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Strategy for Stiff Shoulders


When Hubby stood with his back to the wall (literally) he couldn’t raise his arms up. In fact he couldn’t even lift them past 45 degrees. After years of being hunched over a desk, his shoulders and back were THAT tight and stiff.

We started going to a fitness centre a few years ago. This centre, Avakas Fitness is known for strength and conditioning. “Avakas”, in the local language means strength. Their trained coaches will put you through tailor-made, low impact, full body yet targeted workouts. For a minimal fee, each session lasts an hour. The strategic, guided exercises and movements are rarely repeated. Their knowledge of the human body’s anatomy is amazing!

Coach will watch to ensure that you don’t do the exercise wrongly – a straight leg versus a bent knee while working the arms means that a different part of the body is being worked. Often, despite having up to 10 different people working out doing 10 different activities, Coach’s eagle eyes can spot when you are taking a little longer than you should… so we don’t try to cheat (ourselves)!

Oh what improvement we have seen! I have not only grown stronger – I am more flexible. And just take a look at Hubby! He can raise his elbows to shoulder level! 
P.S. It isn’t that bad! He was already done with his workout and doing some stretching when Coach decided to give him a hand.
We look forward to our next session soon…

The Days of Small Beginnings ….


There is a saying:- Dont despite the days of small beginnings…. Taken from Zechariah 4:10, and a little out of context, this is a symbol of some small beginnings….
Me covering my face after a workout because … who looks good after a workout unless they have a team of make up artists and a camera rolling???

Just started going to a fitness and conditioning centre. I’ve been having such a sedentary life that I have got very unfit and flabby. To the point that I am so very tired so very easily.
I decided to finally do something about it when my son and friends opened this centre, next door to his physiotherapy centre. What a fantastic combination. Off I go then…
More posts to come as I (hopefully) make progress.

Keeping Going



I need to keep going. Keep on moving. Otherwise I get so very stiff!

Hubby decides to go to the gym again. It takes me a good ten minutes of brisk walk before I can bring myself to start to jog. I warm up very slowly.

Thankful though that I can go to a gym and workout. There are many who can’t.

My faithful shoes which have taken me many places thus far.



Age and Size


Hubby and I went for a reunion recently. What fun to meet up with old friends. What fun to try to guess who old friends were! As we grow older we not only age but we also grew in size, and mainly sideways!

Over dinner and the few days we had, we looked at our teenage photos. As we poured over the pictures, it was amazing to see how small we were, and how wide we have since become! I suppose we were much more active in sports and games then. So  it looks like if we ever want to be active again we have to have a look at junonia for plus size activewear to get anything that might fit!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.41.47 PMNote the size of the observer in the background! Haha!


Sleep and the Lack of it


Olympics. With the time difference, many on this side of the globe are having late nights. Some of the hot favourite sports like the heart-pumping 100 meter dash, the lung-bursting football and yes, the adrenalin-overdosing badminton, being played in the early hours of the morning. It is no wonder many can’t catch a wink of sleep thereby becoming insomniacs and subsequently, inefficient at work. Not to mention at the detriment of their health! (A sudden thought – how about driving? I dread the thought….)

Well, I read some ambien reviews and they seem to be effective for such self-inflicted sufferers. What’s more, apparently there are little or no side effects. I hope they take time off the square screen and read this post to give it a try!

Olympics Showcases More than Sports


Well, with the London 2012 Olympics going full steam now, I thought I would comment on something rather different from the sports and athletes!  At least for this post!

You see, what struck me when I saw the opening shots and subsequent images beamed from London was the many unique structures and stadiums, build just for the grand worldwide festival of sports. Most of these are metal building specials – normal bricks and mortar or timber will not be able to create such lovely shapes and structures. With the help of the latest building materials such as glass, moulded plastics they have become, and will continue to be, iconic wonders to behold. Lovely…. !



It is super quiet on the streets. Masses indoors… All watching. A riveting third game even as I type this. 



All this sport on TV reminds me of the time when our children would be active in sports. Their favourite, no thanks to dear Hubby, was soccer. Each week would see us adjourn to the beach where the children would battle it out with the ball, cheered on by the fathers who would sometimes join in. Us ladies would of course catch up with news and enjoy the picnic grub we brought. Fun.

Sometimes we held special matches, based on birthdays. A good way to bring in more friends. Create memories. These parties at the beach would always end with the presentation of not party packs, but soccer trophies to everyone present. In this way, everyone was a winner. Just nice!

For Greater Enjoyment


It was on the lips of so many. It was being posted on facebook and twitter. I caught snatches of conversation as I walked past friends.

What am I referring to? Why the recent finals of course! Soccer finals that is.

SO many comments, responses and reactions. Perhaps it is the circle of people I mix with. Even in my household…

Take Hubby for instance. To say that he is an avid fan is putting it mildly. Now, he wants to get a proper tv stand to mount our LCD screen TV up. This way he can further enjoy his favourite sport! I can’t help but smile when they get so animated and excited!

A Workout


I have a deadline to meet. I need to get some weight off! This week so far, I have only been able to get to do a workout twice. The other evenings have seen me working well past exercise time. I end up going home so late that the very thought of doing anything physical just makes me want to go curl up in bed!

And yet, I really need to lose weight.

Arrow Number 3 suggests that I can make it more fun – she’s challenging me to some games. Indoor games, and not the boring board game ones! No, she is offering her new gadget! She was given a wii as an early birthday present.

Hmmm that might just do the trick….!