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Near Accident


We stay in a cul-de-sac. Everyone knows everyone along this bit of the road. We have had community barbeques and gatherings. What’s more, two of the houses are occupied by siblings. As such, they are close knit.

So close knit, in fact, that the men in the house often have recreation together after dinner. They would change into their gear, strap their helmets on, and be out of the gates in a flash – on their bicycles! They join a group of similar aged men who congregate at the bottom of the road where we live. They always seem so well equipped but with no where to g… they seem to just sit there. Perhaps the 1km ride back to the house is enough exercise for the siblings?

Anyway, recently, one of the siblings was involved in a near accident. His light somehow failed – a most unusual thing to happen. The road, being somewhat windy, obscured the car driver’s view. Just as well he was not traveling alone! At such times, one would be thankful for bright lights. Lights, such as spotlights. Lights similar to brinkmann q beam ones. Now, THAT would be a life-saver and give plenty of exercise due to its weight and size!

More on Fitness


Looking at me today, you would not believe that I used to have a 20 inch waist. And I don’t mean when I was a child! That was the measurement when I was approaching my twenties. It was thanks to my swimming days.

I stopped swimming after I left for further studies. Then, after having three children and not bothering to take care of my body very much, things pretty much fell apart. I took for granted that I would be able to regain my shape easily.

Now I dream of a flat stomach. Sigh. I know I can try some ab workout but the thought of exercise after a 7K event is somewhat prohibitive now.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, recently a good friend received a birthday card on his 57th birthday with a picture of six packs of tin cans on its front cover. The message in the card was that he ought to pin it onto his abdomen for instant six pack. Haha!

That made Hubby and I have a good chuckle.

And then we had a wry one as we observed our pregnant-like status….. Sigh….

Another Form of Just Feeling It


Arrgh! As I type this up, I am positively aching!

Yesterday I posted about how I was missing Hubby. But what I didn’t mention (because I was caught up with feeling sorry for myself) was that I have been doing some exercises – different from the ones I would normally do – to fill up my time.

It’s been YEARS since I picked up flags to play with – the kind on special sticks that you twirl. It’s also been a while since I really danced with a tambourine (I know what you’re thinking – “What a sight it must be!” Well stop your thoughts going there!)

Folks, over the last two days I have done this form of exercise twice! I forgot I had gluteal maximus muscles that had reached southwards. Today they scream at me “Why did you bounce us so!” I was sorely reminded of the softness of the tissues of my fingers as I watched them go red and then dark purple, declaring “You’ll never get your rings back on again!”

Why oh why did I inflict that on myself? (That’s another long story, for another post!)

I am just so glad that I could flop on my bed and crash out last night. A good mattress and a good pillow on a good bed – all so essential for a good night’s rest!

Now I just need a good all over massage as well….

Burn It All Up!


There is only one three-syllable word for this.


I mean look at the cheese! And the chips! And the salad cream…. And…. And…..!

It is almost impossible to eat this elegantly.

It’s value for money of course!

But the hidden “plus factor” is the added calories!

Hence I need to find the best fat burning exercise stop complaining and commenting about it and just do it – BURN IT ALL UP!



We were out for a walk. It’s a hairpin turn. Sharp and steep. In a twinkling of an eye, it shot past.

No, not this motorbike.

It went too fast to take a picture of!

What am I talking about?

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Vrooommmmm! Yes, it was a Ferrari! Chili red and sleek low slung wheels. The dream of many.

But, guess what? It’s not my dream.

To me, a car is merely a transportation from A to B. What’s more, can you imagine the maintenance of a Ferrari? Any idea how much Ferrari parts cost? Ha! Let me stick to my Innova….. I think! Haha!

Improvements Needed


Flabby legs. Flabby thighs. Flabby stomach. Flabby all over. I have been feeling like this for a while.

Then recently I went away for a few days for a ladies only time alone. I chose to drive of course. (Perhaps it’s the need to feel in control?)

Anyway, along the way, I saw it – the ultimate exercise that would be also enjoyable. Of course, I would need new gear and time out to do it. But oh, I can just see it! What an improvement it would be to my entire physique! The toning! The sculpturing that will take place….yes!

Let me go online to scout out the clothing and attire available. After all, an improvement in the wardrobe department would not be amiss either!

P.S. Don’t laugh or scorn. After all, I did go skiing not so long ago!

Need to be Travel Fit


All this talk about my upcoming trip on my One World One Heart post is fun. But the reality is that I am grossly unfit for my trip. You see, it’s a skiing trip! And I who have never skied in her entire life know how dreadfully easy it can look but how awfully difficult it can really be! How would I know? Because I have tried roller skating before and no cushion could protect me!

My only recourse is to hit the exercise equipment between now and the trip, and hope for the best! The countdown begins!