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Learning and Fun


We went away for a day to visit some students. We had been asked to do an English project with them. Rather than to do written work which a lot of other teams and groups of people would normally do, we opted to go for verbal skills to let them feel more comfortable speaking English. The games and activities were all geared towards making them speak. Incentives were given – if they spoke in English they would be rewarded with little sweets. If they spoke in any other language, they would have sweets taken away! 

What fun they had. The room was tiny and that meant it heated up really quickly. Lots of screaming and laughter especially after lunch time – the sleepy nodding time Haha! 

At the end, we told them that they were champions and gave them more rewards – specially made cupcakes. This was their response to the cupcakes! 

IMG_7388Everyone of us agreed that we had a fantastic time and were eager to return again…. Now I have to think of more games!


Fun Way to Learn



Did I ever mention that I am a trained Human Behaviour Analyst? (What a mouthful) Well, I conducted a Getting-to-know-yourself session with some young folk. The organisers entitled it “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”. The publicity was highlighted with troll faces and said with a sassy attitude (which I couldn’t mimic!)

About 30 people signed up. Nice number.

We had fun in the big group and went silly in the smaller groups. But all the time, intent on learning, and learn they did. Even meal and break times were  moments to be utilized.

IMG_1534Seeing their faces as they left the room, getting their feedback over the next few days…. satisfying indeed. It made all the standing for almost 8 hours worthwhile.


Practice, Practice


Our youngest Arrow will be sitting for her high school final exams next year and she is already feeling the stress! She though proficient in English could do much better if she has better tutoring and assessments. Many a time, I wish I could help her but alas her standard is beyond me.

After high school she hopes to attend a good graduate school. Doing well in the GRE (Graduates Record Examinations) will help her achieve that aim. Hubby thinks she should start by working on right now even though she might not graduate from high school until end of next year! Talk about being a tiger mum. He is a tiger dad….



It’s that time of the year – a frenzy of activity in the schools which are normally silent during the final month of the year. Cars are parked outside and inside the building compounds. Adults and youth alike are mingling, gravitating towards notice boards. A mixture of emotions are observed. It’s exam results time.

This time, it’s the national exams. For those who do well, they might want to use graduation announcements to trumpet the good news. For those who haven’t done as well as they’d hope, well, alternatives will have to be found. In these days, there are more choices out there…. another school, a different college, and, if you have the finances, even a differnt country.



Went for a conference. Flew over two hours to a nearby country.

What a time we had. Over 2700 delegates. Lost count how many countries. Volunteer run – there were over 400! It was amazing to see top notch professionals directing human traffic by holding up laminated signs. It was humbling to see CEOs serving you tea, coffee, tea packs.

The sessions were packed. Lots of thinking fodder. Much to ruminate. What a mental and spiritual feast.

So packed and good…. 2011 has been fully subscribed.




My second offspring has completed his first year! On a scholarship, I am glad to say that he has done reasonably well. Our thought turn towards the next few years. What next, we wonder.

As career paths are getting more competitive, more people are opting to get a degree or two to enhance their chance of advancing in their chosen field. Armed with a degree, coupled together with experience, you will stand out. Furthermore, with unemployment on a record high and with no sign of improving soon, those with a degree stand a better chance of being employed compared with those without a degree. Indeed, for those already in employment, a degree may give them a better chance of not being laid off.

Most times, getting a degree can be costly – fees are not cheap. What’s more, leaving a job to further your study is not an option many can afford to take. You lose job security on top having to pay for the cost of furthering your studies. It’s almost like double jeopardy!

That is why so many are looking at getting an online degree. There are plenty to choose from such as Western Governors University which gives a wide range of choices and seem ideal to provide online programs designed for busy adults. A nationally and regionally accredited institution, there are a great variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Information Technology, Teacher Licensure, Business and Health Professional. An online IT degree is equally recognised.

Hence Hubby and I think that this is the direction for our son to go after he has finished his basic qualifications!

Sell! Sell! Sell!


Now that our sons are growing up, setting out and stepping into their future away from home, we have years of textbooks purchased from primary school to pre Universities piling up in some of the cupboards. I am sure they will no longer look for them – they are not the nostalgic type! Nor will their sister be able to use them.

So what do we do with all those books?

Throw them away.

Burn them up.

Toss them to the recycle bin!

Hmmm perhaps  we should sell them, for a small token, way below their cost like what my daughter’s friends did at the end of last year. Like her, there might be buyers who might value second hand books.

But we do not have the time to go around looking for buyers….

So we are looking to sell textbooks online! Like here! Any takers anyone?

Improving Oneself


Our house is pretty full now – all the children are around. It’s nice in a way. We get to do things together and friends drop by. The children’s friends especially.

One such friend looked a little miserable. Upon questioning, he shared how he felt aimless and needed some stimulation. My immediate response was, “Why not try online learning?”

You see, he is almost finished with his studies and is wondering what next. I heard about this course offering  Organizational development program. It sounded right up his street! This place offers learning at your pace, specially tailored degree plans and even your own course patterns! “To study what?” I hear you ask.

Well, this master degree is in organizational leadership. It puts together social science, communications, arts, humanities, business and of course, leadership. I gather that this course to be equipped with these tools necessary for leadership of any organization is so good that some people even got promoted WHILST doing the course! Not bad eh? And yes, of course it is a reputable place – one of the top US universities, and with a long standing record too!

Anyway, I have recommended it to this young man… I am now thinking of others that I ought to suggest this too as well.