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We are still on appearances. The third of this trilogy.

You see, for us folks living in tropical Asia, we are naturally tanned. Comes with the territory – we get so much sun.

However we have quite a few European Caucasians friends who come visit during winter seasons there. Like many others who visit this part of the world, they would arrive looking are pale and almost whitewashed.

But before they can get their obligatory tan under the sun, by the beach or the resort swimming pool, they will be looking to get their hands on the best tanning lotions possible to hide under!

Now why is it that those of us who live in this part of the world turn to whitening agents and hide from the sun…..?

It’s a funny world we live in.

The Other Star


All that talk about CSI and appearances in my last post…. It made me think about the other actor. You know, the one with the low voice and is some sort of award winner. Well, truth be told, I don’t think he acts that well so apart from his voice, I don’t really understand how he got such high rating. I think he’s a pale shadow to Grissom (pun not intended)

But I digress.

I wanted to focus on his face. Fellow CSI followers would know what I mean when I say he defies most stars on the screen. He’s not at all the classic smooth skinned, rugged male hero. On the contrary, his face looks like… ummm… you know…. like he ought to have had some form of treatment for acne or something.

I suppose that’s true to life – the real life heroes aren’t always the best-looking, the tallest, the strongest, the nattiest. Often, they are ordinary, compassionate, gentle (or uncouth even) who capture your heart with their personalities which by far make up for any mark, scar, deformity and impediment. Those are my kind of stars….

Unforgiving HD


I have to giggle. And then commiserate.

You see, I was watching an episode of CSI on High Definition TV.

Well, high definition is high definition indeed. My goodness! I could see the wrinkles on Marq Helgenberger’s face! Even my Hubby commented on them! (Hence this post!) We all age, but the lines on her face are quite disconcerting when the rest of her face seems so smooth. It makes me wonder if she has been given the best night cream or a poor substitute! Or did the makeup artist take a day off….

Somewhat Embarrassing


I have been wondering whether to post this or not. It’s not exactly a topic one brings up in a public site.

But then, I thought, why not? Perhaps someone out there could help? After all, it’s not for me! Oh no… Honestly. Just doing someone a favour. Someone who has a somewhat embarrassing condition (chest acne to be precise. Who knows if someone out there could have the answer to help my friend… I could pass the information on to her, even as she stays anonymous.

Microwaved Peanuts


Peanuts. The normal variety. Small. Brown-skinned.

Many ways of cooking them. Boil. Fry in oil. And my favourite? Dry fried.

What is dry fried? It’s when you toss the whole lot into the wok and stir fry it over low heat. No oil.

Then you take them out and remove the skin when cooled.

This is super yummy.

I asked someone to help me do that the other day.

But she didn’t fry it long enough and it came out uncooked. Alas, she took the skins off anyway.

So to redeem this, I micowaved them.

Stuck them into a covered glass bowl and popped them into the microwave oven for two minutes.

Took them out, shook them about in the bowl and stuck them back in for another minute.

Then repeated the process one more time and voila!


Only one problem. I ate so much, I had a tummy upset. And worse? My skin erupted. The Asians call it being heaty.

Now I am looking around for the best acne treatment. Any suggestions anyone?

Time Zone Zombied


It’s all very well having the World Cup football being held in exotic South Africa.

However it means late late nights and truly awful hours of the morning for those of us who are caught in the fever and residing in this part of the world. I mean, what good can being awake at 2.30am do? By the time you finish a good game, you don’t want to go to sleep yet! All that adrenaline is pumping still!

Which all adds up to sleeplessness and black rings under eyes sunken from fatigue. Indeed, zombie-like behaviour at work is matched by zombie-like appearances. Wrinkles around the eyes one of the many just rewards for such fanaticism, resulting in many of my friends scouring for the best eye cream for wrinkles both online and at the shops!

Well, the fever will end soon…..

Desperate Situations Require Desperate Measures


What a loooooong title that was.

But I could not think of anything else that better expressed what I feel.

I mean, just look at them!

As the saying goes, “the camera never lies.”

Ahhhh they are so, so evident here!

This was taken by Arrow #3 recently. I have only just taken a look at the photos. And I am absolutely horrified! I need help, and desperately so! I look ancient here!

OK, if you STILL don’t know what I am ranting about, I shall spell it out – W-R-I-N-K-L-E-S!!!

I desperately need urgent and swift help. Help such as prototype 37c or something just as powerful! I have guests coming to stay. I have friends coming to visit! Ahhhhh! I need to look better than that!

In Preparation


I’ve been staring in the mirror too often these days.

Went out in the sun without sunblock too much and the freckles are out.

Put on too much foundation without properly cleaning and the pores are blocked.

Ate too many chocolates and the secretions have gone haywire.

Right now, can’t think about haircut too seriously because I have erupted. Sigh.

It’s a good job I know a little about things like acne treatments which can help! Sometime though, I do wish I didn’t have to resort to them! Still, it’s good to have some remedies at hand in preparation for my visit to the hairdresser. Then she won’t but tut-tutting my skin as she snips her scissors away….

What’s Suitable


In line with my intention to have my hair cut next week, I also have to consider what would suit my face and what would suit me overall.

I mean, with a long rectangular face, having shoulder length straight cut would just “square” everything. That’s not what I want.

If I cut it like a page boy, short and ever so easy to maintain, it might look incongruous with my larger-than-life frame.

Speaking of my frame, I stood on the scales again today. Granted it was post-breakfast, and yes, I was wearing long pants and work clothes. True, it was not first thing in the morning, which is my usual. Whilst these do add to the weight I still didn’t like what I saw.

Made me want to reach for the diet pills again. THEN and maybe then, I’ll go and see about that suitable haircut!

Longer or Shorter?


For some time now, I have been letting my hair grow. It has been fun. My hair was somewhat difficult to manage but nice because it was full-bodied.

Then I cut the herb I have been taking by more than half.

Now my hair has become more limp and soft like before (can someone explain the physiology of this?)

So much so that it is clingy to my head and somewhat lame. I really need a new haircut.

So the question is, “Should I cut more or less?” Whilst I like my long hair, there is only one main obstacle – it so limp!

If I didnt cut it, the danger is that the long hair would make my face look more drawn and I would have to contend with people telling me how tired I look!

So I am taking time out next week to go to the Hairdresser… and hope I make up my mind by then!