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“You’re free to go!”
Shouted the jailer.
For a moment there
I needed an inhaler.
I couldn’t breathe.
Can this be true?
I hear my name
Over and over again.
I’m not going to lie
I’m afraid to die
When I hear shouts
“Crucify! Crucify!”

Don’t you know?
I am Israel’s hero!
I lead a revolution
There is no confusion
Never mind the mistakes
A few men their lives I take
This is the hour
I am Israel’s saviour!
The other two are not so lucky
Only I got set free
They all must love me?

Walking past the prison gates
I catch a glimpse of the bloodied face
The Man who took my place.
Under a crown of thorns
Body bruised and torn
I cannot unsee.
I shiver and stare.

He turns and catches my hardened eyes
“Barabbas,” softly He cries
“Follow me.”

Glorious Glow


I am told some of the best sunsets in the world can be found on this part of Borneo. It is dramatic, it is arresting, it is memorable.
Sitting down to enjoy a picnic dinner with loved ones is something to be treasured. Memories built with the little ones will not be easily forgotten. Deeply etched within me are such scenes which draw me back to this place time and time again.

An OCD Moment


I confess. It’s a hidden part of me… sometimes it kind of escapes. Every now and again I just have to release it… actually truth be told, when the moment strikes I simply cannot contain it.

I get very obsessive about neatness, orderliness and not having anything out of place

Well, that moment occurred a few days ago. I took a look at these files and my fingers itched. Do you see what I see? They look neatly arranged don’t they? Looks can be deceiving. Look closely.


Only those inflicted with the same conditioned eyes, the same wired brain can see ….

The comb binds…. they are not all the same size!!!! How offending to the eyes!

Now please excuse me while I go sort this out. By the way this photo was deliberately taken from a skewed angle. To further “enhance” the dreadful sight!

Tea for Two


A sudden craving. Quite unusual for me. “Pulled tea” is the direct translation of this local drink. The piping hot tea is frothed and partially cooled by pouring it from one container to another. The further apart the two containers are, one in each hand, the more dramatically it appears to be pulled to create bubbles. What an art!

Well, what started off as a time to grab some groceries turned out special because it became like a date over a nice frothy cups tea… that’s right – it ended up as an afternoon date with my best buddy. It’s one thing to enjoy a good cuppa. It’s more than doubly enjoyable when it’s in the company of someone you love being with.


Thankful for simple pleasures.

Thankful for special moments.

Thankful for time outs with Hubby.

Giving and Receiving


What an amazing day. I decided to get some snacks for the rest of the office, and one more for myself. This snack was not one that I would normally get. We were all looking forward to tucking in when it arrived via a special delivery.

Then, an unexpected visitor to the office stops for a while longer and so I decide to give my share away. I have to confess that I had slight regrets as I listened to the positive comments of the others as they tasted and evaluated. But just ever so slightly. Then I carried on with my work.

Suddenly another visitor comes by. She doesn’t break a stride as she drops a small packet of biscuits on my desk, saying “My daughter made this, it’s for you to try.” Speechless, delighted, awed. Those are the words to describe what went through me.


Later, as I bit into this lovely offering, I had to make another confession – these were far better than the store bought goodies I missed. I can always buy those another time, rare though it might be. These lovingly-made biscuits however, were God-sent! And they were very very tasty indeed!

More Preparations!


Apart from the lunar new year which is often celebrated in a big way amongst some of our friends, I also need to prepare to fly overseas for a long-ish trip.

In my preparations, I found out that the electrical sockets there are different from the ones here.IMG_1944I will need to get some universal adaptors. In fact I will probably take along a few multiple-socket adaptors too. That way, I can charge my two mobile phones, my laptop as well as the battery for my camera! Phew!

Looking forward to my trip!



Had special dinner with Hubby recently. In fine dining style too!

The table we had overlooked a freeform swimming pool which was just beside a lovely sandy beach. Wave upon wave washed ashore and we enjoyed ourselves in the intimately lit restaurant as well as tuck into the delectable food…

FerdWe noticed some people walking along, still dressed for a swim. Rather late by then, but I suppose it is their prerogative. Then the lady changed to go into the pool……

Whilst we were located in a hotel, we are nonetheless a conservative society with religious values reasonably upheld. There are not many locals wearing sexy beachwear except for tourists or children returning from overseas. So yeah this was a sudden start and a little moment of mention during our otherwise uneventful meal!

I heard Hubby chuckle and then continue with his meal. How diplomatic!

What a Sight




It had rained all day. Finally as the sun began to dip below the horizon, the rain decided to recede with it. That’s when this caught my eye. A familiar sight, but one that stood out after the rain.

IMG_3214 Nice? I think so too!


It’s Up


I have finally got around to putting up the tree. And I had a good workout as I went about it. This is part one of three, the other two being the windows and the ceiling respectively.

11_15Love it. Now for some decent music as well!


Blue and Orange


I would never have put the two together. But here they are and don’t they look fairly bright and cheerful?

That was the brief I gave the florist – bright and cheerful flowers I said. Quite a combination. And nothing like what I expected… Food for thought and to KIV. I quite like it… though not for every occasion.