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Stretch and Stress





Self-inflicted stress I should add to the title of this post.

I went for my first ever Pilates class! Pronounced pee-lat-tays, it was quite a good workout. I found myself sweating when doing the warm-up exercises. Which also goes to show how terribly unfit I am!

The warm-ups moved on to stretching. Wow. Wonderful. Then to balancing, which I failed dismally. The ball was fun but distracting in some way. The next section was mat work with the ball to support the coccyx. That was better.

IMG_5880Later we went back to other exercises but I have decided that on my own, I need to work on the balancing one, ball or no ball.

I left, after signing up for the next class, gingerly making my way down the stairs to the car. I felt weak! And I knew I would ache later…



Trying Something Else


During this period of not feeling so well, Hubby has been trying all sorts of things to help me regain my health. He has even suggested sourcing for the best yoga mats for our stretching exercises. We can’t get to the gym so we tend to work out at home. Furthermore,, right now, the symptoms of my ill health includes tinnitus and vertigo (dizziness) So it’s just as well we have learned some stretching exercises. I don’t think I could cope with the sounds in a gym – the thumping rhythmic music and whirring of machines would flatten me – onto the floor.

I am thankful for my thoughtful Hubby!



In my pursuit to get fitter, slimmer and look better, I am being tempted to try zumba. This is a dance inspired exercise programme. To be more precise, it is Latin dance origin.

There’s one near my place of work and I have heard some rave reviews about this. My only concern, apart from the time factor, is whether or not I can keep up. Judging by this, one has to be good….!

A Workout


I have a deadline to meet. I need to get some weight off! This week so far, I have only been able to get to do a workout twice. The other evenings have seen me working well past exercise time. I end up going home so late that the very thought of doing anything physical just makes me want to go curl up in bed!

And yet, I really need to lose weight.

Arrow Number 3 suggests that I can make it more fun – she’s challenging me to some games. Indoor games, and not the boring board game ones! No, she is offering her new gadget! She was given a wii as an early birthday present.

Hmmm that might just do the trick….!

Remedy for Aches


Lots of dancing for some of the musical production folk. Arrow #3 is one of them. She, who only did ballet till she was 5 years old, is quite a mover. A natural indeed.

But back to my original reason for writing – there are some who are aching. Some of the others aren’t trained either. So the muscles are aching.

Someone suggested that they do some stretching like the ballet dancers. Others have suggested getting a yoga mat and working out on that.

Whatever they decide on, I do hope they get a remedy soon. Otherwise it would be hard for them to continue for three nights!



I have lost over 10kgs over the 40 days. Now to maintain the weight.

But it is oh so hard of late. It is almost as if I am making up for the earlier non-eating spell. Tempted to binge. Getting all sorts of tidbits. Snacking at all hours.

Game plan

1) Drink more water.

2) Work out more.

3) Eat smaller portions still (is that possible?)

4) Don’t snack after dinner

5) Hang up my favourite-but-oh-so-rarely-worn outfit where I can see it as an incentive!

Hope these work!

Some Sports….


Arrow #2 went to England recently. What a treat! There, he came across this sight which he snapped and shared on the internet. Can you spot the young man? Can you see what he’s doing?

He’s got a skateboard and is practising some moves.

This got my grey cells working and I was reminded of our trip to Korea a few years ago. There, they not only ski-ed, but they snowboarded. That looked intricately more difficult. What’s more, they love to show off! For the absolute know-nothing-about-skiing folk, such sights are like watching ballet on ice. We marvel at their control and finesse!

The only drawback we had was the equipment. We were all wrong footed and thumbs when we were handling the things. But the young ‘uns were so easy going with them. Take the snowboard rack for instance. We could only admire these young experts moving so freely and gracefully and then authoritatively parking the snowboards in place as if they were merely putting their shoes in…. which, I suppose, to them, is exactly what it felt like!

Really Useful






Why bother to pay so much and get membership into clubs?

Why should we pay so much to get fit?

Why do we think we need to spend a lot to be in good health?

These were the questions Arrow #1 posed recently.

Then he whipped this out and showed me what he meant.

And I do believe he is right to some extent!

Anyone has any idea what this is? Haha!

He Makes Me Laugh


Hubby and I have just come back from the gym/pool. Of late, he goes to the gym and I go to the pool. The former because he doesn’t like the water and can’t swim well, for latter because I felt a need for a change and the weather has been wonderfully hot.

Whilst we are working out, our muscles are all warmed up and relaxed, we feel somewhat invincible… and young!

When we get home and indoors, we start feeling our age.

Just now, I sat on the floor without thinking twice but felt absolutely ancient as I slowly extended my legs to stand up. “Would my legs support me?” I wondered.

Hubby laughed but felt worse when he tried to shift the stool aside where our daughter had left it. He felt like rigor mortis had set in!

He then announced, “We need casters on these things!”

Can you imagine the sight? One touch and oops! There goes your cup of tea! Another (accidental) nudge and my laptop has slid over to your side, pushing your laptop away as your finger is poised in mid-air. Wait! I hit the Return key too hard and my hand slipped – don’t put your iced drink on my keyboard!

Yes, I could imagine all that and more. I could “see” the events vividly, causing me to dissolve in laughter.

Which made Hubby wonder why I was on the floor when I knew well I would struggle to get up from the floor after collapsing there with laughter….

Time is Short


I have just heard that I have to attend a function in a few weeks’ time. It’s one of those where you are expected to be really spruced up. This makes me even more anxious to get hold of a good abs workout, and soon.

Earlier I went to the walk-in wardrobe and stood there for a good few minutes, trying to decide what to wear. It is really annoying that everything that I could possibly use is just that tad bit tight right now.

Am I regretting the binging I did? Yes, but regrets are not going to help right now….time is short!