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More in the Letter Box


With the General Elections over, you would think that we would have our letter boxes back.

What do I mean? Well, during the run-up, we would come home and find our letter boxes stuffed with literature. This campaign period was two weeks of busy-busy-busy sifting through our regular mail from the publicity papers. One would have thought that since so many things are digital, from advertising contents, magazines and books to the social media on the internet, people would not refer to the printing press anymore.

But not so fast. Prints is very much alive as most people still like the feel of a hard copy, be it a book or magazine. And obviously brochures never went out of fashion. Why? Because it is more convenient to give out brochures than to email contents to someone we do not have contact with on the street. Or as in this case, whom we hope will vote for us even though we have no personal contact!  So don’t write off the brochure printing companies yet, breathe a sigh of relief that the GE is over, and yes, look out for some other regular mail…. !



As the year end speedily approaches, presentations are being finalised. Many are already presented. Some have been shot down. Others are being adopted and preparations for implementation are already underway. Presentations are so important for any business to create a favorable impression and snap up a good customer. You want your prospective client to take notice of what you are trying to convey, be it a proposal, a new product and your service you can provide. Hence it is crucial to have print presentation folders that are professional in appearance from a reliable printer. If you havent got your act together yet, it is a tad too late for some companies. But there might still be time for others. Never too late to act!



With all the kerfuffle in the office before I left for holidays, my mind went to things such as “What if I had to cancel my holiday? Would I be able to recover costs?” and the like. I don’t usually take out travel insurance either. Too costly.  Why, even general liability insurance cost is soaring.

I suppose the big picture is that businesses cannot do without general liability insurance cover. It is a pre-requisite to obtaining the licence to operate. You know, unforeseen happening causing damage or even affecting the public. In that unfortunate event, a general liability insurance should cover the cost of repair as well as to compensate for loss of life and limb. Not the best, but better than nothing.

This still doesn’t solve my travel plans being disrupted, but that’s another story… and another insurance cover!

Being Better Equipped


Apart from my other interests, I am a qualified behavioral analyst. Yes, I wear a lot of hats. In fact I carry two name cards!

A Behavioral Analyst. What does that mean? What does one do? Well, simple really – I help people how to recognize their strength and weaknesses in their inherent personality traits. This would enable higher productivity, better communication, and stronger teamwork. Far-sighted clients have learned that this is a good way to enhance efficiency but more importantly, effectiveness. I have done this with corporate companies, teachers, youth groups, ladies groups, and even do one-on-one.

So how do I do it? Well, I would teach a bit and then use a lot of activities to illustrate my points. I tend to have a lot of resource material as well as equipment to take around apart from my laptop e.g. my own sound speakers (for videos). By and large however, PowerPoints are the most essential and the bulk of my illustrations and notes are in my laptop.

Which is why I am now looking into having an lcd projector. Most sessions held are conducted in seminar rooms and these differ from place to place.  Not all places have such facilities and equipment. Some charge by the hour! So I am exploring lightweight epson lcd projectors to make it easier for myself.

Now I am looking for more jobs to come in so I can afford the best model possible!

More Traffic is Good


I have a friend who makes money by writing on her websites. She has a few sites and does well enough to go on holidays a few times a year with her husband. Not bad eh?

Well, I found out that making money online is an alternative income generator for those who can write. With the bad employment situation worldwide, this is pretty good and easy income, and from the comfort of your own home.

However, advertisers and contents providers only want writers who have high traffic flow to their blog to write for them. After all, who wants to pay for a site that doesn’t get read by anyone.

This then, is the dilemma for writers who come into blogging late – breaking into the net and getting attention is very difficult. Google issues Page Rank ratings based on traffic to your site. Without traffic and a decent Page Rank, you will find it difficult to get offers to write.

According to some who have made it, a web directory submission makes it easier to get higher traffic volume.

Not that I have tried it myself of course…. but it does make you think, if you want a paying hobby….

The Impending Move


The downturn has brought many changes for many. My friend, J is no exception.

I sat down for tea with her today, listening to her woes.  She works two jobs, and both jobs are quiet. The lack of customers is causing her to re-think, and to look at ways of saving costs. Downsizing is the last resort as her staff are close to her.

One thing she will definitely look into is her venue for operations. She needs to find a cheaper place to base herself.

As she talked, it occurred to me that she would need the services of good moving trucks. Her office furnishings are her own. When relocating, she will take them with her. There are some good companies – ones that only charge you for the space you use, rather than the entire truck regardless. She needs to scout around, and she was grateful for the tip as she would need to make the move soon.

I do hope things work out well for her, and for many of my friends in similar situations.

Fresh and Right Starts


It’s happening all over the world. With the downturn of economy, people are having to find other ways to make a living. Where I live is no exception.

Recently, I was invited to visit a friend’s new business venture. He decided to open an eatery – the second of my friends to do such a thing. Whilst they seem to be doing all right, extra effort seems to be necessary because their name is not yet established.

It makes me wonder whether this was the right way to go. Would it be better if they had instead got into a business with a name? Like getting a franchise instead? franchises are names which people recognise and that would make it easier for them, and there are so many out there that they could have signed up with….

Perhaps this is something to bear in mind the next time I hear of another friend who needs to go into new business venture.