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It was supposed to be winter and it had rained the day before. But when it was our turn to go out, the weather was glorious. Friends took us to the historical city for the customary fish and chips. Not being much of a foodie myself, I was more caught up with the view and scenery. Isn’t this an amazing sight? It was also a somewhat poignant moment as I realised that somewhere out there is supposed to be the place where the plane MH 370 is….


We took a walk around and the clean fresh air was a delight.. The blue sky above made the waters below an amazing hue of dark blue.

IMG_8256After the sumptuous lunch, our friends took us to taste wine. Amazing. They give little cups for you to taste. And Hubby enjoyed himself immensely Haha!


It was a good, albeit short visit to Fremantle, thanks to friends!



Glorious Weather Glorious Day



It’s my kind of weather. Cool. Dry. Clear.

What scenery. What food. What company. What a memorable trip. IMG_8278I must say that the place wasn’t all the hype made it out to be, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Hubby had free beer tasting which he enjoyed. We had good company and hilarious time reminiscing. Memories galore shared, some of which I had forgotten about.

Altogether, this made into the  list of one of those unforgettable days.

Appearances As We Age


Recent talk amongst folks of my age has concentrated a lot on appearance and how we can age but do so gracefully. One friend however, discussed how she has been increasingly dropping hair. She was indeed distressed even though many of us have tried to assure her that she looks fine. Other friends have encouraged her to check out the raquel welch wigs which are supposed to be rather good.

There is no history of baldness in my family. So it is rather unlikely that I will need the use of any wigs. Having said that, I would not mind going bald if I had the right shaped head…. I think! Best I not speak too soon though! I still have a fairly full head of hair Haha!

Not Being Close to Home


Just heard some somewhat sad new about the only child of one my dear friends. The perils of being far from home…  and under pressure, her offspring has made some wrong choices and chosen some not-so-good friends. Result? Predictably not so positive. In fact, quite bad really – he’s had to go to las vegas for drug rehab Despite it being a good place for rehab, this sort of news is what any parent would dread to hear. I do wish the best outcome for this family. And yes, my friend will be flying there to be nearby and help in whatever way she can.

Improving Sound And Music


Whilst away we get intermittent wifi access. Of late, the craze online for Arrow #3’s friends is to upload videos of themselves. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth my using the limited access time I have to watch and listen to them! I am tempted to suggest to them to purchase a new recording system to improve the quality. I am sure that their present systems do not do justice to their skills and gifts! And I will have better listening pleasure!




Look what I was given recently! Not only a document holder, but WHAT a document holder! It’s covered with colours and specifically, butterflies!IMG_4019Given to me by a good friend…

Price tag was still on at the back though Haha!


Friends and Fiends


Our friends came for their visit! It was fun! A time to catch up and to reminisce over old times. What’s more, since it’s almost Christmas the atmosphere in the home was mellow.

That is, until our friends stepped in and out of the front door. That’s when our little four-legged friend decided to go ballistic and mad. She yapped and barked at them the moment a foot stepped out. She didn’t stop even after our two-legged friends moved past the front gate to get into their borrowed car!

Our four-legged friend become a fiend!

Well, apparently there is such a thing bark collar. They can, as the name implies, control a dog from barking. Well, it’s a shame we didn’t know about for bark collars. Our friends had a good holiday, but their lasting memory of their time with us was our barking (mad) canine…..

Yummy Dinner



Hubby loves to cook his favourite dishes. He enjoys having people over so he can cook a variety of his favourite foods. The more people the more variety because people can take a little bit of each.

So I invite some friends over. It’s the university students – they miss home cooked food.
IMG_1156They miss it a lot. Haha!


What’s New in Whatsapp


There seems to be a sudden surge in groupings amongst my whatsapp contacts. There are the old friends groups with topics ranging from religion to food. Then there are the common interest groups with topics such as health and exercise, and even politics! In the last three days alone I have been added to two new groups – one on location and one on motherhood!

The last one is quite cute because I am not a “new” mother but have been added for wisdom! Funny! The people in this group know more than I do on many matters – the latest in baby slings, the best pacifier (or not), the most comfortable nappy, and even topics like the use of medication! Some are not good for breastfeeding, and others are for the Hubby. Names and doses of medications such as paracetamol either 500mg or 650mg, sildenafil 50 mg and the like are mentioned with the ease of well-informed practitioners! I find myself seemingly very old-fashioned here! Ah well, they say one can learn a new thing every day…

More Yummmm



Talking about cheese! Look at what we were given recently! I had done some work for someone and this is how I was rewarded. I must confess that the thought of adding apricot to cream cheese didn’t seem quite right to me….

Cheese&BiscuitsBut what a pleasant surprise when we tried it! Truly very nice. Almost addictive. Were it not for the calories, I think I would have finished most of the pack at one sitting!

And the biscuits? I never thought much about these type of biscuits. I mean, why bother to spend extra for some crackers? At least that was my attitude before I had these. The combination is superb.

So blessed! Didnt expect anything really. What a joy to have…..!