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Postscript on Hospital Visit


I forgot to elaborate one more thing about the hospital visit.

The staff. Their uniforms. A far cry from the uniforms of my time. In my time, we had stuffy, stiff pale blue checks with white lines. Silly paper hats (although when I became a midwifery sister, my hat became a bit cloth-like). Black shoes with tights that often lost shape after one wash…. yes, those were the days.

Not so nowadays. Well, there was such myriad of uniforms, I even began to wonder if there was any dress code! (Yes, there is – I just haven’t cracked the code yet!) Some were simple plain scrubs. Others however, reminded me of nursing scrubs from Marcus – smart and comfortable, pleasant on the eye and gear you would be pleased to put on each time before stepping out.

Makes me almost feel like going back to work …. not!

A Hospital Visit


One thing leads to another, as the saying goes.

After the visit with balloons, I went again to the hospital. It’s pretty impressive. One of only two hospitals in the country dedicated to paediatrics. This one is special – it has mothers’ support too.

Most significant was their intensive care unit. I saw really souped-up machines, state of the art technology. From the humble medical carts to the wall buttons and tubes, everything was special. Not just the normal but specially made with the user in mind, full of support. Yes, impressive is the word.

But of course, the equipment is only as useful and good as the user. So what were the staff like? I could only use the same word – impressive. I liked what I observed and heard. They were caring, articulate, and efficient. I have to say that I felt proud to have this hospital in our vicinity (Smile!)