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Best Way to Unwind


After being so used to a good and entirely-set-up-for-my-personal-convenience computer, it was a dreadful time to be without. I felt like a nomad at the best of times, a scavenger at my lowest, trying to get into a computer which would do what I wanted it to do, at the speed and functionality I was used to. That’s when I realised how much I took things for granted. So thankful for backups! I was able to access my files somehow.

So how did I de-stress? I ate, yes, but more important to me is music. Music soothes the wild beast, and indeed the wild beast in me is soothed! So my favourite way to unwind those coiled up muscles and tensed up ligaments is to stick on some beats headphones and lose myself in some good music. Uplifting lyrics and music will take me to another plane for a while. And as I work on second, and sometimes third, class computers, I am serene…. Hahaha!



I have been incapacitated for weeks! No, make that months! Unable to access this site due to no fault of my own – the hard disk died.

Worse, when it died and I sent it in for fixing, the people there did not send my order request off so I had to wait even longer to have the parts delivered for my computer. I had to really bite my tongue when I found out! How can that possibly happen to a reputable and well-established company. Worse, it was the manager himself who made this mistake. What an omission! It was quite depressing to say the least…

I can hear you say that I should have an alternative access…! Too late…  Lesson learned!

Anyway, I am B-A-C-K! And raring to go!

Being Prepared


Just as I am about to go on leave, I find that the office website is going haywire. “What gives?” I have to ask. Is this a ploy or tactic from some wicked source that is intent on spoiling my holiday? I should look for good support I know, like website-builder.comor the like, to make sure I have little hassle and good support.

Bottom line? I am quite annoyed, yes. So I shall have to do something major even whilst away….

Power On!



What a close shave! I consider this a small miracle!

I had taken my notebook home for work. But I had left the charger at office. Unexpectedly, I used more “juice” and the battery was running low. Very low. So low that I thought I would not be able to complete my work. And I was in a rush.

In my desperation, I decided to plug in another charger that I had taken home. This was spoilt and non-functioning despite my repeated tries earlier.

Imagine my delight when upon plugging on, the light lit! It charged!


And so I managed to not only finish my work, but I now have an extra charger to use – at home! What joy!!!

I have to Sigh


It’s just as well that information is easily available online these day.

I have to sigh.

Where I work, we often have deadlines to meet. One of my staff is responsible for churning out high quality graphics on a regular basis. If ever she got artist’s block (like writer’s block), I would recommend some web to print software solutions because that in saving her a lot of hassle it also helps to unlock inspiration!

And then I sigh with relief !

Christmas Temptations


After the horrific period of computer crashing, using more than one type of computer and recovering of data, I have to confess that I am  more partial to apple products. So imagine my delight when in the process of scouting for Christmas gifts in a musical mode, I find that you can get even get an Apple keyboard in music shops online! That’s quite novel. I had not thought that such keyboards would be useful in music but I suppose nowadays they is is much mixing on computers. Their wireless keyboard is exactly what I had been using during my “borrowed computer” season…. So tempting…. !




In this period of trying to salvage my data, (having given up on the hardware) I find myself operating two different computers. One Mac and one Windows.  The Mac is so old that I cant even use Google Chrome on it. But it still works… somewhat. So it helps to tide me over.

But working on two different types and styles… my fingers forget whether its a command key, control key… is there a confused key? Feels like there should be!

So whilst I search for the best hardware within my budget, I am going through a lot of mental gymnastics.
AppleStoreWhich is not a bad thing I suppose. The only problem is that it’s terribly tiring, taking a toll on my grey matter… and apparently on my features as well!  I have been told I look tense… O dear…. 


O Misery


It is a sad day… my beloved computer died. The screen flickered and died. Just like that.

I have a friend who is very techie but even he could not help to resuscitate it. So off to the service centre it went.

And it stayed there for days. I mean lots of days. Too many days. Whilst I frantically worked from two computers to compensate and try to catch up on the outstanding work, I prayed for the data to be kept safe. Yes, I did back up but even the back up was playing up!

Finally the news came. It could not be revived. Alas, alas. It is painful because I had spent much time in getting the computer to its optimum state. Good optimum state. How was I to know that it would suddenly expire before its time.

So now it is back to the drawing board. And to dig deep and get another. Misery indeed…. But I will rebound. I have to!

Tuning Up


Our engineer Arrow #2 (the guitar professional hobbyist) has not only been taking good care of his guitars, but has been using his notebook pc for more than four years now. Frankly I never ever had one last me so long. Arrow #2 uses it daily for his studies and also for  relaxation. Thankfully, being the techie he is, he says he does not need to get a new pc – he knows pc tuneup and it can help him do more wonders still with his aged equipment. Good for him! He will probably get another gadget along the way…..

Promoting Music


Another of our loves is music. Hubby and I have a wide range in taste. It is hard for the children to imagine their Dad head-banging in his teenage years! Ha ha!

When I grew up I recall the neighbour showing off their special Chinese channel radio called Redifusion by blasting the music loud enough for the next street to hear.

Over the years, science and technology improved. We could even carry the music around with audio cassette tapes. They gave problems of course but I became adept in repairs, even patching some of my favourite music. It was a novel thing to record on cassette and email chunky padded envelopes to loved ones. Yes, I did that!

Then came along the 5¼ inch disk drive – floppy as it was affectionately called. Followed by the 3-inch – more rigid and greater capacity of storage. Then came along the CD. Re-writeable ones were be THE thing!

With the emergence of the USB drive popularly called thumb drive or pen drive it appeared this was a breakthrough that made leaps and bounds in data storage and data transfer.

Having said that, DVDs are still around. They are comparatively cheap for data storage and are stable. Hence most music and even movies are still being sold in DVDs. Many are even recorded in DVD. In fact, for many budding musicians, it is cheaper to give away a DVD recording than a USB drive. It is also attractive in packaging. You can put so much more information on the outside compared to that of a USB drive.

So yes, my Hubby and I enjoy our music collection. We just need to work out a cheap and good way to salvage and resurrect our audio cassettes since some are not available on the market in digital form!