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Maintenance Mode


Today someone came, climbed two sets of ladders and cleared the gutters of our roof. Two days ago, we had a mini flood outside the house because one of the drain pipes blocked. Last week the carpenter came and popped open one of the bedroom doors which had jammed.  …. 

I guess you could say that the house is now suffering from wear and tear. Basic DIY is required. Thankfully we have an odd-job man. But before he can do his work, we need to get supplies from Reid and other such places. Things like replacing door knobs, washing out the water cisterns and unblocking any waste pipes all require us to prepare beforehand as our odd-job man isn’t the kind to walk around with spare cash! 

Now we have to prepare for the next week when he is due to come again… 

A Strange Visitor


Just as I was extolling the niceties of my friend’s abode, when who should decide to pay us a visit, as if to say either one of two things :-

One, your place is a dump and frogs like me like it. I mean, look at all the mosquitoes I can catch here!

Two, I think this place is safe and I can get fooooood!

FrogWhat I want to know is how come our cat hasn’t got to it yet. I mean, how did it get past our feline feind?

It is either wisely brave or foolhardy from food. It sat there, immovable and big. Even when we walked past, it did not even so much as blink. Strange things have made their way in our house. But this? Strangest yet…

Mold Memories


I love where I live. The variety of food and fruit cannot be compared.

The disadvantage is that not only plants I desire flourish. So do other things such as fungi and molds! They can really take off once they have a good hold!

Of course, it was nothing like what we experienced when living in England. I shall never forget one place which I rented with others whilst still a student. It had a huge mold which grew so fast that we took to pencil marking its monthly growth rate. In those days we didn’t have the benefit of being able to refer to places such as for mold remover. Whatever we applied seemed to promote the growth! After fulfilling our one year tenancy contract, we hastily found another place.

Ah, of such things then, memories as made….

Enhancement after the rain


Just as we were about to finish dinner and then go out for a meeting, strong gusts of wind blew. We could hear the howling outside. Then as we stacked the plates for washing, poof! The electricity cut off. We knew this was not a trip – the entire street outside was in darkness.

Thankfully we managed to get out for our meeting and not be wet through by the following rain!

When we drove back a few hours later, we were a little disappointed that the electricity seemed to be still off. Still, our spirits were high as we deliberated jokingly whether or not we should pray against the mountain of electricity-lessness or sloth – people not doing their job!

Then we pulled up at our front gate. I got out. I yanked at it to see if our helper had locked it. She had. As I turned to go towards the side gate, poof again! The electricity came back on! JOY!

What a sight our house looked then. Super nice especially after the wash from the rain. Made us more than determined to install luminaire lighting. I think it would really enhance the appearance!



We were staying with some relatives’ home for a few days whilst on holidays. Both Hubby and I found it an amazing stay. Over the years they have accumulated so much! They do not seem to believe in throwing the old and broken. Nor do they like to say goodbye to old, faded, falling apart books. As their children grew and left home they kept the children’s things – sentimental you know. Hubby thinks that in my diplomatic way, I should suggest they do something about all the stuff – buy racks and stands, get more shelves, ANYTHING, to tidy up the place! It was hard to even walk from one end of the tiny room to the other just to get something we wanted…. Oh dear… this sounds like something out of a reality show!

To the Mountain


From fine dining, to more treats!

Once in a while we usually go away to the mountains. We enjoy these “personal retreats”. The chalets there are quaint, and being up at the foot of the highest mountain in Borneo, it is often cold in the nights. This is why, despite being near the equator, these chalets have nice, soothing modern floor fireplaces built in. Nothing beats having a hot cuppa in one hand and a riveting book in the other, curled up next to a crackling wood fire, inside the house when it is cold and windy outside. The dancing flames and light are therapeutic to the weary body and soul.

Now to get the calendar out and compare mine with Hubby’s!

Mattress Matters


Taking a break from the gastronomic documentary, for your information, we just bought a mattress.

“So what’s the big deal”, I can hear you ask.

Well, up until we bought this, we have been one mattress short! Haha! Some days when we have visitors, we have to plan the musical chairs of mattresses… except this is more like musical mattresses. Haha!

We have always bought mattresses that are firm and hygienic. Over the years we found that we trusted mattress latex ones as the  material that could give us a good night’s rest – it does not deteriorate quickly and it supports our backs very well.

MattressSo after the hefting and heaving of the mattress up the stairs by ourselves, Hubby and Arrow #3 enjoyed a quick rest on it before being on their way again Haha!


Weathering the Wet and Windy


Just as I was going to sign off, the thunderstorm hit. What a mad scramble to shut the windows!

We have been having problems closing the windows in our master bedroom. For some reason, they do not seem to close completely. You can see the gaps. Thankfully, despite what our eyes see, heavy thunderstorm and horizontal rain doing their worst thus far onto these windows have never seen any water get through. Amazingly we dont feel any draft either; even with howling winds outside. It doesn’t make sense, but we are thankful.

Having said that, we still ought to get them fixed and maybe a change of levers for these windows might do the trick, provided they don’t compromise the integrity of the windows!

Four-legged Intrusions


Our usually quiet neighborhood has recently seen a surge in canines. Some appear pure breed and some obviously mutts, the latter being pets as well as strays. So much so that one of our neighbors who moved in recently has had so many sleepless nights from the pure breed small house dog that he is thinking of selling and leaving! Poor guy!

For us, we have occasional intrusion from the stray dogs who want to come in to eat the food we give our mutt named Sprite. Sometimes we think a wireless electric fence for dogs  might come in handy.

DogDoesn’t it look tame and mild? Strangely enough the birds don’t mind them…


Powerful Natural Elements


Wow, what happened?! In seconds the weather has changed. The winds are howling outside as I sit and type this.

Actually I could hear the winds approaching from afar because our house is perched on a hill.

Now, the curtains are being pulled towards the windows because of the negative pressure from the air being forced into a narrow space between the buildings.

Soon, I am sure the rains will come a-lashing down.

Such times….. I am just glad I can snuggle down to sleep. Though I do give a thought about the less fortunate….. And I wonder how much damage and debris there will be tomorrow.