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My Garden


Over time, my garden has gone into disrepair. It’s overgrown in parts, jungle in others. Yet other parts are dried up and bare, and some parts are practically rocky. I guess I need to put time into it – time that I don’t have. I’d love to have the flowers back. The little Japanese rose ones. They looked great near the fence. I also had some lovely white ones which reminded me of lilies. They looked great along the sides of the pathway. My dream? I’d love to have a centrepiece. This one will have something special. Hmmmm perhaps I should check out if there are any yard gnomes for sale and see if they would fit in. Can you imagine it? A gnome sitting on a rock, fishing…. I can dreammmm



I LOVE taking photos of flowers. Here are some of my favourite shots of late.

A white rose. Nice?

And here is a lovely red one

Then there’s this one – Arrow #3’s favourite.

But my favourite in this collection has to be this one. Such amazing colours!

A Privilege







It’s been fun seeing the banana trees in my garden blossom and bear fruit. It’s even more fun to be able to bless other people with them!

This particular bunch is unique from the rest. You see, the rest are cooking bananas. This one, however, is called pisang emas. Roughly translated means the golden banana.

This particular breed is small with a very thin skin, tasty without a bitter aftertaste.

This particular bunch is super big with a promising lovely taste!

It will be such a privilege to give them out. I must consider who I pass them out to!

The Ultimate Beetle!


No, I don’t mean the four-wheeled one. I mean THIS ONE!

Meet the rhinocerous beetle! This one is absolutely HUGE! There is no photograph trickery here.

We were at a friend’s barbeque at the nearby hills. The bugs and beetles were drawn by the lights at our little wooden platform where the grills were, in their garden. Suddenly this monster appeared. Startled many and delighted our overseas visitors.

Needless to say, it was the star attraction for the night, apart from the sumptuous food and great fellowship!



Yesterday it poured. And I mean it poured. It really, really poured.

Roads were unpassable. Houses were flooded.

Some considerate bosses even let their staff leave early. But with the prolonged deluge, some people could not get back to their homes. The traffic leaving the city centre was bumper to bumper even at 7pm.

What a return to work after a long holiday weekend!

Arrow #3 and I ended up having dinner in the city, separate from Hubby.We gave up trying to head homewards. The local fastfood joint with free wifi was a refuge till after 8pm.

This morning, debris could be seen all over the smaller roads.Our hearts go out to friends whose homes are affected.

Then we had a phone call.

From someone who was concerned about their falling rotten fence.

In a thinly-veiled call, he is expecting US to fix it for them!

With so many people who have lost much and who have to do much following the aftermath of the rain, to get this sort of call is annoying to say the least!

I am soooo glad that Hubby answered the phone and not me. I would not have known how to answer him with the same grace and firmness!

Do More For Less


I stood on the scales and decided I needed to do something.

I had had a week-long binge, yes, but now that I was back to my usual, I still feel bulky. Not nice at all.

But what else could I do?

I decided to do increase my physical activity.

And what better way than to work in the garden, especially with the weather we have been having! Of course I will work in the evenings.

This means I will have to look into some outdoor décor

But it will have to be light things because I cant do heavy lifting… but I must say I am looking forward to this!

Now to persuade Hubby that this is a good thing to do… spend more, to be less I mean!

Flower Fest


One of the things about visiting this far-off land is the variety of flora. I don’t normally post a lot of pictures here. This time, however, I  intend to make an exception.

Flowers04Rich yellow and so full.

Flowers01Almost unreal – this purple delight is on my wallpaper – for now.

Flowers02Even white looks good. It’s hard to believe that this is growing here. And so well too.

Flowers07Both the ladies of the homes we stayed at loved orchids. Almost made me inspired to plant some myself!

Flowers05Something about the red that makes this stand out….

Flowers08Look at how God set these flower cluster!

I am so glad I had my little camera to capture these moments. This was a lovely start to celebrating our 27th anniversary!

Planting Anew


After a spate of really dry weather, the inevitable happened.

Bush fires started.

No, nothing on the scale of Australia’s recent ones. (Speaking of which, my brother, his family and other relatives and friends are based there. It was fingernail-biting as the fires got closer. Much prayer went up!)

Nonetheless the bush fires here caused sufficient damage to kill some trees, causing them to fall over, blocking off the road access to our house. burnttreesIt was sad to see the lovely previously leafy trees being cut up. It made me think about increasing the plants in my house.

In particular, I was introduced to a nice plant with small flowers. Called arrowwood viburnum they look easy to plant and would be ideal for that corner of my garden where the workers have completed doing a bit of crazy paving.

That reminds me – I must take some photos of their work. Perhaps that will be my next post.