. The highlight of the evening has to be the smoked and roasted piglet. The waft of smokiness which hits the nostrils and lingers at the back of the palate is both tantilizing and memorable.

This then, is the Peninsular Restaurant at the newly opened Evolve mall in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. I would love to go there again!

Edible Scales


Who would have thought such things existed for fresh-water fish? I certainly never knew!

We were told that this particular fish, the Empura, is highly prized and very expensive. Hubby was gifted one and so we decided to take it to a restaurant to check it out.

When we showed it to the chefs, they immediately recognised it! Then they wanted to charge us extra to cook it! Hubby decided to walk away, and I joined him, grumbling as we did. That got the manager on duty worried because there were other guests. Good tactic eh?

Next thing you know, we got a good price for it and settled down with some friends to wait for it.

The wait was certainly worth it!


The fish was sooooo nice! You have to taste it to know what I mean. The flesh melts in your mouth! The scales are nice to eat – they have an unusual texture – firm yet not rubbery. Yummy…. The simple steamed as is was the perfect way to cook it, bringing out the full flavours of the fish. Well done chefs!

I am now waiting for Hubby to be gifted with another … I hope it will be as soon as possible!

Superb Movie Night


The church has produced a full-length movie! Running for 5 nights and still on-going as I write this. We are privileged to have such a wonderful cast and crew. So many talents amongst us!

The script for the movie revolves around someone who gets a second chance. One would ask does anyone deserve second chances? If so, who? Should it be this person? Or that character? Challenging moments come up, heart wrenching decisions to be made, tragedies which potentially make or break a person are depicted…..

After viewing the very touching movie, viewers are invited to mingle with the guests. This particular group of children were delighted to be scared by the star!
ColinWhat a wonderful night it has been! And promises to continue to be so!  A must watch if you are in the area!





We decided to treat ourselves so we chose to go for a movie. The four of us. We hadn’t been for one together in a while, especially since the older one left for further studies. Now that he was back for a short break, we felt we ought to make his time special.

So I was elected to make the bookings. Four tickets for the local cinema.

Well, I have to say, this was the most difficult booking yet. Was it the season? Was it the time of day? Was it my technique? I know not. I simply know that I had to make more than six attempts to complete the booking!


Les Miserables. Beyond description. Surely award winning….! Live singing, no lip synching, close ups of authentic passion…. I can’t continue… if you haven’t seen it yet, DONT MISS IT!!!


Choosing Cues


Cucumber. Water-filled and of little nutritional value that I am aware of. Yet I love them.

Of course, the zucchini is a favourite for some. But this cucumber hybrid is, to my tastebuds, not as nice as the original. It’s a fruit of course, but most people consider a vegetable.

There are many legends on how to choose a non-bitter cue. There are even sworn methods of removing the bitterness (cut off the top end and rub it with the cut to “draw out” the bitterness)

Me? I still go by this method which is at the selection stage. See these four below?

I would choose numbers one and three. They may not look nice, but I know they will be pleasant.

The last one I would choose is Number 4 even though it looks big and juicy. Why? Because it is long, symmetrical in shape.

You see, to get a nice cucumber, apart from the usual blemish-free and not-dried criteria, you need to add one more – the top must be smaller than the bottom.

Works every time.



Recently a friend bought a hair dryer and she it used it for the second time, the thing started to smoke! At first she thought it was somehow burning her hair. Then she thought perhaps it was burning dust because it was new. Then she realised a part on the inside was melting in the heat! What a shock she had!

She decided that it was because it was cheaply made. Shoddy workmanship. Henceforth, she declared she will get only quality goods. And, she announced, she would walk around with miniature barcode scanners to tell her the place of production and memorize some others. You see, she found out that the first three numbers can refer to the country e.g. 30 to 37 is from France. South Atrican goods start with 600 to 601. German products sport the prefix 400-44. China made goods use 690, 691 and 692….

Mixed Feelings


It’s November! We are approaching the time of year of mixed feelings.

Year ends means reviews, reports, meetings, and more meetings. Adjustments and planning and more changes. It means lots of activity to smooth transition, much effort to untangle knots, thinking ahead to avoid pitfalls.

Yet it also means celebration of the good, Christmas is coming, and lots of meeting up meal times with many people. It spells holidays and the young ones coming home for a break.

Well, most of the time they come back…. My two older Arrows won’t be back this year. That will be a strange feeling after so many years. My parents won’t be coming over this year either. We had such fun last year. Also, we have challenges to face about schooling.

But we will be taking time out to paint the gate outside, and Arrow #3’s bedroom! That will be good. Also going to make a trip to a lovely resort not too far away. (More on that later)

Mixed feelings indeed.