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FINALLY! Here is the announcement that many have been waiting for!

BUT before that, let’s drag this out a bit…. Let’s talk about the PROCESS of how this was done!

No, I didn’t do anything dramatic like making lots of little strips to throw into the wind so that the birds could use the leftovers to make their nests, as Ketutar from Finland suggested.

No, I didn’t use any fancy stuff.

No, I didn’t pick my best friend out.

No, I didn’t ask my daughter to pick a number.

I asked my SON instead! Haha! My daughter was fast asleep….

He picked this lady! How did he pick her? He fancied a number and called it out! It would appear that she is from Hawaii – How exotic! This is what she says about herself –

“My mama always called me Cetta.(pronounced Chetta), which is the italian pronunciation of my full name (Concetta) which i always hated…i mean i only read it in obituaries when old italian women died…i never knew how to pronounce it – my parents both said it different….and it got tiresome when people struggled over what to call me….Cheddar, Consh*t, you get the picture. But now I’m all grown up (hah!), so I look at it as unique…and besides, it reminds me of my mama!”

Now I hope she will get in touch with me soon!

Less Than 24 Hours


As I post this, the clock is ticking away….

In a little while, I will be closing the One World One Heart giveaway here and at my other site. The response has been beyond my expectations! The original site has over 800 participants, and it is impossible to visit that many sites, although I myself have been to almost half of them. What an interesting event this is turning out to be!

Soon, however, I will be picking the winners. I havent decided yet how to do this – should I let my daughter pull the winner? How about my cat putting her paw on the name? Should I draw numbers? Or put names down? What other options do I have? Maybe I should just scroll my mouse and stop randomly, and point blindly at the screen of my computer! Oh wait, wait! I know! I’ll print out the names on a list, ask my daughter to cut them and then toss them in the air (Can you imagine the sight!) Then as they flutter down, either she or I will snatch one out from thin air! Now THAT’s what you call picking out a winner!

Oh wait…. who’s going to clear up after?

Ah well…. I’ll let you know what happens!

Blog Candy


In the process of taking part in OWOH, I get to meet a lot of interesting people online. Well, I suppose it’s more that I get to see their sits. There are soooo many creative folk out there. Generous too. Some of them are doing giveaways which are nothing to do with OWOH. They just give things away! Another case of too good to be true? Well, check some of these sites out!

Michelle who is based in Japan is giving away two Kodomo stamps and five Copic markers. They look so lovely! You can see some of her craft at her site.

Then there’s Kim. Kim was awarded Papercraft Essentials Papercrafter of the year 2008 so you can imagine the standard of her work. Exquisite!

Third inspiring person is Lorraine from the UK. Her giveaways are all sorts of things you would use to create something pretty for a present.

Not forgetting Caryn, who blogs with a sense of humour and is very generous in her giveaways!

Lorri is another person who blogs with humour and generosity. Go check out her site and see what she has to offer!

These ladies, and others, make me nostalgic. Years ago, before my children were born, I used to make lots of cards as gifts. It was something I enjoyed doing and many expressed how they liked my work. All my best work get given away so I don’t have anything to show now. Then after my children came, things got too busy and I don’t do cards much these days. I am, however, enjoying myself visiting some of these sites. Why don’t you take a little trek over there too? Who knows? Maybe you will get inspired. I think I am too!

On Taking and Giving


After all that ranting about having something “stolen” from me, I decided that I would do something totally opposite to what the perpetrator did – I am going to GIVE something away in response!

I came across this event that is taking place and decided that I would join in. Called “One World One Heart” it encourages people to give away something. This means that on February 12, 2009 I will be giving away something special!

I will give away this cute little purse!


I bought this lovely handmade and practical gift during my trip to Thailand. But I wont be just giving away the purse. I was brought up with a tradition that when you give away a purse, you have to put goodies inside. Often it would be money, but in this case, you will get a surprise instead!I have lots of little things that fit into this purse ready for the winner….

Does it sound too good to be true? Well fear not. This is for real! You can check it out in this site if you’re doubtful.

PhotoClick on this and it will take you to more info.

“What’s the catch?” I hear you saying now. The answer is, “NONE”.

All you have to do is to comment in this post. ANYONE can stand a chance to win this. For yourself, or for your loved one. I just need you to put your contact down. I will need to get hold of you after the draw if you are the winner!

Now, before you click on that logo, put your post in the comments. Then go have fun!