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Magnet Magic


There is just something about magical about magnets. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they can give much pleasure to the little ones. Learning shapes, colours, and yes, even alphabet and numbers. From there, they can even spell and make phrases.

Fridge doors are the best places to have them.  Given a good variety of good quality magnets, you can watch the children play as you mooch about nearby. Add to the magnets other materials which can and cant be stuck by the magnet, and the children will learn even more. The possibilities are quite endless!

Now that my children have outgrown these versatile entertainment, I still keep them around because they are handy for when visitors’ children come around! Yay!

This Time Five Years Ago


How times flies. This time five years ago, our second offspring was graduating and giving the valedictory speech.

Today will see him having worked for five years, fulfilling his bond in this nearby country where he had gone upon accepting a scholarship. He’s going to graduate again, having done studies by night as he worked. Proud of him, his perseverance, and diligence. Thankful. Reminiscent of my time of leaving home at a young age, to study and work, and then end up staying for twelve years! I, too, celebrated my 18th and 21st birthday away from family. Thankful that he had good friends to celebrate with…..

Just Lovin’ It


She’s not quite two and yet she articulates her limited vocabulary ever so well. One very consistent and insistent word we hear is “Guitar”. Her Daddy will play his guitar for her before she goes to bed. Just two songs, and then she will happily turn over in her bed and snuggle to sleep.

Last night, she visited a new place. There, to her delight, there were two guitars! She plucked quite expertly at the strings of the one within her reach. She was quite firm but not without control. Amazing child! 
I think I shall suggest to her parents to look out for some Hot Deals online to get something for her this Christmas. You’d never know – they might have a protege here……!

Says it all



Crown of Glory



Last week I decided to make use of some of these crowns to give away. But before I did so, I added a Bible verse and a my trademark butterfly. Then placed each into a marked envelope and had a great time giving them away.

I gave them to Moms. “New” Moms. Moms who asked me to be a spiritual Mom to them, and a spiritual GranMom to their babies. (I know, right? So sweet of them!) IMG_6947The verse that I felt led to share with them? A verse which was significant for me personally. A verse which leapt out at me one day as I was reading. A verse which seemed apt for these lovely ladies.

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand,
    a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” 

Isaiah 62:3

Yes, they were blessed. They really liked it. Some allowed their children to play with them…. which was, in part, why I chose children sized crowns….

Review and Remove



So it’s twenty-four hours post-operation. It’s time for a review and to remove the drain in situ.IMG_5940The doctor does the removal very professionally and despite his huge hands, is super gentle and kind. We are indeed thankful. Arrow #3 is healing well. Mobilizing well and coping well with the pain too.

One phrase keeps reverberating in my mind – thankful to the Lord indeed.

Eventful Week



Arrow #3 had to have some minor surgery done. Since most of us are mostly in good health, we hardly knew what to do for admission procedures and the like. Felt like a novice even though I have some training before. That was well over 20 years ago of course, and many things have changed.
IMG_6080Still, what little I recall was enough to go by. And lots of help from wonderful kind friends! What grace!

She was in and out the same day, with a small drain in situ. Then, it was home to rest whilst Momma nursed her. It made good mother-daughter bonding time…


Special Trip to See a Special Someone



I heard myself asking my Hubby, “Shall I take Arrow #3 to this event?”

Amazed, he immediately replied, “Yes, go ahead”.

Let me first make it clear. It is not just any event. It meant getting online and making flight purchases. It meant checking to see if there were seats available. It meant looking for a place to stay when we got there after a 2.5 hour flight and another 1hr travel by rail.

But was it worth it?

1208644_10151896125644879_735032901_nNick Vujicic. Born without limbs. No arms, no hands, no fingers. No legs either. He has an appendage with which he can grasp because there are two toes.

But whilst without limbs, he lived life without limits too. He spoke with passion, connecting especially with the young folk. Inspiring and challenging many.

It was indeed a worthwhile trip. Thankful for the cheap airfare! Looking forward to one day having him closer to home here…. !


Creating Memories


I have been decorating the house for Christmas. Along the way, I also dug up some old photos of the Arrows and uploaded them on social network. It was fun time.

Then someone asked why I bothered. This person no longer had gift exchange, didn’t want to decorate the house, couldn’t be bothered with special occasions and anniversaries. I was told that the effort and the need to reciprocate was just too much with each year.

Initially I was stumped. The question was unexpected. Then the answer came. It was in the last line of this lovely gift I had received some time ago.

11_20I want to create memories from my home where my children will want to return to, no matter where they are in the world.


Dilemma Days


It was one of those days where Hubby was picking up Arrow #3 and they were going to spend some time together. This time, they went shopping. Yes, shopping. She shopped and he paid up. Yes, they have the usual father-daughter relationship!

Hubby will look at the cost and value. Arrow #3 will look at the colours and cut. They are both good at their respective areas and a great asset to have along for any shopping spree!

This time however, with the advancement of technology, they could involve me with their dilemma of choices.

They sent me whatsapp images….

This, for instance, we to ask me whether I would consider getting the blur, the maroon or the brown coloured cardigans.

Now tell me, how can ANYONE make a decision like that? All the colours are superb!

So I had a dilemma myself – when could I go over in person to check things out!