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Nesting & Caring


Amazing…birds nest  in  all  sorts  of  places.  Look  at  this  one.  Perched  in  a  rather  small  place,  a corner  of  a window  ledge.  We  even  thought  it might  fall  off,  or  worse,  lose  the  eggs.But  no…  In just a few weeks,  the  two  eggs  hatched  and  the  chicks  grew  fast!It served as a good reminder to me during a difficult time, of how God says that He takes care of the birds … how much more He would take care of us! Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” I know I have to deal with things in the future, but I dont need to stress over them. I can be rested because He cares. Thankful.

Saving Up


Well, the General Elections is over here… for now. There is talk about a lot of irregularities going on, and in particular, people are concerned about the financial status of the nation. Some say the nation is going into bankruptcy under the present government! Strong words, and is translated to many trying to do their bit to save. Some serious investors, like a friend of mine, look towards gold and platinum coins. He tells me that these are a hedge from the uncertainty of paper currencies. Perhaps he is right, because despite the current slump in prices, the trend is still upwards. The current political climate is is making my Hubby consider doing likewise…

Building Castles?


Here we go again. A frenzy of talking and planning. There isn’t even anything firmed up yet. I suppose they are excited. The anticipation is sometimes overwhelming. The excitement builds as they talk…. even though there really isn’t anything there yet. Haha! Such is the dinner table talk tonight.

What do I refer to? The new church building! We were bursting at the seams. To accommodate the numbers, there are now extra services on Sunday, with the same music team and the same preacher. The breakout rooms are fully utilized, with none to spare. On some weekends, there are meetings from early morn till late. Some weekdays see people gathering for all sorts of meetings. It can be quite a task to juggle the booking of rooms, equipment and limited resources available.

Now the talk now has gone to the fittings and furnishings. Top on the list, apart from the sound and lights system, are the church pews chairs. They have to be comfy ones, but can’t be too comfy lest one falls asleep – now that will not do! I am glad we are all agreed on this. But wait, now they are deliberating on the colour! So many to choose from!

I think I shall take my leave at this point and let them carry on. As I said, nothing is confirmed, so it is almost like building castles in the air….

For the Occasion


Arrow Number 2 is due home soon. While he is back, I have decided that he needs to do what Arrow Number 1 did – get a jacket.

Or, better still, get a tux.

Just the word – tuxedos. It rolls off the tongue so nicely, conjuring up the suave, sharp look a man must have for a black tie occasion, or a formal dinner function or a wedding reception. To me, it is never out of date, always in fashion and a safe bet. When you need something to blend in with the uppity crowd, tuxedos is the way to go.

You can have one tailor made or you can rent it. Rental gives you choices of different cuts for different occasion. But it will never feel as comfortable as to have one fitted. Your money, your choice.

So when Arrow Number 2 gets back, I plan to take him shopping. He won’t enjoy it of course, being the typical, going-to-leave-the-teenage-years chap that he is. But Momma will have her way…..!

What Timing What Spirit


It’s supposed to be a season of joy. Of hope.

But I  heard rumojurs that someone I know would be out of a job by the new  year. What lousy timing, right? You’d think it’s probably going to be a very bleak Christmas for her, knowing that good jobs are not exactly easy to find these days.

Guess what.

She’s absolutely chirpy and happy. Gay as a lark, as some would say. She’s going around passing out little presents to her friends and family without a care in the world.

Her rationale?

Looking for jobs can take place in the new year. Presently, she’s celebrating the best Present of all – Jesus!

I like her spunkiness and spirit! This then, IS a season of joy and hope – because she has HOPE from within her!

Before Half a Century


I want the challenge again

St Johns PeakAm I mad to want to do it?

On the Way downI mean, to go against the elements… and at my age…..

Sunrise 25 JulyBut there is something in me.

It says GO FOR IT



and so I will try.

I have a date. I have some company. I have something to aim towards. And so I post here to spur me on! Whooo hooo! I am going to try to climb Mt Kinabalu again… Felt like I was going to die the last time BUT I made it….. let’s hope I have a better experience this time.

Right now I hurt from the gym workout two days ago.

But time waits for no one. And before I turn 50 I MUST try again.

Stay posted for the date…. Meanwhile I train!

Insurance of All Kinds


Well now, after all that talk about health insurance in my last post, I have somehow stirred interest in some readers. Interest in other forms of insurance.

In particular, some are folks who are slightly older. They have been expressing concern as they get older, wondering if there were ways that they could ensure the care of those they love.

Initially a sobering conversation, in the course of chatting, we then discover that there are such things as life insurance for senior citizens. That’s good news for these friends of mine. I guess you can get insurance for all sorts of things really. It’s a matter of tailoring to your needs, and matching with what is available. You need a good agent for that!

Looking Ahead


When my firstborn son finished his secondary schooling, he was so unsure what to do. There was a time when he wanted to be one thing, and then we had silence for a while. Later he would say another! But, as my husband said, we must not push him. Let him take his time.

We contemplated sending him to the USA for further studies. He would have a few years of basic before he needed to make up his mind. However the information we got was rather scattered. The different people we talked with had differing opinions too. Which state should we begin with? Or which course is best? My aunt in Texas insisted on his going there…..

At such a time, we would have been glad to have had some proefssional advice on degree programs in the United States and Canada.

In the end, however, my son finally opted to try for somewhere nearer – Singapore. We should knowby next month if he is successful.