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Preparing to Paint


“Do something new” we were encouraged. Well, even before the encouragement to do so, we had prepared to do so. Old folks getting down to some DIY. We have done this kind of thing before, but not at our present house. So when news came about impending restricted movement allowed, we got ready… Lots to do!

Here we are then. Two old(er) folks, going to attempt something we haven’t done in years…!

Some before and after photos in the next post… perhaps!

Black Makes Green


This is novel! We have seen the Visa Silver. Then there are Gold, Platinum, and yes, even Titanium credit cards. Now, however, we are being offered the Visa Black Card. What’s so special about this? You might well ask. What makes it THE ultimate card? Well, it’s not just it’s buying power that makes it stand out; it’s also because it is made out of stainless steel rather than conventional plastic. This concept is so cool – stainless steel cool. I am seriously going to get one for myself. I can just see it – this is one black that will make some go green……with envy!

Saving Up


Well, the General Elections is over here… for now. There is talk about a lot of irregularities going on, and in particular, people are concerned about the financial status of the nation. Some say the nation is going into bankruptcy under the present government! Strong words, and is translated to many trying to do their bit to save. Some serious investors, like a friend of mine, look towards gold and platinum coins. He tells me that these are a hedge from the uncertainty of paper currencies. Perhaps he is right, because despite the current slump in prices, the trend is still upwards. The current political climate is is making my Hubby consider doing likewise…

Spring Cleaning Mode


Spring cleaning in a country which only has two seasons – the hot and wet, and the very hot and very wet. That is what I have been doing in bits and pieces, on my off days.

Along the way I note that we have a few coins from a few countries we have been to; coins left over after a visit. I keep them for sentimental and memories sake, assuming that there is no other value to them.

When I showed it to Hubby however, he said that apparently there is a market for modern coins! I used to think coins collectors collect old and out of circulation coins but he said that someone told him to have a look at

Since I have paused in my spring cleaning mode presently, I will certainly take note on my next session!

Meanwhile, thinking of spring and seeing those coins make me wonder about our next overseas trip….

Selecting Spares


We drive a Toyota which is now 6 years old. That means parts need replacing. Original parts from authorised appointed mechanics are expensive therefore knowing where to get the best selection toyota oem parts will save costs. We are glad to be able to source parts from good sources, especially when we come across this!


Yes, someone hit our bumper and drove off…. Sigh…. Need to spend time to forgive whoever did this….




When we were toying with what to get Arrow #2 for his graduation, gold was one of the options.

The price of gold is getting more and more expensive. So much so that most people would avoid buying gold for jewellery any more especially the 24k aka almost pure gold. However, we decided to buy Arrow #2 a 22k gold chain. Imagine our shock at the price – in ten years, it has quadrupled!

Whilst at the shop Hubby also noticed that they are selling 10k gold chains too. These were surprisingly very affordable in comparison. They look the same and feels the same despite the lesser gold contents.

Smart sales strategy. It makes good accessories available to more.

Food Fodder!


All t his talk about food and weight gain…. Now Hubby wants to start looking into his retirement plans. And guess what he reckons he can do – Sell food and drinks. No not the big restaurant or cafe set up. Just simple food kiosks. Much easier to control cost and more flexible. All he need is to be at a good location. He truly believes that this is the way to go…

And possibly I am the reason for his new-found enthusiasm….!

Special Cover


All that palaver over the celebrity coming to town… the preparations are vast and began ages ahead, from buying the right insurance to disseminating the right information, the logistical nightmare can be endless.

Speaking of insurance, the complications that could arise! Well, the technicalities are beyond me. Actually my Hubby has a license to sell insurance but he had never used it even though he sat an exam for it! Stuff like what is the difference between term life insurance vs universal life insurance absolutely baffles me.

To him, ” term life insurance is fixed for a term of say 5 years or 10 years whereas universal life insurance is to cover you the whole life, until you die. For term life, when you don’t die during the term of years you has opt for, what you paid will not cover you anymore. It is cheaper than universal life though!”

Well, after hearing all that, I am as enlightened as I was before I was told. Best leave it to the experts, eh…..!



With all the kerfuffle in the office before I left for holidays, my mind went to things such as “What if I had to cancel my holiday? Would I be able to recover costs?” and the like. I don’t usually take out travel insurance either. Too costly.  Why, even general liability insurance cost is soaring.

I suppose the big picture is that businesses cannot do without general liability insurance cover. It is a pre-requisite to obtaining the licence to operate. You know, unforeseen happening causing damage or even affecting the public. In that unfortunate event, a general liability insurance should cover the cost of repair as well as to compensate for loss of life and limb. Not the best, but better than nothing.

This still doesn’t solve my travel plans being disrupted, but that’s another story… and another insurance cover!

Electronically Equipped and Easy


So there we were in Sukau, all excited with the sights and sounds.

Isn’t this an amazing sight first thing in the morning? Then we take a walk and I see sights like this….

Amazingly gnarled tree trunk! Love the place! Located nearby each other so you don’t have to spend days traveling to find these beauties.

The nice thing is that the place we stayed in is fully equipped too – we had free wifi! Haha!

Does it make you want to get your reservation in? With electronic payments made easy, all you need to do is get your calendar out and mark your free dates down….!