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Pick Me Up


I love this sort of start to the day.

img_7590Especially when in good company.

What more when the place is owned by good friends. Yes!

#thecrownborneohotel is where it is available

#thecrownscoffeecorner and #coffeecornerkk is where you go to order these lovingly prepared pick-me-up’s.



Packed with anti-oxidants and superb in taste, this drink was a hit with most of us who were on the tour recently. Perhaps it’s also because it’s super sweet haha! IMG_4257Pomegranates abounded there, as did most fruits. The juice is freshly pressed upon order but the price varied from USD3-USD7 depending on where you were.

And yes, I took one home from my trip for the children to try!


The Ultimate Drink


Sorry – I don’t mean the alcoholic kind. I am allergic to it so I can’t comment or review those!

What I mean is THE drink on a hot, sticky, sweaty day. Cool, refreshing, tangy, sweet…. just the thing to revive flagging energy levels!

Meet the three-in-one special. Two slices of lemon, two pieces of limau kasturi and a few pieces of preserved sour plum. Whip them together with a dash of sugar, this beats and rehydrating drink on the market I know! YUM!

A New Drink


So yesterday I made a new discovery.

Today I make a different but also new discovery.

You know what brocolli is.

You know a smoothie is.

Meet the broccoli smoothie!

And it is surprisingly yummy!

Consequences – Worth It?


I have been eating and eating and eating. Taking Arrow #3 out for lunches which I would normally not take.

Why even this refreshing drink I had recently adds to my weight woes.

So rich. So wickedly rich.

So much so that my pants are getting tight. Tight at the thighs and at the waist.

Christmas is coming and I really need to find the fastest ways to lose bellyfat. Otherwise how can I get into nice clothes…. Sigh…

Therapy for a Hot Day


Blistering. Talk about global warming. It can be so hot that your skin pricks!

Most times, I will hibernate in the office, with the air-conditioner going full blast …. thereby adding to global warming, yes I know. To heat, add guilt!

When that happens, my thought inevitably turn to another guilt-inciting indulgence. Ice kacang. Or more affectionately known, ABC.

This delightful, icy, sweet-ish, delicacy is sometimes referred to as a drink, but has so many other ingredients, it could also pass off as food! Jellies, green worms (I don’t know the English equivalent to “cendol” – is there one?), peanuts, cream style sweet corn…. topped with sweet syrup and voila!

Such a delight! Makes me want to go out and get one – NOW



This is a cup.

This is coffee.

This is a cup of coffee.

This is THE cup.

This is THE coffee.

This is THE cup of coffee that I was admiring and took a photo of.

This is THE cup of coffee that I was admiring and took a photo of and as I placed the camera down, knocked over.

This is the cup of coffee that I knocked over.

This is the cup of coffee that I knocked over myself.

This is the PIPING HOT CUP OF COFFEE that I knocked over myself.

It is GOD’s mercy that I did not get scalded!



Sometimes the days here get sooo hot.

I was indoors most of the morning. Then I opened the door to go get my daughter. The heat that greeted me was like an enveloping, breath-taking monster. It made me pause in my step before I headed out of the shade, braving the sun. Before I reached the car, I could feel the humidity and perspiration began to build. By the time I put the key in the ignition, I felt the energy sapping temperatures permeate my clothes and drain my earlier feeling of freshness….

By the end of the day, I felt rather washed out, wondering if the hormones were playing up to make things more sticky. It didn’t help that a number of people I spoke with mentioned how tired I looked.

It was gooooood to stop at Kahve and have a drink there.

No, I dont take alcohol – I’m allergic to it. Hubby suggested an apple juice. Yum. It was tangy and sweet – just right, refreshing me again…..

No Wonder


I had been wondering about the rash that appeared at my neck. It seemed to spread from there to my lower cheeks. It was strange to place the palms of my hands there and feel the raised skin where there was reasonable smoothness before.

Then yesterday I realised I had little lumps on my upper arms as well. Much more spread out but definitely there.

Then from the faint recesses of my memory came the realisation… and the answer.


I am allergic to alcohol.

And I have been marinating the chicken we cook in the locally made wine – potent stuff which I thought had evaporated by the time I ate…. but obviously still packing a punch.

Punching holes in my skin.

I am rather saddened by this because I am about to embark on my holiday and would like to look my best.

Mind you, I think I might be too wrapped up from the cold to show much of myself!

Still, I now no longer wonder why I have this rash.

Instead I wonder why the anti histamine that was given to me hasnt worked!

Here Comes the Weekend!


It’s been a busy week. Phew! I skipped lunch and dinner today.

But as the title of this post says, I am thrilled that the weekend is coming!

Most Sundays, we try to have friends over for dinner. We also write about our dinners, linking them on Yummy Sunday. We enjoy cooking for good company.

What makes it more interesting of late is that I discovered my allergy to alcohol is gone! Since my early twenties, I have had adverse reactions to alcohol. Even after giving birth to my children, I could not take the traditional Chinese herbal alcohol-based drinks, much to my Mother-in-Law’s sadness. She kept telling me that I should try to drink more to overcome this. But try as I did, I was still allergic to it. I kept getting itchy raised patches all over my skin and even had fevers as my body fought to deal with it.

Now however, things have changed! Perhaps it’s age! Perimenopause has it’s good side!I have been able to taste some really nice brands and types.

Because of my past allergy I have not bothered to learn about alcohols – I just avoided it. Now, however, I wonder if I should sign up to get wine of the month where I can learn more as well as taste some! In fact, I almost wonder if I should make up for lost time… Imagine, good food, great company and excellent wine. What a winning combination this promises to be!

Now, who shall we invite over this time?