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The Days of Small Beginnings ….


There is a saying:- Dont despite the days of small beginnings…. Taken from Zechariah 4:10, and a little out of context, this is a symbol of some small beginnings….
Me covering my face after a workout because … who looks good after a workout unless they have a team of make up artists and a camera rolling???

Just started going to a fitness and conditioning centre. I’ve been having such a sedentary life that I have got very unfit and flabby. To the point that I am so very tired so very easily.
I decided to finally do something about it when my son and friends opened this centre, next door to his physiotherapy centre. What a fantastic combination. Off I go then…
More posts to come as I (hopefully) make progress.

Diligence at Dawn


My Hubby and I have been waking up early the past weeks. This habit has spilled over to making trips to the nearby park to walk there. It’s nice to get out of the house early. But I must say it’s not always nice to walk. I bought myself new shoes to help.


But I guess the one thing that would really keep me going – just seeing sunrises like this and more. IMG_1265Oh, and of course, being able to go for walks with Hubby!



Time for New Ones


They look new but they aren’t. These are my old faithful track shoes. They went with me to many lands, saw many sights and felt many changes of weather. They have carried me well in the gym and outside, on the treadmill and off. You can see the worn out and fraying sole bits at the bottom right of the photo.

shoesAlas, the time has come – they need to be replaced. Will I ever find a suitable pair to substitute these I wonder. I shall attempt to do so next week.


Keeping Going



I need to keep going. Keep on moving. Otherwise I get so very stiff!

Hubby decides to go to the gym again. It takes me a good ten minutes of brisk walk before I can bring myself to start to jog. I warm up very slowly.

Thankful though that I can go to a gym and workout. There are many who can’t.

My faithful shoes which have taken me many places thus far.



Swim Win



I need it! I really do! I need to make time for it! But time can be so scarce…..

Thankfully I have my Arrow to prod me on. She comes home from work (WORK no less!) and tells me that I ought to go with her to the swimming pool.

So I finally get some workout. No excuses. Just plain plod-along-and-go.

swimFeels grrrrreat!


Ten Thousand


Hubby said I was supposed to walk ten thousand steps a day. He even showed me the website link which proved it.

Then he went and bought a cheap pedometer… which didn’t record his steps much.

So I decided to download one on my smartphone.

Then I set it to work each day.

Most times, I don’t even achieve half of the required number. Sigh.

Then recently, I did it.

This is BEFORE the end of a long day of a conference.

IMG_6784I know, I know, this is meant to be a daily thing and not just a one-off. Getting there, getting there…. Really need to change my sedentary lifestyle!


Age and Size


Hubby and I went for a reunion recently. What fun to meet up with old friends. What fun to try to guess who old friends were! As we grow older we not only age but we also grew in size, and mainly sideways!

Over dinner and the few days we had, we looked at our teenage photos. As we poured over the pictures, it was amazing to see how small we were, and how wide we have since become! I suppose we were much more active in sports and games then. So  it looks like if we ever want to be active again we have to have a look at junonia for plus size activewear to get anything that might fit!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.41.47 PMNote the size of the observer in the background! Haha!


Enjoying the Traffic Jam


So I went back to the Pilates class. Not once but a few times since. What’s more, I bought my own ball!

PilatesBallBut what has been really good is that I now find myself enjoying traffic jams and red lights. They give me opportunity to put into practice some of the tightening, breathing and postural exercices I learn. I no longer suffer from sciatica, nor do I tire as easily as before. Definitely a good idea to go for that class!


Stretch and Stress





Self-inflicted stress I should add to the title of this post.

I went for my first ever Pilates class! Pronounced pee-lat-tays, it was quite a good workout. I found myself sweating when doing the warm-up exercises. Which also goes to show how terribly unfit I am!

The warm-ups moved on to stretching. Wow. Wonderful. Then to balancing, which I failed dismally. The ball was fun but distracting in some way. The next section was mat work with the ball to support the coccyx. That was better.

IMG_5880Later we went back to other exercises but I have decided that on my own, I need to work on the balancing one, ball or no ball.

I left, after signing up for the next class, gingerly making my way down the stairs to the car. I felt weak! And I knew I would ache later…



Trying Something Else


During this period of not feeling so well, Hubby has been trying all sorts of things to help me regain my health. He has even suggested sourcing for the best yoga mats for our stretching exercises. We can’t get to the gym so we tend to work out at home. Furthermore,, right now, the symptoms of my ill health includes tinnitus and vertigo (dizziness) So it’s just as well we have learned some stretching exercises. I don’t think I could cope with the sounds in a gym – the thumping rhythmic music and whirring of machines would flatten me – onto the floor.

I am thankful for my thoughtful Hubby!