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Painting Preps and Flaky Friends


As with any project, there should be some preparatory work. Ground work is needed. Planning ensures smoothing out of potential bumps.

It is no different for our painting project. Old flaky paint needs to be removed.Sometimes I think that flaky relationships ought to be removed from our lives too… Just saying! Haha!

Angels Come in Uniforms too


Driving to work I felt a unnatural “twitch” on the car, followed by a blast from the left rear wheel, and the car behaved a little drunkenly. Edged it to the side of the road, and praised God for safety. As I waited for Hubby to come (by e-hail taxi) I loosened the nuts and jacked up the car. I wondered how to get the spare out – this is something I never figured out! Lo and behold, God sent this gallant policeman named Charles! He swiftly took over, adjusted my jack (“Aunty! Merbahaya oh! Sikit Sahaja!” meaning “Aunt, This is dangerous! It is on only a little bit”), twirled the equipment effortlessly and voila! All done as my Hubby arrived. He refused any gift of thanks, saying that he was on the way to work, but turned around to help when he saw no one assisting me! How cool is that.

Check out his dashing looks here. And if you see him around, do thank him again for me.

Post Easter



It was time to clear up after the Easter celebrations. I went to collect my basket which I had loaned to the young people as part of their props. I missed my basket – I use it in the family area.

When I got to the hall and looked for my basket, I realised there were still things inside. On peeking in, this is what I found. Aren’t they delightfully coloured? I wonder how they did the gold ones so beautifully. These young people can be so creative!IMG_6543It seemed a shame to unpack the lovely display to take my basket, so I walked off and left it. Oh, I didn’t leave empty handed though. I took something – a photo!


Superb Movie Night


The church has produced a full-length movie! Running for 5 nights and still on-going as I write this. We are privileged to have such a wonderful cast and crew. So many talents amongst us!

The script for the movie revolves around someone who gets a second chance. One would ask does anyone deserve second chances? If so, who? Should it be this person? Or that character? Challenging moments come up, heart wrenching decisions to be made, tragedies which potentially make or break a person are depicted…..

After viewing the very touching movie, viewers are invited to mingle with the guests. This particular group of children were delighted to be scared by the star!
ColinWhat a wonderful night it has been! And promises to continue to be so!  A must watch if you are in the area!


Special Trip to See a Special Someone



I heard myself asking my Hubby, “Shall I take Arrow #3 to this event?”

Amazed, he immediately replied, “Yes, go ahead”.

Let me first make it clear. It is not just any event. It meant getting online and making flight purchases. It meant checking to see if there were seats available. It meant looking for a place to stay when we got there after a 2.5 hour flight and another 1hr travel by rail.

But was it worth it?

1208644_10151896125644879_735032901_nNick Vujicic. Born without limbs. No arms, no hands, no fingers. No legs either. He has an appendage with which he can grasp because there are two toes.

But whilst without limbs, he lived life without limits too. He spoke with passion, connecting especially with the young folk. Inspiring and challenging many.

It was indeed a worthwhile trip. Thankful for the cheap airfare! Looking forward to one day having him closer to home here…. !


Memories of an Era…


New just out. She has passed on at 87 following a stroke. Wow

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 8.29.05 PM

“I felt safe in the UK when she was PM…. steady hands, steely resolve, quite remarkable”

Whatever one thought of her policies and decisions, one thing that stood out – she was a remarkable woman, with strong convictions and principles, and stood firmly by them.

The Other Star


All that talk about CSI and appearances in my last post…. It made me think about the other actor. You know, the one with the low voice and is some sort of award winner. Well, truth be told, I don’t think he acts that well so apart from his voice, I don’t really understand how he got such high rating. I think he’s a pale shadow to Grissom (pun not intended)

But I digress.

I wanted to focus on his face. Fellow CSI followers would know what I mean when I say he defies most stars on the screen. He’s not at all the classic smooth skinned, rugged male hero. On the contrary, his face looks like… ummm… you know…. like he ought to have had some form of treatment for acne or something.

I suppose that’s true to life – the real life heroes aren’t always the best-looking, the tallest, the strongest, the nattiest. Often, they are ordinary, compassionate, gentle (or uncouth even) who capture your heart with their personalities which by far make up for any mark, scar, deformity and impediment. Those are my kind of stars….



Went for a conference. Flew over two hours to a nearby country.

What a time we had. Over 2700 delegates. Lost count how many countries. Volunteer run – there were over 400! It was amazing to see top notch professionals directing human traffic by holding up laminated signs. It was humbling to see CEOs serving you tea, coffee, tea packs.

The sessions were packed. Lots of thinking fodder. Much to ruminate. What a mental and spiritual feast.

So packed and good…. 2011 has been fully subscribed.




Yesterday it poured. And I mean it poured. It really, really poured.

Roads were unpassable. Houses were flooded.

Some considerate bosses even let their staff leave early. But with the prolonged deluge, some people could not get back to their homes. The traffic leaving the city centre was bumper to bumper even at 7pm.

What a return to work after a long holiday weekend!

Arrow #3 and I ended up having dinner in the city, separate from Hubby.We gave up trying to head homewards. The local fastfood joint with free wifi was a refuge till after 8pm.

This morning, debris could be seen all over the smaller roads.Our hearts go out to friends whose homes are affected.

Then we had a phone call.

From someone who was concerned about their falling rotten fence.

In a thinly-veiled call, he is expecting US to fix it for them!

With so many people who have lost much and who have to do much following the aftermath of the rain, to get this sort of call is annoying to say the least!

I am soooo glad that Hubby answered the phone and not me. I would not have known how to answer him with the same grace and firmness!

Just Feeling It


Ahhh Hubby’s away for a few days.

He’s only just left for this trip but I’m missing him already.

In fact, as I type this up, I  am actually stalling about going to sleep. It’s after midnight but I am still sitting here in the Family Area, the television blaring some nonsensical programme.

I guess I should turn in. Though I am not sure if I will be able to fall asleep. I could do with a natural sleep aid I suppose. Anything to help me not miss that man who’s been part of my life for well over thirty five years…. I DO dislike days like these….