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Appearances As We Age


Recent talk amongst folks of my age has concentrated a lot on appearance and how we can age but do so gracefully. One friend however, discussed how she has been increasingly dropping hair. She was indeed distressed even though many of us have tried to assure her that she looks fine. Other friends have encouraged her to check out the raquel welch wigs which are supposed to be rather good.

There is no history of baldness in my family. So it is rather unlikely that I will need the use of any wigs. Having said that, I would not mind going bald if I had the right shaped head…. I think! Best I not speak too soon though! I still have a fairly full head of hair Haha!

Mud Magic



I tell my children that this is special. Does it look like clay to you? Well, it isn’t. It’s mud. And not just any mud. This, dear friends and readers, is Dead Sea Mud. The real stuff. Not the manufactured and doctored stuff. This is straight from the Dead Sea itself.MudSuper alkaline. Super strong. Super concentrate.

Developed from years of input and not output at 400m below sea level, this is not only pure but also seems to have health improving properties. There is very little pollen and similar allergens in this area. Located at such incredible depth below sea level, the UV rays from the sun don’t penetrate the higher atmospheric pressure. In fact, the Dead Sea is a popular spot for health and cosmetic seekers.

Which brings me back to this. I carried it all the way back… and when I put it on, my skin feels great! So I am now suggesting to my Arrow to share small portions of this with his bandmates. That way, they can look their best!

Men with Mud. Can you just see it? Haha!



Envelopes Excite



Looks can be deceiving. So what is a simple envelope? To some it might mean bills. But change the colour and the mood changes.

What if you get a black one like this?IMG_5388To me, it is classy. It speaks of a strong statement upcoming. The contents have been thought about. Whatever is inside promises to hold something that will do something to my senses, and perhaps even my soul.

I always open such envelopes with respect. Sometimes with a sense of eagerness but mostly with a quiet excited anticipation.

And this one was no exception. What comfort, what encouragement.

Thankful for strong black envelopes, their giver, and the contents therein…

Working For Results


The upcoming dinner is fast approaching. I have been going on the exercise machines like a maniac. Pushing myself so hard that some people are remarking how much better I look, how much weight I have lost. They often ask what I did to achieve these results

But when behind closed doors, the true story is revealed – I have mostly lost weight, yes, but I am oh, so flabby! As I get older, it is harder to get toned. Someone said I should try adding testosterone boosting supplements but I have hard of these syntheroid side effects and am cautious. I gather that there are some made with natural ingredients but I still wonder if one would be messing about with one’s body….

Meanwhile as I ponder and mull over this, the clock ticks and the dinner date draws closer…. ah!

I Remain Hopeful


Each time I go on the machines, I am determined.

Each time I press the buttons, I am hopeful.

Each time I start any of the workouts, I am excited.

Each time I start to puff, I am telling myself – press on!

Each time I stand on the scales after, I am expecting!

I wonder if after all this, will I I need to change my wardrobe? Will I be able to go certain places to get some discount women’s clothing at my dream places rather than places where I’d rather not be seen at…. I am an optimist. I remain hopeful.

Special Renovations Needed


With all the traveling I have been doing of late, plus the extra work that I have been scrambling to finish, AND the year end steam rolling speedily, I think I must look pretty awful. Why do I say that? I have been given body butter. Not one tub. No, not even two tubs. I have been given three tubs – at around the same time!

Well, I for one, do not mind being given goodies such as these, hidden messages included! After all, they are free!

But apart from body butter, what I would really like is a goooood mud mask to go along with all those butter. My face needs a good clean and revive! I would say it needs a renovation!

One of Those Days


It gets to me sometimes. Driving around here and there. It’s tiring in this heat.

And when I get tired, i do get a little grumpy at times. Worse, i get stroppy in my behaviour.

Take for instance the other day when I was doing just that little bit more driving. I was in a lousy mood and feeling a little envious of my friend who had a seemingly easy life.

I reached aggressively for something in my bag as I drove and drats! I broke my nail! It just added to the misery of the day. That was when I wished I had a nail repair kit. That would have been most handy…. but ah well!



Today I went with some friends and their premature baby to have a checkup done for the baby. It was fun cuddling the little fella. He is such a gem! So are his parents. I had forgotten how light and small and cuddly they can be! Haha!

Things were going well despite needing to wait a little for medications to take effect. Then baby’s Mom and I went into the room to have the first test done with me holding baby to help Mom. There, the nurse and doctor got chatting with us.

It was then I got promoted – to be the little fella’s Grandma! Haha! That’s who the doctor and nurse thought I was!

When I thought about it, in a sense, I suppose I AM old enough – one of my staff has a two-year old and she calls me Aunty. I have been married for 29 years, though of course my eldest is still too young…..

On the other hand of course, I think perhaps I am overdue for a facial? Make it an overhaul or major renovation! Haha!



These days acne seems to be a perennial problem for the young ones. It never used to be in our time. People refer to radicals and what-nots. I can’t keep track!

We have a typical teenage daughter who is conscious of her self image. We are thankful that her skin is very good and she seldom suffers from acne and hence we do not have to seek acne treatment for her.

What’s her secret? Perhaps genes? Hubby and I have reasonably good skin. But she also drinks lots of water and I have started to teach her to use cleansers and toners…. which I myself never use! Haha!



Now that I have celebrated my half century, I have to confess – There is no escape from aging and its effects. One of those inevitable things you know.

Along the way, as our body changes and hormonal balances go haywire, we discover what menopause for both men and women is all about. Joints creak and protest with pain. Some have incontinence. Women suffer from hormonal fluctuations and changes.

And skin the wrinkles. Ah!

Most of the time I don’t think I look too bad, but of late, because I have also been a little under the weather, I know I look dreadful! Haha!

I am told, however, vitamin c serum is good for skin. I’d probably ought to go and check this out a bit more!