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Beautiful and Inspiring



Being naturally a fair person, I often get people coming up to me and commenting on that, with a tinge of wistfulness. My being freckle-cheeked doesn’t seem to deter their feelings of wanting-what-I-have-and-they-don’t. It’s rather sad. The desire to be fair in my part of the world contrasts with those of the other parts where tanning seems so essential. This is despite the cautions of skin cancers being disseminated.

I think the bottom line is that people are often unhappy with the skin colour they are born with. I think it’s a more-than-skin-deep issue. In general we find it hard to accept ourselves. There is this lie we grow up with that we are not good enough, not tall enough, not strong enough, not fair enough, not dark enough, not this and that enough.

Hence it is so refreshing to hear this young lady.
Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 1.33.48 PMI love her speech. Have you heard it?

More Preparations!


Apart from the lunar new year which is often celebrated in a big way amongst some of our friends, I also need to prepare to fly overseas for a long-ish trip.

In my preparations, I found out that the electrical sockets there are different from the ones here.IMG_1944I will need to get some universal adaptors. In fact I will probably take along a few multiple-socket adaptors too. That way, I can charge my two mobile phones, my laptop as well as the battery for my camera! Phew!

Looking forward to my trip!

Favourite “Tipple”



RIght now am fighting off a cold. Congested and coughing, coupled with a nose that so drippy that it’s like a leaky faucet badly in need of a change of washer…. or something!

I found that the best relief I could get is from freshly squeezed lemon with hot water and a dash of honey.

The next best is hot tea.

LemonTeaThankful that I found this relieving and soothing drink….


I have to Sigh


It’s just as well that information is easily available online these day.

I have to sigh.

Where I work, we often have deadlines to meet. One of my staff is responsible for churning out high quality graphics on a regular basis. If ever she got artist’s block (like writer’s block), I would recommend some web to print software solutions because that in saving her a lot of hassle it also helps to unlock inspiration!

And then I sigh with relief !

MORE Repairs!


As the saying goes, “If it doesn’t rain, it pours”

First the kitchen stuff went wonky.

Then the bathroom door went. My poor firstborn was stuck in there. Thankfully not indecently!
IMG_2428Now the kitchen cabinets need looking at! They are not closing properly. Thankfully we can easily obtain kitchen cabinets direct from online manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. It’s made easy too. Just a click away and lots of advice therein. Phew! I do hope I can get things ready in time for the visitors’ invasion!

Sudden Repairs Needed


Goodness! In the run up to Christmas and the anticipation of frenzied cooking, we find ourselves also needing repairs in the house. Not just simple repairs but also safety repairs. The cooker in the kitchen needs repairs too. Thankful for supply companies like harris welding who are able to assist even at short notice during this busy time of the year. In particular we want the kitchen done up well because of our foster son’s impending return. He is a chef so we expect him to want to conjure up some dishes to show off his culinary skills. The last time he did so, we were fattened up by a few kilos each. We will look into other forms of “repairs” later (read “diet”!)

Christmas and Lights


Whilst setting up the lights for my tree, I was a little irritated with some of the light switches in my home. Well, in particular the corner where I wanted to set up the tree.

IMG_1805Light switches can be such blemishes to homes especially in these modern time. Some lighting points can occupy large wall spaces. Some of mine are hidden behind a wall cupboard! I wish I had found the european lighting tips site before I built my house – it gives fantastic insights what to do and how to modernise our homes. Meanwhile I will hide the sockets with my tree!

Keeping a Record!


Are you counting the days to Christmas? I am!

The decorations are going up!

IMG_1836The main highlight for me is to be able to spend time with the whole family. I have taken leave to do so.

I have also got my trusty camera ready. It’s just a simple point-and-shoot, but it’s good. I will make sure I stock up on the batteries. Perhaps I should get some sony camera batteries. They are dependable and long lasting! I don’t want to miss any special moments. Oooo I can hardly wait! My second Arrow tells me that he is counting the days too!

The Worst Case Yet



Whether diarrhoea or diarrhea, whether you spell it the British or American way, the same is true – it is a bad condition to have.

I was recently was laid flat by this nasty bug. By “nasty” I mean nasty. It started mildly earlier in the day. Then it got worse by midday. By 3.00pm I had to stay in bed, rushing to the nearby washroom when a spasm hit. Twice I stained my clothes because the peristaltic movements were too strong and I couldn’t control. Yes,  it was THAT bad.

Barely able to think clearly by 6.00pm I managed to ask Hubby to cook rice and put a lot of water in so I could sip the rice water. Usually a good cure, this time it didn’t work. Hubby brought out charcoal tablets. The sight of the relatively huge table made me feel worse, fearing I would throw up. Bearing in mind I would easily pop 6-8 tablets at one go, these symptoms signaled trouble.

RiceH2OI sent a text to a physician friend. He kindly drove over with his wife to pass some medication. The tablets were smaller and less intimidating so I took those together with sips of rice water.

The symptoms only eased mildy.

So I took the charcoal tablets as well.

And only then did I start feeling better.

I stayed in bed right through to the next morning!

It was a busy working day so I decided to fast. I skipped food and for fluids I just sipped rice water and later, some black coffee. I started to feel better 24 hours later.

Then Hubby came back with sugar cane water. I guess I was greedy – I havent had this for ages. I sipped it and told him it didn’t taste pure ie something had been added. BUT I still finished my glass.

And that was my downfall. For another 24 hours I was down again. This time, the recovery was slower. Phew. The worst case yet!  Taking things much slower now. Eating smaller quantities too….. Lesson learned. Don’t be greedy!


Mold Memories


I love where I live. The variety of food and fruit cannot be compared.

The disadvantage is that not only plants I desire flourish. So do other things such as fungi and molds! They can really take off once they have a good hold!

Of course, it was nothing like what we experienced when living in England. I shall never forget one place which I rented with others whilst still a student. It had a huge mold which grew so fast that we took to pencil marking its monthly growth rate. In those days we didn’t have the benefit of being able to refer to places such as for mold remover. Whatever we applied seemed to promote the growth! After fulfilling our one year tenancy contract, we hastily found another place.

Ah, of such things then, memories as made….