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This morn, Hubby and I sent our youngest off to school, blessing her as we usually did so. Then we went for breakfast and did some grocery shopping.

During our journey, the car radio happened to be on. The topic was to ask women to call in and express what they liked their husbands to do, or how wonderful their husbands were.

Listening to some of the callers made me consider how difficult it can be to express unconditional love. I remember thinking those same things which the callers expressed – that Hubby would do this and that for me, would express this and that to me, etc. That was a long time ago…..

But I have to say that Hubby didn’t do similarly towards me. His love for me was UNCONDITIONAL. No strings attached.

This is not blind love. He could see flaws in me. He knew I had many areas to work on in my life. But he also knew that the God Who brought us together had begun His work in me and would finish it. That’s what Scriptures promised. And all he had to do was to love me – that’s what Scriptures said he should do.

So he did.

That unconditional accepting love for me was the first thing that endeared him to me.

Unlike any other person I had known, from the moment he saw past the ugly duckling to what He believed God had in store for me, he has been steadfast and never tried to change me. He let God do the improvements while he prayed!

It took me a lot longer to value to myself. I had to work hard to believe not just in my head but also in my heart that the promises God gave applied to me. Having a Hubby like this helped so much!

Now after more than twenty-six years together, we chuckled together as we listened to the radio. And we give thanks for the years past, secure in our love for and commitment to one another for the future. But most of all, secure in the love that brought us together – God’s unconditional love.