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Help Wanted Help Offered


I hadn’t realised how much red tape was involved!

My girlfriend who lives in the States told me about the runaround she had just to get some Social Security benefits. What added to the complication was that she was after disability insurance for her daughter who has been diagnosed as having Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I am glad to say that there was help available to plough through the form filling and bureaucracy bashing for just a small fee. Needless to say that she did just that and is now a lot more assured.

Amazingly I found out that you can contact some of these companies here in my town too! That’s important to note as I wouldn’t know when I might need such help….



Did you know we bought our son who is in university a second hand car?

We tested it and have even driven it over more than a thousand kilometres within a week after we bought it. It proved to be reliable.

However we as parents will always be concern of breakdown when we are not around. Sure enough it happened. Not that he told us about it of course – he posted in on Facebook instead!

We are glad that there are services such as Such services give us parents an easier night’s sleep!