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Post Easter



It was time to clear up after the Easter celebrations. I went to collect my basket which I had loaned to the young people as part of their props. I missed my basket – I use it in the family area.

When I got to the hall and looked for my basket, I realised there were still things inside. On peeking in, this is what I found. Aren’t they delightfully coloured? I wonder how they did the gold ones so beautifully. These young people can be so creative!IMG_6543It seemed a shame to unpack the lovely display to take my basket, so I walked off and left it. Oh, I didn’t leave empty handed though. I took something – a photo!


A Love Affair



Yes I am happily married, and have been so for over 30 years.

I refer to my passion, my desire, my love for these! Fountain pens!

I just love being able to write smoothly and nicely in cursive writing. Hmmmm I wonder if anyone knows what cursive writing is these days. It started in school but also from my maternal grandfather. He and my Mom had the most amazingly beautiful handwriting and I wanted to emulate them. So when I could afford them and when I wasn’t so busy, I got myself these lovely works of art.

My passion also runs along the colours of ink. I used to function with only one bottle. But not any more. I now have blue-black, green, purple and turquoise blue. No, my list isn’t in order of my preference. Which colour I use depends entirely on my mood except the blue-black which is for more formal.

“Wait”, I hear you say. “That’s four colours and three pens.”

Well spotted. That was an old photo. Here’s a more recent one!FountainPens4Taaadaaa!


Exciting Event!



Just heard about this about to take place! This is sooooo exciting! A day where the talents of young people behind the camera lens and microphone boom come together with the talents of young people who can play and sing… This promises to be a day of much talent merging together into something beautiful!DayOfCoversReally looking forward to seeing the end product!


Beautiful Craft Abound


When we were on tour, we saw a lot of nice craft and decor for the house. Some quaint shops like this are jam-packed and full of nice goodies.IMG_6271 In some shops I could peek in and see people at work. All done by hand.IMG_6288So when Hubby said he was thinking of having new decor in the house, one consideration was digital printed spandex stretch cover for the cushions in the living room, to complement what we already have. It might work out well to go with the simple plain colours we presently have…

Butterfly Blessings


Like I said in my last post, I was going to bless someone. Haha! And so I did.

Passed it as part of her birthday gift.

Birthday Bloom

Wow I must say that the flowers look nice in this photo!

Anyway, later she sent me a photo to show me where the butterflies ended up. I like it! She says they remind her to be joyful, even when hard-pressed at work!

Butterfly BlessingsLove the idea! Don’t you?



Butterfly Box



A friend lent me a stamp the other day. It was a special stamp. For butterflies! So I decided to stamp lost of them out. I used coloured paper of all sorts. Envelopes were not spared. Even magazines were raised. Invitation cards too. And yes, even my special stash of scented paper! What joy! Just look at them! I feel a smile spreading on my face even as I look at them.



I plan to bless some people with them!

A Dying Art?



I finally gave in and got myself one. It took me a while to find it though. I went to a few places and was disappointed each time. It just goes to show how rarely people use this nowadays.

I refer to the fountain pen. Sleek, stylish, special. Nowadays people go for the roller-ball and the like. Dont get me wrong, those are very nice. But there some something, just something about signing with a fountain pen. What more a special coloured ink.

12_30Speaking of ink, what set me off was seeing a friend sign off in purple. Strong commanding purple, which I had not seen much in this part of the world. So I asked him to source my favourite turquoise blue for me. He came back with not only my request, but also purple. Well, having such amazing colours and only one fountain pen meant that I had to do something about the situation in order to show off what I had. Hence my search, which was a brilliant success. Love the colour, dont you? Writes superbly well too.

Oh, did I mention? The nib has to be BROAD, and not the fine, medium daily fare, in order to make your statement as you scribe…


More to Thank


Continuing the tone of thankfulness, there are many things to be thankful for. In particular, one should always be thankful of who people are and what they do.

Which is why I am glad that I am occasionally asked to do this sort of thing.

I am not the best hamper-packer. But I do enjoy doing them. It gives me an outlet for my creativity AND I don’t have to spend my own money! That’s a double bonus for thanksgiving! Haha!

Just a Thought….


Haha! Hubby has given me a wicked thought. After talking about how things would look if we re-did the garden especially with our little furry pet having her own special dog cage, he has suggested that we get out some stuff and dress her up a bit. He saw some people doing that in the magazine he was glancing through. Our imagination then went wild and we could suddenly see little Sprite (that’s her name by the way), dressed in all kinds of gear. Even leather! Of course, the leather stuff we have would have to be re-coloured with some special leather dye to enhance her natural white and brown. A touch of orange and black would be awesomely striking.

Goodness! What will the neighbours say!



Mulling. Thinking back. Especially when I have to be quiet….

I have been writing on the net for a number of years now. It’s a great way to connect with friends and it gives me an outlet for my creative juices. My third Arrow seems to be picking up this trait too. I am thinking of recommending that she joins the cpa network and be recognised for her efforts despite her young age. Who knows she might also get to be rewarded monetarily and go on to be the creative writer she aims to be.